Smackdown #202 – September, Week #3

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Smackdown #202 – September, Week #3

Post  John Greatrix on Sat Sep 15, 2018 7:24 pm

John Greatrix’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Greatrix grabs a mic and takes a minute to take in all the boos. Greatrix: “Last week, everyone saw the utter destruction I laid on Big C. That is exactly what I plan on doing to everyone that crosses my path. Charles Offord and Big C already felt it and many of you will feel it soon enough. I am the greatest thing to enter the ring and I will continue my utter dominance as long as I’m here. Everybody better take note.”

Lacey Evans vs. Brie Bella
The bell rings but as soon as they are about to lock up, Lacey gets out of the ring and the ref starts his count, 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10. The ref calls for the bell.
Winner by Count Out: Brie Bella

After Jojo reads the decision, Lacey grabs a mic. Lacey: “I honestly don’t care about this match. I am saving my energy and health for this Friday when I walk into Nitro and teach Kelly Khaos and Nia Jax a lesson. Rhea, you are a lot like those 2 bitches on Nitro, you aren’t worth my time.”

Charly Caruso is backstage with Eddie Kingston. Charly: “Eddie, we haven’t seen you for a few weeks. Are you going to be back any time soon?” Eddie: “Charly, I’ve been doing this for 16 years and unfortunately that can cause some lingering injuries. I’ve taken the last few weeks off to rest up and next week, I return to the ring to show everyone why I am the Television Champion.”

The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole & Roderick Strong) vs. The Velveteen Dream & EC3
There is no love-loss between these 4 men as The undisputed Era has been battling Velveteen and EC3 for months. After 20 minutes of back-and-forth, EC3 powers out of a side headlock and hits Cole with a Headlock Driver. After a few seconds of recovery, both men crawl to their corners and make tags to their partners. Roddy and Velveteen meet in the middle of the ring and trade punches. Roddy goes for a Discus Elbow but Velveteen reverses into his Swinging Reverse STO DDT. Velveteen goes for a pin but Adam Cole jumps on the ring to distract the ref. Velveteen gets in the face of Cole. Roddy is up and grabs Velveteen from behind. With Cole on the ring, Velveteen reverses it and runs Roddy into Cole and rolls him up for the pin, 1...2...3.
Winners: The Velveteen Dream & EC3

Velveteen and EC3 get out of the ring quick to avoid and other confrontation and head up the ramp.

Matt Riddle is walking backstage. Out of nowhere, Bray Wyatt attacks him. Bray tosses Riddle over a pile of boxes. Bray continues stomping Riddle then throws him into a garage door. Finally, Bray hits Riddle with Sister Abigail on the floor. Bray poses and laughs as we go to commercial.

Mr. Anderson’s music hits and he comes out on the stage with a mic. “Weighing in tonight at an astonishing 243lbs, hailing from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Miiiiiisteeeeerrrrrr Aaaaaanderrrrrrssssssooooooonnnnnnnn...Anderson.”

Pentagon Jr vs. Mr. Anderson
Pentagon dominates most of this match for about 15 minutes. Pentagon hits a Superkick then a jumping Double Foot Stomp. Pentagon calls for the end but John Greatrix slides in the ring behind Pentagon and hits a Tiger Suplex. The ref calls for the bell.
Winner by Disqualification: Pentagon Jr

After the match, John Greatrix continues the attack. Greatrix picks up Pentagon and hits a Cradle Piledriver. Anderson walks over to Greatrix and shakes his hand. Greatrix takes exception to it and hits a Shotgun Lariat. Greatrix picks up Anderson and hits a Ripcord Spinning Backfist. Greatrix grabs a mic. Greatrix: “This. This is exactly what is going to happen to everyone in this company. The new and improved John Greatrix is here and there is nobody that can stop me.” Greatrix holds the Million Dollar Title over his head and stands over both men as the camera fades and the show ends.

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