PPV #44, Money In The Bank #4 2018

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PPV #44, Money In The Bank #4 2018

Post  John Greatrix on Mon Jul 02, 2018 6:47 pm

David Starr w/Trevor Lee (c) vs. Eddie Kingston (Television Title Match)
There is a lot of bad blood between these two men and we see that as soon as the bell rings. Kingston and Starr slug it out immediately. Starr gets the upper hand after a poke to the eye. Starr hits a Superkick then a Shining Wizard and goes for a pin. Kingston kicks out at 2. After 15 minutes, Starr goes for a Fireman’s Carry but Kingston’s foot hits the ref and knocks him out. Kingston escapes and hits The Saito Suplex and goes for the cover. With the ref out of commission, Trevor Lee pulls Kingston out of the ring. Lee and Kingston fight on the outside. While this is happening, Starr gets to his feet and starts smiling at what he’s seeing. As Starr is yelling at Lee and Kingston, Mia Yim slides in the ring behind Starr and hits him with a low blow. Yim picks up Starr and hits a Package Piledriver and leaves the ring. Kingston hits Lee with a Shotgun Lariat. The ref is up and starting to count. Kingston slides in the ring, picks up Starr and hits The Backfist to the Future and goes for the cover, 1...2...3.
Winner and NEW Television Champion: Eddie Kingston

Asuka (c) vs. Kelly Khaos (Women’s Title Match)
Both women have put on a display for us tonight. Asuka has been relentless in keeping Kelly off her game and constantly attacking her legs. Asuka hits the ropes and on the rebound lands a dropkick to Kelly’s left knee. Kelly drops to the mat holding her knee and screaming in pain. Asuka is in the corner waiting for Kelly to get to her feet. Once Kelly is up, Asuka charges. Asuka is greeted with a clothesline that sends her crashing to the mat. Both women are down until the 8 count with Kelly getting to her feet first. Kelly starts landing rights and lefts that stagger Asuka and then a big boot then sends her to the mat. Kelly ascends the turnbuckle but stops when Lana appears from the crowd and jumps onto the ring apron. Kelly hops down and confronts Lana then hits her with a right that sends her off the ring. Asuka is to her feet and locks in The Asuka Lock. Kelly is dragged to the mat and after a few seconds is forced to tap out.
Winner and STILL Women’s Champion: Asuka

After the match, Lana meets up with Charles Offord on the stage. The two smile and laugh at Kelly Khaos as she is still down in the ring.

Dean Ambrose vs. Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Brent Banks vs. Cody Deaner vs. Lio Rush vs. Ophidian (Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match)
The bell rings and all 6 wrestlers go all out. After about 20 minutes of intense wrestling, Ophidian sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring. Ophidian starts climbing up the ladder and just as he reaches for the briefcase, Banks launches himself from the ropes onto the other side of the ladder, climbs up top and catches Ophidian with an elbow to the face and pushes him off the ladder to the mat. Banks climbs up to the last rung and Sabre slides into the ring and pushes the ladder over, sending Banks crashing to the floor on the outside. Sabre sets the ladder back up and starts to climb but Deaner pulls him down and connects with a DDT onto a ladder. As Deaner is laid out across the ladder, Rush connects with The Final Hour (Lo Down). Rush climbs the ladder but is met at the top by Ambrose and the two of them start trading punches. Ambrose gets the upper hand and shoves Rush off the ladder sending him crashing onto the same ladder that Deaner is laid out on. Everyone seems to be laying motionless all around him. Ambrose slowly reaches up to the briefcase but before he can unhook it, Dolph Ziggler rushes down to the ring and pushes the ladder over, sending Ambrose crashing into the ropes. Ziggler stands over Ambrose as Drew McIntyre jumps the barricade and hits the ring. Ziggler forces Ambrose to his feet and they connect with their Claymore/Zig Zag Combo and roll him out of the ring. Ziggler and McIntyre disappear back into the crowd. Sabre slowly makes his way to his feet and realizes everyone is out. He slowly climbs up the ladder and unhooks the briefcase.
Winner and NEW Raw Money in the Bank Briefcase holder: Zack Sabre Jr.

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) vs. The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson) vs. Anti-Hope (Belial & Abaddon) vs. Los Ice Creams (Ice Cream Jr & El Hijo Del Ice Cream) vs. The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (Bushi & Sanada) vs. Undisputed Era (Roderick Strong & Adam Cole) vs. Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. The Batiri (Kodama & Obariyon) (Tag Team Battle Royal)
Jojo: “To win this match, at least one of the two members of a team must be the last one standing. An elimination occurs when a person goes over the top rope and both feet hit the floor.”

Adam Cole has been eliminated.
Belial has been eliminated.
Jey Uso has been eliminated.
Sami Zayn has been eliminated.
El Hijo del Ice Cream has been eliminated.
Kevin Owens has been eliminated.
Kodama has been eliminated.
Bushi has been eliminated.
Sanada has been eliminated.
Rowan has been eliminated.
Jimmy Uso has been eliminated.
Scott Dawson has been eliminated.
Roderick Strong has been eliminated.
Harper has been eliminated.
Obariyon has been eliminated.
Tyler Bate has been eliminated.
Trent Seven has been eliminated.
Dash Wilder has been eliminated.
Winners and NEW Tag Team Title Number 1 Contenders: Los Ice Creams

