Raw #203 – September, Week #5

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Raw #203 – September, Week #5

Post  John Greatrix on Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:19 pm

We start the show with Kenny Omega in the ring. Omega: “Buddy Murphy, who in the hell do you think you are to lay even a single finger on me. Murphy you need to learn your place on this roster. You see, you can’t come and play with the big boys when you’re not ready. Last week, you got lucky but tonight things are going to be different. I talked it over with Edge and he has set up a little match between us later tonight so you better get ready.” Buddy Murphy’s music hits and Omega gets ready for him to come out. Murphy jumps the barricade and slides into the ring behind Omega. Murphy connects with a stiff forearm to the back of Omega’s head and connects with The Murphy’s Law. Murphy picks up the Cruiserweight Championship and the crowd erupts in boos. Murphy steps over Omega and walks to the back.

Brent Banks vs. Lio Rush
As soon as the bell rings, Rush flies across the ring and catches Banks with a Tilt-a-whirl DDT. Rush is quick to get up the turnbuckle and goes for a Frog Splash but Banks rolls out of the way just in time. Banks quickly connects with an elbow drop to the back of Rush’s head. Banks forces Rush to his feet and whips him into the corner and follows it up with a running knee. Rush stumbles out of the corner and Banks levels him with a spin kick. Banks climbs up top and connects with a Frog Splash but Rush rolls out of the ring before Banks can make the cover. Banks quickly hits the opposite rope and hits a suicide dive taking Rush to the ground. Banks rolls Rush back into the ring and connects with the Standing Shiranui (Sliced Bread #2) and makes the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Brent Banks

We go backstage to Renee Young. Renee: “I’m standing here tonight with Eric Young. Eric, why have you asked for this time?” Young: “You see Renee, we’ve been watching Malice closely after we lost our match and Malice hasn’t been at the peak of their game. Yeah, they’ve been running wild over the teams they’ve faced but just know this Malice, Sanity is watching in the shadows and just know when you least expect it we will beat you down and leave you bloodied and wishing you had never stepped foot into this ring with us. Soon it will be our time in the spotlight. The time is ticking.”

Aleister Black comes out to the ring with a mic in hand. Black: “Kevin, now that you know what it’s like to see a black mass, I would like to give you this chance to just hand me that championship and make things easier of you. But, if you would rather do this the hard way, I have no issue coming back there and taking that title for myself so I’ll leave the ball in your hands.” Blackwood’s music hits and he comes out on the stage. Blackwood: “Aleister, all you have to do is ask.” Blackwood drops the mic and rushes down to the ring. Blackwood slides in the ring and as soon as he stands up, Black connects with The Black Mass, taking Blackwood off his feet right away. Black picks up the Hardcore Championship and the crowd erupts like crazy. Aleister Black picks up the mic and looks down at Blackwood. “At War Games, this championship is mine.”

Buddy Murphy vs. Kenny Omega
The bell rings and the fight erupts. Omega and Murphy don’t back down from each other. Both men are giving it their all and not backing down. Omega gets an upper hand after catching Murphy with a running knee. Omega whips Murphy into the ropes and catches him with a hard clothesline. Omega forces Murphy to his feet and Murphy catches Omega with a thumb to the eye. Omega stumbles back holding his eye trying to get his site back but Murphy doesn’t let up. Murphy catches Omega with a toe kick and hits The Murphy’s Law and makes the cover, 1…2… but before the ref can count to 3, he’s pulled out of the ring. Eric Young lays the ref out. Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young and Nikki Cross slide in the ring and start tearing Murphy and Omega apart and eventually throw them out of the ring.
Winner: No Contest

Young calls for the mic. Young: “Malice, get your asses out here. We’re not done yet.” Malice’s music hits and SSB and FTM come rushing down to the ring. They hit the ring and all out war starts. Cross and Dain are teaming up on Grayson when Cross has her legs pulled out from under her and yanked out of the ring. Vanessa Kraven hits Cross with The Cliffhanger. Kraven slides in the ring and pulls Dain off of Grayson. It’s all out chaos in the ring with everyone breaking from the ring and fighting around the outside. Wolfe and FTM manage to find their way out into the crowd, shoving people in the crowd off of chairs to use as weapons. Finally, after 10 minutes of this fight, security and the rest of the EMTs come running out from the back to try to pull the two teams apart. Edge comes out on the stage. Edge: “That’s it. Both teams are hereby suspended until further notice. Now, get these people out of my arena.” As they are being forced out of the arena, FTM gets dragged past Edge and he just yells at Edge that he’s a dead man. We go off the air with Malice and Sanity being forced out of the arena.

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