Raw #204 – October, Week #1

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Raw #204 – October, Week #1

Post  John Greatrix on Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:06 am

Edge’s music hits and he limps down to the ring. He’s bandaged up and looks rough. Edge: “I don’t even have words for what happened last night. Malice and Sanity have taken things too far. Not only did they attack two wrestlers, but they injured members of the paying audience and caused several thousands of dollars worth of damages. Then, they have the nerve to lay their hands on me and throw me off of the stage well…” Edge is cut off by music. The entire arena is quiet as no one seems to know who this music belongs too. Finally, after several minutes, Vince Russo comes out on the stage and struts down to the ring. He grabs the mic from Edge. Russo: “Hi, Edge. I bet you’re surprised to see me. And from the sounds of it, the entire CWA universe is shocked. Enough with the pleasantries. Tonight, I’m here to make an announcement. I have acquired the sole GM position on Monday Night Raw and am taking over immediately and Edge, before you say anything, I want to make myself very clear…YOU’RE FIRED. The board of directors has not been happy with the way you’ve been handling Raw and after the travesty from last night, they have put me in charge around here. Security, get this loser out of my ring.” Security comes down to the ring as Edge is leaving. They follow him out of the arena. Russo: “Some things need to be changed around here so tonight's going to be business as normal, but just know I am watching very closely tonight.”

We go backstage to Renee Young. Renee: “I’m here tonight with Kevin Blackwood. Kevin, what are you feeling after your loss to Aleister Black?” Blackwood: “How am I feeling? I’m devastated. I gave it my all and I still lost but I’m not done with it. Aleister Black better watch his back because I’m coming for that title again and when I do, he’s not going to know what hit him.”

Kenny Omega vs. Chris Sabin
The bell rings and Omega runs across the ring and connects with a jumping knee to Sabin’s face. Sabin is stunned for a second but it’s all the time Omega needs. Omega catches him with a jumping enzuigiri, taking Sabin off his feet. Sabin uses the ropes to try to get to his feet and Omega catches Sabin with The V-Trigger (Kinshasa), knocking him out cold. Omega makes the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Kenny Omega

After the match, Omega is celebrating in the ring when Buddy Murphy’s music hits and he comes running down the aisle. As soon as he slides in the ring, Omega starts stomping him but Murphy manages to battle back and gets to his feet. Murphy catches Omega with a stiff right hand taking him to the mat. Murphy picks up the championship and brings it down on Omega’s head, busting him open. Murphy stands on Omega chest, posing for the crowd.

We go backstage as Aleister Black is leaving Vince Russo’s office. From somewhere off camera, Blackwood spears him into the wall and just starts pounding on him. Security quickly rushes in and pulls Blackwood off of Black. The door to Russo’s office opens and he steps out and just shakes his head. He picks up the Hardcore Championship and heads out to the ring.

The cameras follow Vince Russo out to the ring and he climbs in the ring and calls for the mic. Russo: “So, this is one of the problems here on Raw…the Hardcore Championship. This isn’t even a real belt. Anyone can pick up a chair and beat someone with it. So, as of right now, this title is being vacated and Aleister Black and Kevin Blackwood are no longer employed on this show. In fact, let’s take this one step further. The Hardcore Championship is now retired and deemed inactive. Speaking of championships, after speaking with the roster through the night, it has been made very clear that the champions on this show are full of themselves. So, just like the Hardcore Championship, all titles are hereby vacated and retired. I mean, who the hell wants a Trios Championship and with the vacated titles, all champions are no longer members of the roster. This brings me to my final point. Effective immediately, all superstars on the Raw roster are hereby fired. You are no longer welcome on Raw. But have no fear. Next week will be a new start to Monday Night Raw. It will be truly tremendous. Goodnight, everyone. We go off the air with the entire audience booing.

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