Nitro #175 – August, Week #5

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Nitro #175 – August, Week #5

Post  John Greatrix on Sat Sep 01, 2018 3:06 pm

Charles Offord’s music hits with him and Lana appearing on the stage and slowing making their way to the ring. Offord: “In two days, I defend not one, but two of my titles just to show everyone here that I am the greatest once and for all. Braun Strowman appears to be worried about my masked friend, so I propose that we go one step above our last match and have a Hell in a Cell match. What do you say big man? Are you brave enough to put your body on the line for the World Title?” Strowman’s music hits with only Paul Heyman appearing on the stage. Heyman: “You want to lock yourself in a large steel cage with zero way out with my client and place the World Title on the line? Mr. Offord, my client hereby accepts the match stipulation and will be reclaiming that title in just two days.”

Charles Offord and Lana are seen walking through the back when Roman Reigns stops them. Reigns: “I know why you don’t want me in the World Title match. You’re afraid of me and afraid that I will take that title.” Lana: “Mr. Offord isn’t afraid of you, Roman. You simply aren’t good enough to be in the ring with him or Braun Strowman. You can have a match with AJ Styles tonight and if you win, you enter the United States Title match at Summerslam.” Reigns doesn’t appear to be happy but nods his head and leaves camera.

Jojo is in the back with Kelly Khaos. Jojo: “Kelly, Lacey Evans once again had some choice words for the women on Nitro. We are a mere two days away from Summerslam. Do you have a response?” Kelly: “If Lacey Evans felt her match was a dominant one, then watch what I do to my opponent tonight.”

Kelly Khaos vs. Kairi Sane
To our records, Kairi Sane has yet to win a match on Nitro and tonight doesn’t look like it’s the night for Sane as Kelly is once again in a bad mood. We are 10 minutes into the match and Sane has yet to muster any sort of offence or defence for that matter. After hitting Sane with a vicious clothesline, Sane is dragged to a corner where Kelly ascends to the top and hits The Red Arrow then goes for a cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Kelly Khaos

After the match, Kelly grabs a mic. Kelly: “If Lacey Evans wants to run her mouth, then I would be more than happy to shut it a Summerslam.” Nia Jax appears on the Titan Tron. Jax: “So would I for that matter. If Lacey Evans is feeling so confident then meet the two of us in the ring.”

Renee Young is in the back with AJ Styles. Renee: “AJ, last week Roman Reigns attempted to inject himself into the World Title match. This has been rejected but he appears to be trying to get into the US Title match. What happens if he wins tonight?” Styles: “Roman appears to be lost in his ways. He doesn’t have a title and no clear path in the CWA so he tries to make something of himself. But rather than earn a title shot by climbing the ladder, he ties to cut in line. The deal is, if Roman wins tonight then my US Title match becomes a triple threat. You and I both know that Roman isn’t going to beat AJ Styles.”

AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns
We jump right into the action with Reigns on the offensive after hitting a Superman Punch. Styles is reeling and is backed into a corner where Reigns begins hitting multiple shoulder strikes. Reigns walks to the centre of the ring and charges Styles who manages avoid the running shoulder and slides through the ropes. Reigns stumbles around after going shoulder first into the turnbuckle and walks right into The Phenomenal Forearm with Styles going for the cover, 1…2… but Reigns gets a shoulder up at the very last second. Styles can’t believe it and hauls Reigns to his feet where he hits punches, kicks and backfists. Styles hits the ropes and runs right into a spear from Reigns. Reigns collapses onto Styles, 1…2… but Styles gets a shoulder up and the last moment. Neither man is giving up with Reigns punching Styles into another corner. Styles stumbles out of the corner with Reigns charging him and goes for the spear. Once again, Styles avoids the spear and slips onto the apron. Reigns hits the turnbuckle hard again and stumbles into another Phenomenal Forearm. Styles quickly goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: AJ Styles

After the match, Styles grabs a mic. Styles: “You see that Offord, this is the outcome at Summerslam and once again AJ Styles will be the United States Champion.”

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