Nitro #187 – November, Week #4

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Nitro #187 – November, Week #4

Post  John Greatrix on Sun Nov 25, 2018 7:32 pm

Sanity starts the show off in the ring. Eric Young: “Last week, we took Brock Lesnar to Suplex City because the Big Dog was nowhere to be found. Is there anyone else the powers-that-be want to throw at us? Feel free to send another lamb to the slaughter if that’s the case. As for tonight, Sanity is once again in the main event but we haven’t been told who the hero or heroes will be that come to this ring to face us. I want everyone back there to know that whoever comes to this ring will not leave on their feet. If you need proof, ask Brock Lesnar what happened to him last week. Better yet, watch the replay of Nitro and see what Sanity did to the beast last week. Raw was a fool to fire everyone and we are enjoying the spoils of their ignorance.”

The cameras are backstage when Sanity runs into The New Day and proceed to beat each one down and throw them into a random locker room. Sanity then proceeds to attack any referee or security personal who tries to assist The New Day. With bodies scattered everywhere, Sanity heads to the locker room.

Jojo is backstage with Kelly Khaos. Jojo: “Kelly, tonight you take on Sonya Deville. How are you treating this match with Survivor Series just around the corner? Khaos: “Sonya Deville is a fly on the wall for me. Sasha Banks is the only women who means anything to me and when I finally get her in the ring with me, I’m going to break her and take my title.”

Kelly Khaos vs. Sonya Deville
As Khaos has done in most, if not all of her past matches, she jumped on Deville the moment the bell rang and hasn’t let up since then. Deville hits the ropes and on the rebound is sent to the mat hard after taking a very stiff running clothesline. Khaos drags Deville over to a corner and climbs to the top then hits The Red Arrow and goes for a cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Kelly Khaos

After the match, Khaos calls for a mic when Asuka appears from the audience and slides into the ring. Khaos and Asuka stand face-to-face for a brief moment before Asuka lands punches, back hands and finally a few kicks that send Khaos out of the ring. Khaos is furious but decides to retreat up the ramp with Asuka watching on.

Renee Young is in the back with Sanity. Renee: “Gentlemen, there is still no word on who your opponent or opponents will be tonight. How do you prepare for an opponent when you don’t know who it is?” Young: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it doesn’t matter who Nitro throws at us. The end result is that we beat them up and send them packing. We’ve shown this numerous times already and tonight, once again, will be no different.”

Sanity (Eric Young, Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe) vs. ???
Sanity is in the ring waiting on their opponents when the lights go out. Seconds later, we hear The Shields intro and the crowd goes crazy. Sanity stands emotionless in the ring as the Shield appear from the crowd and slowly make their way into the ring. Once there, they waste no time and all six men are slugging it out in the ring. It takes several refs and minutes later everything has been calmed and the match begins. Dain and Rollins are the legal men with Wolfe taking on Reigns and Ambrose on the outside. Rollins has his back to Young where he eats some vicious blows to the back with Dain taking full advantage of the situation. A tag is made and Young becomes the legal man. Dain heads outside to assist Wolfe leaving Young alone with the downed Rollins. Young stands over Rollins and begins to slap him repeatedly. The cameras pan to the outside to show Reigns and Ambrose down. All three members of Sanity are in the ring, standing above Rollins. Rollins is hauled to his feet then set up for a Triple Powerbomb. Rollins is slammed hard on the mat and Young goes for a cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Sanity

After the match, Sanity stands in the ring when Charles Offord appears on the stage. Offord: “Sanity, I have to give props for coming onto my show and systematically beating everyone thrown your way. Now, if this was 10 years ago, I would simply head to that ring and beat your ass one-by-one. But, that’s not my role anymore. My role is to ensure to continued survival of this company by making the hard decisions. Roman Reigns, I told you to stay home and you did not listen. Roman, you have forced my hand on this and you are hereby suspended indefinitely. As for Sanity, I’ll be thinking of three men to throw your way at Survivor Series.”

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