Raw #201 – September, Week #3

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Raw #201 – September, Week #3

Post  John Greatrix on Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:00 pm

Cameras rush backstage to Dean Ambrose laying out cold in the middle of the parking lot. EMTs are already surrounding him. Edge bursts into the scene and checks on Ambrose. Edge: “Where are they? Where are Drew and Dolph? Find them now.” Edge is standing there looking angry. Edge storms off into the arena. Edge walks out to the ring and calls for the mic. Drew, Dolph, get your asses out here right now. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and him and Drew McIntyre come out on the stage. Ziggler: “What could ever be wrong Edge?” Edge: “You damn well know what’s wrong. I don’t have the proof but we all know you two were the ones that attacked Ambrose in the back. So tonight, why don’t the two of you step in the ring with Malice? I’d wish you good luck but I just don’t care now. Get your asses to the back.”

Brent Banks vs. Buddy Murphy
This is an amazing match. It goes on for a good 20 minutes. Banks finally gets the upper hand after hitting a springboard shoulder block. Banks calls for The Blue Thunder Bomb but Murphy reverses it into a Hurricanrana. Banks is quick to his feet. As he turns around, Murphy hits a dropkick, sending him crashing into the turnbuckle. Murphy hits a dropkick on the seated Banks. He drags Banks out of the corner. He forces Banks to his feet and connects with The Murphy’s Law (Pumphandle Angle Slam) and goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Buddy Murphy

After the match, Murphy calls for the mic. Murphy: “I’m going to keep this sweet and simple. Kenny Omega, you and your boyfriend Cody have been bickering back-and-forth. Well, I’m here to let you know that I want that Cruiserweight Championship. So next week, I want your answer. Yes or no. And if you choose wrong, I will force the correct answer out of you.” Murphy drops the mic and walks to the back.

We go backstage to Renee Young. Renee: “I’m here tonight with Raw’s new acquisition, Aleister Black. Aleister, why have you come to Raw?” Black: “It’s simple, Renee. I watched for months as Kevin Blackwood blindly followed Scotty O’Shea. So, I called up Edge and offered my services. Last week, everything went through and I wanted to show Mr. Blackwood just how unprepared he truly is for this roster. Hacker was one thing, but next week, Kevin Blackwood is going to see what it’s truly like in a blackout.”

Malice (FTM, Stu Grayson & Evil Uno) vs. The Show (Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre) (Handicap Match)
Ziggler & McIntyre are expecting a 2-on-2 match but all three members of Malice come out to the ring. Ziggler and McIntyre start yelling at the ref but he calls for the bell. Malice descends on the two of them quick. They try to fight back but the numbers game is just too much. SSB hit The Fatality! on Ziggler while FTM throws McIntyre into the corner and starts feeding him lefts and rights. FTM forces McIntyre out of the corner and lays him out with The Credibility Statement (Sitting Choke Bomb). SSB drag Ziggler’s motionless body on top of McIntyre and makes the cover, 1…2…3.
Winners: Malice

After the match, Malice calls for a mic. FTM: “We didn’t do this as a favour to anyone. We had a chance at show our pure dominance and that’s just what we did. But we’re not stopping here.” SSB grabs referee Scott Armstrong and drop him in the middle of the ring with a Fatality!. FTM: “This is just the start. Not a single person is safe in this company and if anyone gets in the way, we will leave you just like we left this ring.” Malice stands strong in the ring as we go of air.

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