Smackdown #184 – May, Week #2

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Smackdown #184 – May, Week #2

Post  John Greatrix on Thu May 10, 2018 9:39 pm

The Snake Brothers’ music hits as John Greatrix and Charles Offord come out to the stage and make their way to the ring. John Greatrix grabs a mic. Greatrix: “Last week, Anti-Hope attacked me, Charles and Oyster. Good work, boys. You guys managed to attack us while we weren’t paying attention. You must feel like a bunch of big men.” Anti-Hope’s music hits and they come out on the stage. Omeganis: “Listen to the two pots calling the kettle black. For the last 20 years, you two have done nothing but attack people from behind. You two are a joke. Hell, your third man couldn’t even show up tonight. He probably...” Out of nowhere, Oyster attacks Anti-Hope with a barbed wire bat. Oyster beats down all three men and heads to the ring with a smile on his face. Greatrix: “You know something guys, you’re right. We are pretty good at attacking from behind. Maybe next time you won’t try to play someone else’s game.” Anti-Hope crawls to the back as The Snake Brothers and Oyster play to the crowd and we go to commercial.

We return from commercial and Charly Caruso is backstage with Eddie Kingston, James Storm and Bram. Charly: “Eddie, last week James Storm and Bram came to your side and helped you take out WRSTLING. What do you guys have planned tonight?” Eddie: “Charly, we are going to do what we do best. We’re gonna kick their asses.” Storm: “Hey Charly, sorry....about their damn luck.”

Death Crew Council (Eddie Kingston, James Storm & Bram) vs. WRSTLING (David Starr, Trevor Lee & Jeff Cobb)
When the bell rings, a war breaks out. Kingston starts chasing Starr and they head out through the audience. Storm and Lee start fighting on the outside as Cobb and Bram stay in the ring. Bram starts to hit Cobb as hard as he can but seems to be having no effect. Bram runs at Cobb but takes an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Cobb hits Powerbomb on Bram who is now motionless. Cobb picks up Bram and hits The Tour of the Islands (Reverse-Spin Powerslam). Cobb covers Bram, 1...2...3.

We come back from commercial and Rhea Ripley is in the ring. Ripley: “Last week, I defeated KC Spinelli and proved that I am one of the best female competitors in the CWA. In a few weeks at Money in the Bank, I will prove this once again as I am officially entering the Smackdown Women’s Money in the Bank match. I know that the Women’s Title is currently on Nitro but when I win that match at Money in the Bank, I will make the case that I should get a title shot.”

We go backstage to Charly Caruso who is with Cesaro and Kassius Ohno. Charly: “Cesaro, last week you and Kassius Ohno attacked The Bludgeon Brothers after their match. Why?” Cesaro: “Charly, Kassius and I go back a long ways and with Sheamus winning the European Title, it gave me an opportunity to team with my old friend. With that being said, we decided that those two big goons needed to be taken down a peg and we were the ones to do it.” Ohno: “We showed Harper and Rowan that no matter how big you are, you can’t compete with true, natural skills. We’ll prove that again next against The Revival.” The Kings of Wrestling’s music hits and they head to the ring.

The Kings of Wrestling (Cesaro & Kassius Ohno) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)
The two teams go back-and-forth for a solid 20 minutes. Ohno and Wilder have been fighting on the outside most of the match. Cesaro hits a Running European Uppercut on Dawson. Cesaro looks to hit The Neutralizer but Dawson reverse it and hits a catapult into the corner then hits Cesaro with a DDT. The Revival goes for The Shatter Machine but Ohno hits Dash with a diving elbow. Cesaro and Ohno hit Dawson with The KRS ONE (Assisted Pop-Up Michinoku Driver). Cesaro pins Dawson, 1...2...3.
Winners: The Kings of Wrestling

After the match, as The KoW is celebrating their win, The Bludgeon Brothers’ music hits and they walk to the ring. As they stand on the outside of the ring, The KoW dive onto them but get caught. Rowan and Harper slam Cesaro and Ohno into the ring posts then toss them in the ring. Rowan gives Ohno a Full Nelson Slam as Harper gives Cesaro a Discus Lariat. The Bludgeon Brothers hold the Tag Team Titles over their heads and stand over the fallen Kings of Wrestling as the show ends.

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