Nitro #157 - April, Week #4

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Nitro #157 - April, Week #4

Post  John Greatrix on Fri Apr 27, 2018 7:46 pm

Charles Offord’s music hits with him appearing on the stage with taped ribs and heading to the ring. Offord: “This past Smackdown, I made the announcement that if we do not win then we will retire from wrestling. Anti-Hope has beaten us senseless for the past few weeks and as it stands, Oyster and I are heading into Backlash a man down. Make no mistake that we will be giving it our all and when the dust settles, Anti-Hope will be the ones on the mat as you don’t back a wounded animal into a corner without suffering the consequences. That is exactly what Anti-Hope is doing and they will pay the price.”

Heath Slater steps into the ring with everyone clearly confused as to why he is in the ring. Slater: “People around here say you are the real deal Samoa Joe. It’s one thing to challenge AJ Styles, but when you step into the ring with Heath Slater, you have to remember one thing. I have kids and I feed those kids by beating people like you.”

Samoa Joe vs. Heath Slater
The ref calls for the bell to start the match. Slater charges at Joe and hits a clothesline that does nothing to Joe. We can hear Joe tell Slater to try again. Slater does but this time, Joe ducks the clothesline and locks in The Coquina Clutch causing Slater to tap extremely quickly. Joe gets to his feet with a smirk on his face and then tosses Slater out of the ring.
Winner: Samoa Joe

Jojo joins Samoa Joe in the ring after the match. Jojo: “Joe, in two days you take on AJ Styles for the United States Title. Do you have any last words before your match?” Joe: “No last words for me. In two days, I win the US Title and in one week, I’ll be out here trash talking my next opponent. You see Jojo, there aren’t many people who can stand in the ring with Samoa Joe and AJ Styles definitely isn’t one of them. So, come Backlash, I either put Styles to sleep or he taps out. There isn’t any other way this match goes down. For any of you doubters out there, just watch Backlash and see what I do to A…J…Styles.”

Sasha Banks vs. Sonya Deville
Banks and Deville have gone at it from the moment he bell rang. Deville has used her MMA skills to her advantage and has been striking Banks from a distance all match. Banks eats a kick but moves in and tackles Deville to the mat. Banks proceeds to land some stiff elbows of her own, only stopping when the ref pulls her off. Deville has been cut open on the forehead and is furious at Banks. Deville charges at her and swings a rage filled right hand that misses as Banks ducks and locks in The Bank Statement. Deville tries to get to the ropes but quickly taps out.
Winner: Sasha Banks

Banks: “Did you see that, Jessicka Havok? This is what will happen to you should you step in the ring with The Boss. If you value that title, then I would stay far away from me. But if you are women enough, then step into the ring and put that belt on the line.”

Renee Young is in the back with Oyster. Renee: “Oyster, tonight you face Anti-Hope member Belial in your specialty match; a hardcore match. What brought on such a drastic move?” Oyster: “Renee, Anti-Hope has been brutally beating Offord and I for weeks now. John Greatrix refuses to help us so I figured I would take one of their members out and make Backlash a 2-on-2 match. Anti-Hope needs to be reminded of who I am and what I am capable of in a hardcore match.”

Oyster vs. Belial (Hardcore Match)
We are only 10 minutes into this match and both men are cut everywhere. Belial has hit Oyster numerous times with a barbwire bat and Oyster has been using a Kendo stick whenever he has the chance, which has left welts all over Belial. Oyster breaks another Kendo stick on Belial then grabs a steel chair and lands a vicious chair shot to the head. Belial is down when Oyster goes for the cover, 1…2… but Abaddon appears from under the ring and breaks up the count. Oyster is furious and tackles Abaddon with the two men slugging it out in the corner. Offord appears from backstage and slides into the ring and hits The Chuck Bottom on Belial then slides out of the ring and jumps on Abaddon. From the crowd, Omeganis appears and clips Offord with a baseball bat. Offord is holding his ribs when Omeganis hits another baseball shot to the ribs then one to the back. Omeganis turns his attention to Oyster who has dealt with Abaddon. Oyster eats not one, but two baseball bat shots to the chest and is tossed into the ring. Belial sets up two chairs beside each other. Omeganis grabs Oyster and hits The Omeganis Death Drop (World’s Strongest Slam) onto the chairs. Belial covers Oyster, 1…2…3.
Winner: Belial

After the match, Offord grabs a mic. Offord: “Once again, we were left high and dry. If John has any sense of family he will join us at Backlash. Put your petty differences aside for once and help us defeat this greater evil. For God’s sake John, are you really going to leave me hanging on this one? I’ve had your back for 20 years in this business. I’ve always been there to take the hits if need be and dish them out too. If you don’t show this Sunday…” Omeganis slides into the ring and blindsides Offord then lifts him up and hits The Omeganis Death Drop. Omeganis grabs the mic. Omeganis: “Yes, please John, listen to your partner and join us at Backlash so that I can end all three of your careers in one shot. You guys are pathetic, weak and an embarrassment to this profession. The CWA is evolving and it’s high time you three moved on and let the more advanced wrestlers do what we do best. The Snake Brothers are way past their prime and Oyster is a shadow of his former hardcore self. In two days at Backlash, Anti-Hope puts you old dogs down for good.”

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