Smackdown #193 – July, Week #2

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Smackdown #193 – July, Week #2

Post  John Greatrix on Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:19 pm

The show starts with Kevin Owens’ music hitting and he and Sami Zayn come out to the ring. Owens: “Ever since we came to this show, we have been nothing but disrespected. We are two of the best wrestlers in this company. We demand more opportunities.” William Regal’s music hits and he comes out to the stage. Regal: “Kevin, you are absolutely right. You two are very talented competitors but unfortunately your attitudes get in the way. However, I am a fair man. Next week, you can take on the number one competitors for the Tag Team Titles, Los Ice Creams. And if you win, you will be added to the title match at Vengeance.”

Trevor Lee w/David Starr vs. Mia Yim w/Eddie Kingston
Lee starts the match by mocking Yim and telling her she can’t beat him because he’s a man. Yim doesn’t take too kindly to this and slaps him. Yim follows it up with a barrage of punches and kicks. After 10 minutes, Lee counters a whip and hits a Jumping Double Foot Stomp. Lee goes for a German Suplex but Yim flips out and counters with a Saito Suplex. Yim lines up for a Shining Wizard. As this is going on in the ring, Starr and Kingston start fighting on the outside when Starr throws Kingston into the steel steps. Yim goes into the ropes but Starr grabs her leg. Yim goes after Starr but he avoids her. Yim turns around and gets caught with a Small Package Driver, 1...2...3.
Winner: Trevor Lee

We go backstage to Charly Caruso with the European Champion, Sheamus. Charly: “Sheamus, we haven’t heard a lot from you for the last few weeks. Where have you been?” Sheamus: “Charly, I’ve just being healing up some nagging injuries. Next week, I step back in the ring and put this European Title on the line. I walk in with this title, then walk out with this title.”

Tommaso Ciampa vs. La Parka
From the opening bell, Ciampa has taken it to the 35 plus year veteran in La Parka. After 10 minutes, Ciampa hits a Lariat that appears to lay out La Parka. Ciampa brings La Parka to his knees and hits a Running Knee. Ciampa picks up La Parka and hits The Air Raid Crash (White Noise) and goes for the pin, 1...2...3.
Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

After the match, Ciampa continues to beat down La Parka. Finally, Johnny Gargano runs out and attacks Ciampa. Both men start trading punches. Gargano gets the upper hand and kicks out Ciampa’s left knee. As Ciampa is on his knees, Gargano goes for a Superkick but Ciampa avoids it and rolls out of the ring. Ciampa and Gargano yell back-and-forth as Ciampa leaves through the crowd and we go to commercial break.

After the commercial break, Charly Caruso is in the locker room with Cesaro and Kassius Ohno. Charly: “Last week, William Regal announced that at Vengeance you will defend your Tag Team Titles against Los Ice Creams. Are there any worries going into this match?” Cesaro: “Charly, the only concern we have is overconfidence. We are almost 100% positive that we will win this match but Los Ice Creams are sneaky. They have picked up wins that nobody saw coming.” Ohno: “Los Ice Creams are crafty and smarter than people give them credit for. Luckily, we have experience and more knowledge on our side. After we beat Los Ice Creams, there will only be one thing left to say and that’s ‘Long Live the Kings’.”

The Velveteen Dream vs. No Way Jose
These two men battle it out for a solid 20 minute match. Jose hits a Vertical Suplex then locks in a Rear Chin Lock. Dream fights back and whips Jose into the ropes and hits a Pump Kick. Velveteen Dream picks up Jose and hits his Reverse STO DDT. Velveteen Dream ascends to the top and hit The Purple Rainmaker (Diving Elbow) and goes for the cover, 1...2...3.
Winner: The Velveteen Dream

After the match, Roderick Strong comes out on the stage and applauds The Velveteen Dream similar to what happened the week before as the show ends.

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