Raw #195 – July, Week #5

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Raw #195 – July, Week #5

Post  John Greatrix on Tue Jul 31, 2018 10:53 pm

We start the show with Malice in the ring. Grayson: “Last night, Sanity felt the true power of Malice. We picked them apart one by one and left them laying dead in the ring. But, we’re not done yet. You see, we realize that we need to wipe Sanity off the face of the CWA. There is only room for one of us and until you have been taken care of, we will not rest, even if we have to burn the CWA to the ground.” FTM grabs the mic. FTM: “It’s simple. Last night was just a flex of power but soon we will show you our true force. We are going to rid Raw and the CWA of Sanity and once we’re done with them, we will flex our power on every single person in CWA until we are the most dominant and dangerous team they have.”

We go backstage to Renee Young. Renee: “I’m here tonight with Kevin Blackwood. Kevin congrats on your title win but what caused you to turn your back on Scotty O’Shea?” Kevin: “You see Renee, it’s simple. Scotty is a smooth talker always promising you a better way. Stick with him and you’ll be the best in the world. Well, I finally woke up and realized all he wanted was someone to watch his back so he could keep his title. Well, I finally had enough of it all and I hit him where it would hurt him the most. So now, Scotty is going to learn that I’m no longer the push over he thought I was.“ From off camera, Hacker runs in and catches Blackwood with a stiff right hand which stumbles Blackwood back. Hacker goes in for another punch but Blackwood blocks it and connects with a punch of his own. Blackwood takes a step back and connects with the title to the face of Hacker, dropping him to the ground. Blackwood steps over Hacker as he leaves.

Drew McIntyre vs. Dean Ambrose
As McIntyre makes his way down to the ring, Ambrose jumps him from behind with a chair. McIntyre falls to the metal grate of the stage where Ambrose continues his attack him. Ziggler rushes out from the back but Ambrose stops him in his tracks with a chair shot. Ambrose drags Ziggler to the edge of the stage and rolls him off, sending him through the production area on the floor. Ambrose then turns his attention to McIntyre who’s slowly making his way to his feet. Ambrose drops him back to the stage with a Dirty Deeds and throws McIntyre off the stage onto Ziggler. Ambrose just laughs and walks to the back.
Winner: No Contest

We rush backstage to Cody and Kenny Omega fighting in the parking lot. When the cameras get there, Cody seems to be holding a bleeding Omega by his hair. Cody whips Omega into the side of a car and Omega just crumples to the ground. Cody hits a running knee, slamming Omega’s head into the car. Omega looks to be out cold. Cody forces Omega to his feet and rolls him onto the hood of the car. Cody connects with a Powerbomb onto the windshield, sending him through it. Cody jumps off the car and walks back into the building as security and EMTs rush out to the car to check on Omega.

Vanessa Kraven vs. Nikki Cross
Kraven is waiting in the ring for Cross. Cross jumps the barricade and slides in the ring behind her. Cross connects with a low shoulder block to the knee, dropping Kraven to the mat. Cross doesn’t waste any time and connects with a DDT. Cross yells at the ref to start the match and he reluctantly does. Cross doesn’t stop the attack and continues to attack Kraven. Kraven manages to push Cross off but Cross doesn’t give her any time to recover. As soon as Kraven starts getting to her feet, Cross connects with a dropkick to the face. Cross quickly goes for the cover but Kraven kicks out at 2. Malice’s music hits and The Super Smash Brothers come out on the stage and slowly make their way down to the ring. The ref stars shouting at The SSB to leave but they just ignore him and continue their way down to the ring. While the ref is distracted, Cross slides out of the ring and grabs a chair from under the ring. She slides back into the ring and plants the chair directly on top of Kraven's head. She throws the chair out of the ring and yells at the ref and makes the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Nikki Cross

As soon as the bell rings, The SSB hits the ring. They throw the ref out of the ring and catch Cross with a clothesline. Uno lifts Cross up and they hit The Fatality! Before The Smash Brothers get to their feet, Sanity rushes down to the ring followed by FTM. A huge fight breaks out that spills out to the crowd. Uno shoves a fan out of his chair and uses it against Dain. While FTM and Wolfe battle on the stairs, Wolfe catches FTM with a stiff right hand and tackles FTM, sending them both falling down the stairs. Grayson and Young find themselves on the stage. Young connects with a toe kick but Grayson dodges the follow up Superkick. Grayson connects with a Complete Shot and Forces Young back to his feet. Grayson lifts Young up on his shoulders and walks over to the edge of the stage. Before he can do anything, security rushes out and pulls Young off Grayson’s shoulders. While security is pulling the two men apart, they also rush into the crowd to separate all the wrestlers. We go off the air with Edge shaking his head at all the chaos.

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