Nitro #162 – June, Week #1

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Nitro #162 – June, Week #1

Post  John Greatrix on Sat Jun 02, 2018 10:20 am

Charles Offord’s music hits with him and Lana appearing on the stage to deafening boos. The two enter the ring and try to speak but the crowd boos even louder. This continues for 15 minutes. Offord: “John Greatrix has been a pain in everyone’s ass for years and when someone finally does something about it, you boo him? In all fairness, you people are 50% of the problem here. You supported him no matter what he did and encouraged him to keep doing whatever he wanted. Take our last match together for instance. It took Oyster and I a month to convince him to join us. A month of us getting our asses handed to us, show after show, week after week until he could make his glorious return to be the hero. It shouldn’t have taken John a month to help me; he should have put his differences aside with Oyster for one night to do what’s best for business. So, Oyster and I spoke before our match and decided that if I did something drastic, he would not get involved. The rest is history as they say and John is out for a long time. Don’t expect to see him make any glorious return. But, I’m not done with John just yet. Since John is unable to defend his precious Million Dollar title, I feel it’s best for business that I take over the championship.” Lana: “Ladies and Gentlemen, stand for your NEW Million Dollar champion, Charles Offord!” Lana is handed a red bag and takes out the Million Dollar Title then gives it to Charles Offord who throws it over his shoulder and taunts the crowd.

Heath Slater is in the ring with a mic. Slater: “I’m the one man band, baby and it’s my time now. June is the month where Heath Slater shows the world what he can do. So, if anyone in the back wants to be my first victim, then come on down.” A few moments go by then Scott Steiner appears and makes his way to the ring.

Heath Slater vs. Scott Steiner
Slater has not fared well tonight with Steiner using his superior strength to completely dominate Slater. Slater hits the ropes and eats a clothesline for his trouble. Steiner doesn’t waste any time and locks in The Steiner Recliner causing Slater to quickly tap.
Winner: Scott Steiner

Jojo meets Scott Steiner in the ring after his match. Jojo: “Scott, tonight was your Nitro debut. Where do you go from here?” Steiner: “Big Poppa Pump has his sights set on the World Title and that means you Braun Strowman! I’m coming to take that title!”

Kelly Khaos vs. Mandy Rose
Khaos has been in a bad mood the entire night and Mandy Rose has been on the receiving end as a result of it. Rose is tossed hard into the turnbuckle where Khaos charges and crushes her then sends her to the mat. Rose is hauled to her feet and Powerbombed back down. Khaos drags Rose to the corner and climbs to the top where she hits The Red Arrow and goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Kelly Khaos

After the match, Khaos grabs a mic. Khaos: “So the saying around here is ‘no one ready for Asuka.’ I’m ready for Asuka and I can guarantee she isn’t ready for me. You want a challenge Asuka? Put that title on the line against me and let’s see how well you do.”

Renee Young and Samoa Joe are in the back. Renee: “Joe, tonight you take on a former Horseman in Brian Cage. What have you done to prepare yourself for this match?” Joe: “Nothing, Renee. Brain Cage does not pose a threat to Samoa Joe. I’m going to go out there and put Cage to sleep just like I have done to everyone that gets in my way.”

Samoa Joe vs. Brian Cage
Both men have put on a solid 20 minute match of vicious hard hits, technical wrestling and brilliant ring awareness. Cage has Joe in the corner and starts landing punch after punch. Once he reaches 10, Cage moves back allowing Joe to stumble out of the corner right into a side kick that floors him. Cage has all the momentum going for him as he keeps up the assault on Joe who is on the defensive. Cage hits the ropes but runs right into a sleeper from Joe who then turns it into The Coquina Clutch. Cage struggles until he is dragged to the ground where he passes out causing the ref to call for the bell.
Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe is still beating on Cage when Offord appears on the stage and slowly makes his way to the ring. Joe and Offord stand face-to-face with neither man giving an inch. Joe starts trash talking causing Offord to land a few good rights and then plants Joe head first on the mat with a DDT. Offord stands above Joe holding the Million Dollar Title high. The crowd again lets Offord know how they feel as they boo and boo. The camera fades with Offord and Lana standing above Joe, laughing and taunting him.

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