Raw #182 - April, Week #5

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Raw #182 - April, Week #5

Post  John Greatrix on Mon Apr 30, 2018 11:40 pm

We start the show with Sanity in the ring. Eric Young: “Last night, we showed The SSB just how powerful we truly are. We are the Trios Champions and will do anything to keep these titles. It’s funny that the three of you were only facing the three of us. We are a family and Nikki is just as dangerous as the rest of us. You can keep trying to take these championships all you want but we’ll just keep beating you down. And…” SSB’s music hits and they come out on the stage. Grayson: “You want to use the numbers game to prove your dominance but we will use our talent. Tonight, I’m going to teach you just what it’s like to step in the ring and have a real fight on your hands. I spoke with Edge backstage earlier and he has agreed, Nikki Cross, you better get ready to fight tonight because I’m going to drag you through hell and show you just how mean we can be.”

Dean Ambrose vs. Jack Evans
As soon as the bell rings, Ambrose is on the attack. Evans ducks under a clothesline and launches himself off the ropes, catching Ambrose with a flying back elbow. Evans forces Ambrose to his feet and connects with a drop toe hold and locks in a Crossface. Ambrose struggles but finally gets to the ropes and the ref forces the break. Ambrose gets back to his feet and Evans connects with a spin kick to the mid section. Evans comes off the ropes but Ambrose is ready for him this time and catches Evans with a stiff clothesline. Ambrose picks Evans up and whips him into the corner and follows it with a shoulder to the gut. As Evans stumbles out of the corner, Ambrose connects with The Dirty Deeds and makes the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Ambrose stops on the stage and poses with the IC Title. Dolph Ziggler runs out from the back and connects with The Zig Zag, driving Ambrose into the steel stage. Ziggler picks the belt up and holds it high above his head. The crowd boos so loud that you can’t hear anything else.

We go backstage to Renee Young. Renee: “I’m here tonight with Kenny Omega. Kenny, after the attack last night, what are your thoughts on the actions of The Bullet Club lately?” Omega: “It’s simple, they are just doing what The Bullet Club does but since I’ve been removed from them, I now see just how much of a disease they are on the CWA. I’m going to do everything in my power to take them down one-by-one but the first person I’m focusing on is Cody. Just because you have a famous daddy, doesn’t mean you’re a somebody. He may be the Cruiserweight Champion but that’s only for now. I’m not only going to take that championship from him, I’m going to end his career.”

Hacker Scotty O’Shea is sitting backstage at the catering table when Tarik attacks him from behind. Tarik smashes hackers face off the table then bodyslams him onto the floor. Tarik sets up for the Backpack Stunner but Hacker manages to claw Tarik’s eyes and slips out. Hacker grabs Tarik and hits a belly-to-belly suplex, putting Tarik through the catering table and makes the cover 1…2… but Tarik somehow manages to kick out. Hacker picks Tarik up and Tarik catches him with a thumb to the eye. Tarik connects with a devastating DDT and picks Hacker up and connects with the Backpack Stunner. Before Tarik gets a chance to make the cover, Kevin Blackwood comes flying in from out of nowhere and catches Tarik with a boot to the face. Blackwood hits the Pumphandle Death Valley Driver though a second table and drags Hacker on top of Tarik for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner and STILL Hardcore Champion: Hacker Scotty O’Shea

Edge comes out on the stage. Edge: “The next match is going to be the main event and I thought it may be a good idea to ban both Sanity and Evil Uno & FTM from ringside. I don’t want anyone messing with this match. I’m also putting a little stipulation on this match. If Stu Grayson can pick up the win, next week, The SSB & FTM will take on Sanity but if Nikki Cross wins, The SSB & FTM will never have a chance at the Trios Titles as long as Sanity holds the belts. Now, let’s get the match started.”

Stu Grayson vs. Nikki Cross
The bell rings and Cross quickly becomes the aggressor. Cross catches Grayson with a running crossbody. Cross picks him up and whips him into the corner. Cross climbs up top and starts laying in punches. Grayson manages to block a few of the punches and connects with a powerbomb. Grayson lifts Cross up by her hair and hits a jumping knee, dropping Cross to her knees. Grayson lifts her up again but this time she catches Grayson with a thumb to the eye. Grayson rolls out of the ring to regroup himself. He jumps up on the apron and Cross catches him with a diving dropkick, sending him off the apron to the outside. Grayson grabs his knee and starts screaming in pain. The ref slides out to check on Grayson. While Cross is looking on from the ring, Vanessa Kraven jumps the barricade and slides in the ring behind Cross. Cross turns around and stops dead when she sees Kraven. Kraven hits The Cliff Hanger (Choke Bomb). Kraven slides out of the ring and drops to the ground. Grayson jumps up to his feet, hits the ring and makes the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Stu Grayson

After the match, Evil Uno and FTM come down to the ring to celebrate with Grayson. FTM calls for the mic. FTM: “Malice has arrived.” Malice stands in the ring while we go off air.

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