Raw #183 - May, Week #2

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Raw #183 - May, Week #2

Post  John Greatrix on Tue May 08, 2018 7:52 pm

We start the show with Malice (FTM, Vanessa Kraven, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) in the ring. FTM: “We have come together to wreak havoc on the Raw roster. You see, we have set our sights on the Trios Titles but that is not where we’re stopping. The Hardcore, Intercontinental, Cruiserweight Titles will be after that. Hell, who knows, maybe the World, Women’s and Tag Team Titles will come next. Nothing will be safe from Malice. But first, we are going to deal with those wastes of space, Sanity. Last week, Stu here beat Nikki Cross, cementing our title shot tonight on Raw so Sanity, get ready. We’re coming to hunt you down and take those titles from you.” Stu Grayson takes the mic. Stu: “Tonight, we are going to make everyone on Raw stand up and take notice of just how deadly Malice truly is.”

Kenny Omega vs. Colt Cabana
As soon as the bell rings, Omega rushes across the ring and hits a jumping knee right to Cabana’s head. Cabana stumbles backwards into the corner. Omega follows up with a running dropkick to the corner. Omega forces Cabana out of the corner and connects with a step up enzuigiri. Omega lifts Cabana up on his shoulders and goes for The One-Winged Angel. But before he can hit it, Cody's music hits. Omega drops Cabana and gets ready for Cody. Cabana uses this distraction and connects with The Colt.45 and makes the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Colt Cabana

After the match, Cody and Marty Scurll rush down to the ring and start beating on Omega. Omega tries to put up a fight but it’s no use as the numbers game is just too much for him. The Young Bucks connect with a double Superkick. Nick forces Omega to his feet and sets him up for The Meltzer Driver (Assisted Tombstone Piledriver). As Matt climbs to the top rope, Kota Ibushi jumps the barricade and shoves Matt off the top rope to the outside. Nick drops Omega and goes after Ibushi but Ibushi is ready and connects with a hard kick to the chest. Ibushi connects with The Golden Star Powerbomb. Ibushi helps Omega to his feet. Omega calls for the mic. Omega: “Next week Young Bucks, The Golden Lovers are coming for you.”

We go backstage to Renee Young. Renee: “I’m here tonight with Dean Ambrose. Dean, what are your thoughts about the attack last week from Dolph Ziggler?” Ambrose: “Well…” before Ambrose can finish what he’s saying, Ziggler comes from off screen and connects with a Superkick, taking Ambrose off his feet. Ziggler crawls on top of Ambrose and starts punching him. Ziggler gets off Ambrose and picks up the Intercontinental Title and starts walking off with it but Ambrose manages to get to his feet and yells at Ziggler. Ziggler runs back and drives the belt directly into Ambrose's head, busting him wide open. Ziggler throws the belt down at Ambrose and walks away laughing.

Sanity (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe & Killian Dain) (c) vs. Malice (Stu Grayson, Evil Uno & FTM) (Trios Title Match)
The bell rings and it’s utter chaos in the ring. All 6 men are fighting in the ring. This goes on for a good 15 minutes before the ref even gets close to getting order restored in the ring. Finally, after 20 minutes of fighting, FTM and Young are left standing in the ring. Young shoots in but FTM catches him with a big boot, turning him inside out. FTM lifts Young up by his head and connects with The Credibility Statement (Choke Bomb) and goes for the pin, 1…2… but before the ref can count to three, Wolfe manages to slide in the ring and breaks the pin. Wolfe rolls Young out of the ring and goes on the attack on FTM. Wolfe forces FTM to his feet. Grayson launches himself from the ropes and connects with a springboard dropkick, taking Wolfe off his feet. FTM rolls out of the ring while Grayson goes on the attack. Wolfe uses the ropes to get to his feet and as soon as he turns around, Grayson connects with the Superkick. Grayson makes the cover but Dain is quick to break it up. Grayson comes off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Dain ducks under him and catching Grayson with a big boot sending Grayson over the top of the rope to the outside. Dain turns around and Uno connects with a shoulder block but Dain stands his ground. Dain whips Uno into the corner and follows up with a big splash. Dain goes back in but Uno catches him with a thumb to the eye. Uno quickly follows it up with a straight punch to the face taking Dain off his feet. Uno locks in a Figure Four Arm Lock in the middle of the ring. Wolfe slides in the ring to break it up but is caught with a clothesline from FTM. As Young is getting to his feet on the outside, Grayson hits the suicide dive to the outside taking Young out. It looks like Dain is about to tap out when Nikki Cross drops an elbow across Uno’s chest seemingly out of nowhere. The ref instantly calls for the bell.
Winners by Disqualification: Malice
But STILL Trios Champions: Sanity

Cross rolls out of the ring and heads back up the ramp and runs right into Vanessa Kraven as she makes her way down to the ring. Kraven hits The Cliffhanger (Choke Bomb) laying Cross out on the ramp and she continues her way down to the ring. FTM picks Dain up and connects with The Credibility Statement (Choke Bomb) followed by The SSB hitting The Fatality! (Gory Bomb/Diving Flipping Cutter) on Dain as well. Uno and Grayson pick Dain up and Kraven hits The Hangover (Choke Bomb). We go off the air with Malice standing strong in the middle of the ring with the bodies of Sanity strewn around the ring.

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