Smackdown #201 – September, Week #2

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Smackdown #201 – September, Week #2

Post  John Greatrix on Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:35 pm

John Greatrix’s music hits and he makes his way out to the stage to a thunderous applause. Greatrix makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic. Greatrix: “3 days ago at Summerslam, everyone saw the return of John Greatrix. And yes, I did attack Charles Offord and yes, it was all part of the plan. After Charles legitimately turned on me and beat me down, I sat at home recovering and I had time to think about what happened. What I finally realized is that I pushed him too far. I wanted too much from him and he took it too far. I wanted him to be more like me but instead, he got to the point that he needed to destroy me to move forward. And destroy me he did. When I got cleared to wrestle again, I went to him and begged him to let me help him. He was hesitant but finally trusted me enough to bring me back. So, I helped him a few times and allowed him to take a few titles. But 3 days ago was the perfect time to strike. Charles, make sure you finish the job next time. I have my title once again and will keep it for a long time. Tonight, I will put this title on the line against the man formerly known as Big Cass, the newly named Big C. Get ready for a fight.” Greatrix tosses the mic down and leaves the ring as we head backstage.

Charly Caruso runs into Lacey Evans backstage. Charly: “Lacey, at Summerslam Nia Jax and Kelly Khaos attacked you before your match and allowed Rhea Ripley to defeat you. Any words tonight?” Lacey: “Charly, those 2 ‘women’ proved that they have no class. Instead of waiting their turns and facing me in a match, the attacked me from behind instead. Ladies, if you want to try your luck, just say when and where.”

The Velveteen Dream vs. EC3
These 2 men fight hard for 20 minutes. EC3 goes for a Headlock Driver but Velveteen reverses into a Russian Leg Sweep. As EC3 gets to his feet, Dream hits a few clotheslines then whips EC3 into the ropes. Velveteen Dream hits a Powerslam then climbs to the top rope and hits The Purple Rainmaker (Diving Elbow Drop). Dream goes for the pin but before the ref can count, The Undisputed Era runs in and attacks both men. The ref calls for the bell.
Winner: No Contest

After the bell, The Undisputed Era continues their beat down. Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly hit Chasing the Dragon (Roundhouse Kick/Brainbuster Combo) on Velveteen Dream. Roddy give EC3 a Belly-to-Back Suplex Backbreaker and Adam Cole follows up with The Last Shot (Running Knee Attack). The Undisputed Era stands tall over their fallen victim as we go backstage.

Alicia Atout is in the locker room with Cesaro and Kassius Ohno. Alicia: “Guys, at Summerslam, The Bludgeon Brothers defeated Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to get the next shot at your Tag Team Titles. What are your thoughts?” Cesaro: “Alicia, if you remember, The Bludgeon Brothers were the ones we took these titles from so we know we can beat them.” Ohno: “Are they bigger than us? Sure. Are they stronger than us? Probably. But we are smarter and more technically sound. It will definitely be a war but in the end, all we can say is...long live the kings.”

Charly Caruso is backstage with Sheamus. Charly: “Sheamus, last week, Andrade Cien Almas attacked you and left you laying in the hallway. How are you feeling this week?” Sheamus: “I’m doing ok, Charly. The worst part of that attack was him spitting on me. That is one of the dirtiest things you can do to someone. When I get my hands on him, I’m going to make him regret it.”

John Greatrix (c) vs. Big C (Million Dollar Title Match)
Greatrix looks like he hasn’t missed a step. Big C tries to catch Greatrix but John keeps hitting and moving. After 15 minutes, Big C goes for a Big Boot but Greatrix grabs his leg and hits a Dragon Screw Leg Whip and locks in a Figure Four Leg Lock. Big C struggles a bit and makes it to the ropes. Greatrix lets Big C up, kicks him in the gut and hits The Greatrixer (Famouser). Greatrix sit up Big C and hits a Running Meteora (Running Double Knee Attack). Greatrix pulls Big C up to one knee. Greatrix hits a Shining Wizard then locks in The Picton Cloverleaf. Big C tries to get to the ropes but is pulled back to the middle of the ring. Big C can’t take anymore and taps out.
Winner and STILL Million Dollar Champion: John Greatrix

After the match, Greatrix holds up the Million Dollar Title and yells at Charles Offord into the camera as we go off the air.

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