Raw #185 - May, Week #4

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Raw #185 - May, Week #4

Post  John Greatrix on Wed May 23, 2018 7:18 pm

We start the show with Malice in the ring. FTM: “We may not be able to inflict pain on Sanity tonight, but we will have a chance to flex our muscles if you will. Tonight, Malice will bring death and destruction to Raw. Tonight, The Addiction will step up. Too bad Stu and Uno have orders to beat you to an inch of your lives and end your pathetic little careers. So, be on the lookout tonight ladies and gents because Malice is coming to town.” Malice goes to leave the ring and Sanity’s music hits. They come out on the stage and stare down Malice. Eric Young has a mic. Young: “Malice, you think you can just come in here and run all over Raw? You’re wrong. We may not be able to lay hands on each other but we can surely get in your way.”

We cut backstage to Dolph Ziggler walking though the arena with his ribs taped up. Renee stops him. Renee: “Dolph, after the attack last week, what are your plans going into No Mercy. Are you going to be 100% for your match?” Dolph: “Renee, it’s simple. If for one second you think I’m not ready for No Mercy then you’re just as crazy and Ambrose is. He may think he can take cheap shots and attack me when I’m not ready but at No Mercy, It’ll be different. You see, he’s stuck in that ring with me face-to-face with nowhere to hide. At No Mercy, I’m going home with that belt and leaving him the broken man he is.” Ziggler smirks at Renee and walks off camera.

Kota Ibushi vs. Delirious
The bell rings and the two men meet in the middle of the ring. Ibushi connects with a stiff kick to the gut and follows up with a DDT. Ibushi forces Delirious up to his feet and whips him into the corner. Ibushi follows him in with running knee to the gut. Ibushi climbs up and starts hitting the punches into the corner, 1…2…3…4…5…6… As Ibushi comes down for the 7th punch, Delirious manages to block the punch and turns it into a Powerbomb. Delirious climbs up top and goes for a diving headbutt but Ibushi rolls out of the way just in time and locks in the ankle lock. Delirious struggles to get out of it but he can’t seem to break it. He’s just about to tap out when he makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. As Delirious uses the ropes to get to his feet, Ibushi connects with a kick to the gut then hits The Golden Star Powerbomb (Sitout Last Ride) and goes for the cover, 1…2… but before the ref can count to 3, the ref is pulled out of the ring by Nick Jackson. The Young Bucks slide into the ring and force Ibushi to his feet. Before anything can happen, Omega hits the ring and nearly takes Matt Jackson's head off with a Superkick. Nick drops Ibushi and rolls out of the ring leaving Ibushi and Omega standing strong in the ring.
Winner: No Contest

We go backstage to Hacker Scotty O’Shea walking through the back when Jigsaw seemingly comes out from nowhere and connects a chair shot to the back of Hacker. Jigsaw picks Hacker up but Kevin Blackwood hits a Superkick, sending Jigsaw over a table. Blackwood picks Jigsaw up and lays him across the table. Hacker climbs up on the table and hits a Piledriver though it and goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner and STILL Hardcore Champion: Scotty O’Shea

The Super Smash Brothers (Stu Grayson & Evil Uno) vs. The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)
The bell rings and it’s utter destruction. SSB goes right to work, picking apart The Addiction. SSB manages to single out Kazarian in the ring after connecting with the Fatality! on Daniels. Kazarian tries to put up a fight but with no tag team partner, the numbers game becomes too much for him to handle. Uno whips Kazarian into the corner and follows it up with a running splash and tags in Grayson. Grayson launches himself over the ropes and hits a springboard leg drop onto the back of Kazarian’s head. Grayson forces Kazarian to his feet and sets up for the Fatality! but Daniels hits the ring and connects with the STO. Uno rushes in and Daniels hits the drop toe hold. Daniels picks Grayson up and whips him into the corner. He rushes into the corner but Grayson gets his foot up, stopping Daniels in his tracks. The rest of Malice makes their way down to the ring and surround it. Kazarian and Daniels stand back-to-back in the middle of the ring. FTM gives the command and Malice hits the ring and makes quick work of The Addiction. The ref calls for the bell.
Winners by Disqualification: The Addiction

After the match, FTM calls for the mic. FTM: “This is the destruction I was talking about. You see, we are nothing more than animals preparing for a kill. Sanity, you don’t stand a chance at No Mercy because that’s exactly what we’re going to show you. Tonight was just a warm up. We’re not crazy enough to lose ourselves the match. Those Trios Titles are just the beginning in the long line of gold we’re going to collect. We will become the most domination team in CWA history.

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