Braun Strowman (c) w/Paul Heyman vs. John Cena vs. Scott Steiner (World Title Match)
So far, Cena has been thrown out of the ring every time he enters it. Strowman and Steiner have been battling non-stop for a little over 20 minutes now. Steiner is whipped hard into the corner where Strowman charges and hits a running splash. Strowman then goes to the opposite corner and hits a second splash, causing Steiner to crumble in the corner. Cena manages to slide into the ring and attacks Strowman who just shrugs off the assault and tosses Cena across the ring. Strowman is the only man standing in the ring with Cena slowly getting to his feet. Cena eats a running big boot that sends him out of the ring. Strowman turns his attention to Steiner who is still down in the corner. Steiner is tossed on Strowman’s shoulder with ease and a Running Powerslam is hit. Strowman goes for a cover, 1…2… but Cena dives in and breaks up the count at the last moment. Strowman gets to his feet with an expressionless face then grabs Cena and hits a Running Powerslam onto Steiner. Strowman pins both men, 1…2…3.
Winner and STILL World Champion: Braun Strowman

Malice (Evil Uno, Stu Grayson, Vanessa Kraven & FTM) vs. Sanity (Eric Young, Killian Dain, Nikki Cross & Alexander Wolfe)
The bell doesn’t even get a chance to ring and all 8 members attack each other. It’s an all out battle. All the refs in the back rush down to try to break up the fight but it’s no use. The pure hatred these two teams have for each other can’t seem to be contained. Edge comes rushing out on the stage, motioning to the back. The entire locker room rushes down to the ring and pulls all 8 wrestlers apart. As soon as they have them separated, they break free and start fighting again. FTM catches Young with a big boot and tosses him off the stage. Cross goes at Kraven with a chair but Kraven catches it and rips it from her hands. Kraven plants it straight down onto her head, dropping Cross like a sack of potatoes. It doesn’t take long for the rest of Sanity to fall to Malice as refs and EMTs rush out to check on Sanity. Malice stands on the stage laughing while the crowd boos as they hold the Trios Titles above their heads.
Winner: No Contest

Kimber Lee vs. Rhea Ripley vs. Matt Riddle vs. Andrade Cien Almas vs. James Storm vs. Daniel Bryan (Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match)
When the bell rings, Ripley, Almas, Storm and Bryan goes outside the ring to get ladders and Lee and Riddle trade strikes. After 25 minutes of hard-hitting action, Ripley hits Almas with a Full Nelson Slam. Storm hits Ripley with a Superkick. Lee hits Storm with a German Suplex. Riddle hits Lee with A Bicycle Knee Strike. Bryan hits Riddle with a Running Knee Strike. Bryan sets up a ladder and starts climbing. Almas is up and starts climbing as well. Bryan and Almas are at the top of the ladder. Both men start punching each other. Almas goes for a kick but Bryan blocks it and shoves Almas off the ladder onto the other 4 competitors. Bryan keeps climbing and retrieves the briefcase.
Winner and NEW Money in the Bank Briefcase holder: Daniel Bryan

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Charles Offord w/Lana (United States Title Match)
There is no love-loss between these two men as they have exchanged some harsh words with Offord involving himself in a few of Joe’s matches the past few weeks. Joe has Offord on the retreat as he lands stiff jab after stiff jab. Offord eats a few jabs that bust open his lower lip and has him backed into a corner. Joe moves in and starts landing shoulder tackle after shoulder tackle, leaving Offord gasping for air in the corner. Joe takes a few steps back and charges Offord who counters with a jumping knee followed by a DDT. Both men are down as the ref starts his 10 count. Offord is the first one up and starts landing rights and lefts that stagger Joe. Offord then grabs Joe and hits a backbreaker into a sidewalk slam. Joe gets to his feet surprisingly quickly and starts throwing jabs at Offord who ducks, locks in and hits The Chuck Bottom. Offord collapses on Joe for a cover, 1…2…3.
Winner and NEW United States Champion: Charles Offord

Kenny Omega vs. Cody (c) (Cruiserweight Title Match)
As soon as the bell rings, both men rush to the middle of the ring. Omega ducks under a clothesline and rebounds off the ropes and goes for a flying knee but Cody side steps it and catches Omega with an enzuigiri. Cody forces Omega to his feet and whips him into the corner. Cody follows up with a running dropkick causing Omega to fall to the mat. Cody drags Omega to the centre of the ring and locks in The American Nightmare. Omega manages to make his way to the ropes and the ref breaks the hold. Omega gets to his feet and catches Cody with a stiff right hand. Cody stumbles back and Omega follows up with a jumping knee to the face. Cody stumbles back against the ropes and Omega hits a clothesline, sending Cody over the top to the outside. Omega launches himself over the ropes and hits a splash on Cody. Omega forces Cody to his feet and whips him into the stairs. Omega rolls Cody into the ring and climbs up top and goes for an elbow drop. Cody manages to roll out of the way in time and when Omega gets to his feet, Cody connects with The Disaster Kick and goes for the cover, 1…2… but Omega manages to dig down deep and kick out just before the 3 count. Cody can’t believe it. He picks Omega up by his hair and sets up for The Cross Rhodes. Omega manages to slip out and hits The Rain Trigger (Ripcord Jumping High Knee). Omega goes for the cover, 1…2… but this time, Cody kicks out just before the 3 count. Omega sizes Cody up. As Cody uses the ropes to get to his feet, Omega rushes across and catches Cody with The V-Trigger (Kinshasa) nearly knocking him out. Omega forces Cody to his feet and hits The One-Winged Angel (One-Handed Electric Chair Driver) and goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion: Kenny Omega

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