Nitro #184 – November, Week #1

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Nitro #184 – November, Week #1

Post  John Greatrix on Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:30 am

Roman Reigns starts the show in the ring. Reigns: “This past Sunday, Sanity showed the world that they can’t beat me one-on-one. It took three of them to beat me and that’s just sad y’all. You think one of them would be man enough to stand toe-to-toe with the Big Dog but they aren’t. They are cowards and they best hope that I don t’ get my hands on any of them.” Suddenly, the lights go dark with Sanity appearing on the stage. Eric Young: “We did what we did to prove a point. The point being that we can beat you at any moment we choose. We aren’t on Nitro for titles, Roman. We showed up to hurt people and you just happen to be the first one on our list.”

Sasha Banks vs. Ember Moon
Banks, coming off a successful title defence, has been putting the boots to Moon the past several minutes. Moon is down on the mat after taking double knees in the corner. Banks walks around the ring like a women possessed as she stalks Moon who is slow to her feet. Once there, Banks moves in and hits The Bank Statement. Moon has nowhere to go and quickly taps out.
Winner: Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is going through the back when she meets up with Jojo. Jojo: “Sasha, that was quite the impressive display out there. Do you feel anyone can beat you at the moment?” Banks: “I’m on quite the roll at the moment but I can’t allow that to get to me. I will take on anyone who wants to enter the ring with me and don’t think for a second someone is taking this belt from me.”

Kevin Owens stands in the ring. Owens: “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your NEW Television Champion…ME! Stephanie McMahon was right when she asked me to come to Nitro. This show is the show of opportunity and I am living proof of that. I’m not out here tonight to say I told you so. I’m out here tonight to see if anyone back there wants a shot at my title. Get in line because this title isn’t going to be an open challenge belt.” Owens starts walking away from the ring with the ref yelling at him to return. From the back, AJ Styles comes running down and attacks Owens. The two men slug it out on the ramp until security arrives to break the brawl up.

Renee Young is in the back with Roman Reigns. Renee: “Roman, tonight you face Alexander Wolfe. How confident are you that the other members of Sanity won’t get involved?” Reigns: “I know full well that the other two stooges are going to get in this match. I hope they know what they are getting into when they step into my yard. Sanity won’t be so tough when they have to come at me from the front.”

Roman Reigns vs. Alexander Wolfe
Reigns has been dominating the match from the moment the bell rang with the other two members of Sanity circling the ring. Reigns hits a Superman Punch from out of nowhere that floors Wolfe. Reigns hits a second Superman Punch and waits in the corner for Wolfe to get to his feet. Once there, Reigns charges in and hits a spear then goes for a cover, 1…2… but just before 3, Killian Dain and Eric Young both jump on Reigns, forcing the ref to call for the bell.
Winner by Disqualification: Roman Reigns

Reigns is dragged outside, close to our announce table where Sanity sets up a Powerbomb, Shield Style and Powerbomb Reigns through our announce table. Reigns lays motionless on the broken table with Sanity hovering above him, not allowing anyone near him as the cameras fade.

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