Nitro #156 - April, Week #3

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Nitro #156 - April, Week #3

Post  John Greatrix on Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:20 pm

Charles Offord’s music hits with him appearing on the stage and making his way to the ring. Offord: “Anti-Hope may be unstoppable as a group but I’m curious how they will fare as individuals. So tonight, I make a point to show Anti-Hope’s true colours as I take out their strongest member in Omeganis one-on-one in a steel cage. Once their top guy is down, it will be a matter of simply picking off the other members one at a time. John Greatrix doesn’t want to get involved and that’s fine; I’m done pleading for help. Oyster and I will finish this on our own.” Offord throws the mic away and heads backstage.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe
These two men have beaten each other senseless for 20 minutes now. Joe hasn’t pulled any kicks with Nakamura throwing some mean forearms. Nakamura takes the advantage after hitting a spin wheel kick off the ropes. Nakamura begins to stomp Joe until the ref’s count reaches 4. The ref warns Nakamura who then walks over to Joe and proceeds to stomp him again. This time, the ref pulls Nakamura off and the two men start arguing giving Joe enough time to recover and get to his feet. Nakamura notices this and charges Joe who hits him with a stiff right and then a left. Nakamura is stagger in the centre of the ring when Joe hits him with a clothesline. Nakamura is quick to his feet but Joe is behind him and locks in The Coquina Clutch. Nakamura struggles with all his might but has to tap out.
Winner: Samoa Joe

After the match, Joe grabs a mic. Joe: “AJ Styles is the new United States champion. Well, enjoy that title while you can champ; I’m coming to take it off your hands soon.”

Jojo is in the back with Jessicka Havok. Jojo: “Jessicka, once again tonight you will wrestle. What else do you have to prove?” Havok: “I have nothing to prove, I just like hurting people and tonight I take out another member of the female roster for fun.”

Jessicka Havok vs. Liv Morgan
Havok has once again dominated her match. Morgan has been tossed around the ring like a rag doll with no offence this match. Havok has Morgan down on the mat when she starts stopping her until the ref pulls her off. Morgan is extremely slow to her feet and once there, walks right into The Demon Drop (White Noise) with Havok going for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Jessicka Havok

After the match, Havok grabs a mic but before she could speak, Sasha Banks’ music hits with her appearing on the stage. Banks: “Havok, you may be the champ, but I’m a boss. When we meet, and believe me, we are going to meet in that ring, I’m going to take that title from you in a way that only a true boss can do.”

Renee Young is in the back with Charles Offord. Renee: “Mr. Offord, what is your plan tonight when you step into the steel cage with Omeganis?” Offord: “I’m going to beat him senseless to show Anti-Hope why you don’t mess with us. Then, I’m going after the rest and when I’m done, Anti-Hope will be a thing of the past in the CWA.”

Charles Offord vs. Omeganis (Steel Cage Match)
Once the cage has reached the floor, Offord charges Omeganis and the two men start brawling. Offord grabs Omeganis and slams him against the cage then drags his face along the cage, busting Omeganis wide open. Offord is relentless tonight as he has Omeganis in the corner and starts landing knife edge chops. Omeganis stumbles out of the corner, right into a running high knee that floors him. Offord looks like he is ready to end it as he lifts Omeganis to his feet and hits The Chuck Bottom (Rock Bottom). Omeganis is motionless on the mat when Offord starts scaling the cage. Belial and Abaddon appear from the crowd with steel chairs, forcing Offord off the cage. Oyster appears from the back and tackles Belial but takes a chair to the back from Abaddon. Oyster is hauled to his feet where he eats a vicious chair shot to the head that lays him out cold and busted wide open. Omeganis is to his feet, grabs Offord and hits The Omeganis Death Drop (World’s Strongest Slam) not once, but twice and then slowly climbs the cage. Suddenly, John Greatrix’s music hits with him appearing on the stage with his Kendo stick. Oyster is hauled to his feet and eats another chair shot. Greatrix takes a few steps forward then walks to the back as Omeganis reaches the outside of the cage.
Winner: Omeganis

After the match, Offord is to his feet holding his ribs and shaking his head as a camera follows Greatrix through the back. Greatrix gets in his car and peels out of the arena. Anti-Hope stand laughing over Oyster when the cage starts to ascend. Anti-Hope slowly turns to face Offord. Offord has a look of defeat knowing what’s about to happen and attacks the first man in the ring (Abaddon). Omeganis grabs Offord and holds him as Belial slides into the ring with a chair and lays Offord out with a chair shot to the head. The camera fades with Anti-Hope standing above a bloodied Offord.

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