Smackdown #180 – April, Week #2

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Smackdown #180 – April, Week #2

Post  John Greatrix on Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:55 pm

Anti-Hope’s music hits and the three men appear on the stage to a flood of boos.  Anti-Hope looks to be soaking it in and makes their way to the ring.  Omeganis grabs a mic.  Omeganis: “So, it appears that we have a Trios match tonight against Oyster and The Snake Brothers.  But, is John Greatrix going to join them?  I mean, that’s the real question.  Greatrix seems to be smart enough to not want to mess with us again.  All I can say is good luck boys.  You’re going to need it, especially if Greatrix is out.  Hopefully you can find a third person who is willing to take a beating with you.  Because remember, in the end, all hope is gone.”  Omeganis drops the mic and Anti-Hope leaves the ring.

David Starr walks into the locker room where Eddie Kingston is getting his boots on.  Kingston: “What the hell do you want?”  Starr: “I was thinking that I could come to the ring with you to watch your back.  You know, just in case.”  Kingston: “I don’t want you anywhere near me, let alone at ringside.  Stay away from me.”  Kingston leaves and heads to the ring for his match.

Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Curt Hawkins (Television Title Match)
Kingston completely dominates for most of the match.  Hawkins grabs his cane and looks to use it but the ref takes it from him.  As the ref is putting the cane out of the ring, Hawkins kicks Kingston in the groin.  Hawkins looks to end the match but David Starr runs down and grabs Curt’s leg.  Curt fights him off then turns around into The Backfist to the Future.  Kingston covers Hawkins for the pin, 1...2...3.
Winner and STILL Television Champion: Eddie Kingston

After the match, David Starr jumps in the ring and hands Kingston the belt.  Starr tries to talk to Kingston but Eddie hits him with The Backfist to the Future and lays him out.  Kingston leaves Starr laying out cold and heads backstage.

Charly Caruso is backstage with William Regal.  Charly: “Mr. Regal, I understand that you have called for this time to address a huge announcement you have.”  Regal: “That’s right, Charly.  Tonight I have the privilege to announce that only a few short hours ago, I got off the phone with the Nitro GM, Stephanie McMahon.  Stephanie called me to discuss a trade in talent.  With Nitro gaining the Women’s Title, they are looking to add more and different female competitors to their roster.  With that being said, I would like to announce that Smackdown has officially traded ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks and ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’ Asuka to Nitro in exchange for Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, The Iconic Duo.”  Regal walks off camera leaving Charly looking stuns.

Charles Offord and Oyster are walking backstage to head out for their match when they come across John Greatrix.  Offord: “Dude, are you sure we can’t get you on our team?”  Greatrix: “Like I said before, with him on your side, I’m out.”  Offord: “I assumed you’d still be stubborn about it so we have a backup just in case.  Hopefully you come around soon.”  Charles and Oyster walk away leaving Greatrix standing alone.

Charles Offord, Oyster & ??? vs. Anti-Hope (Omeganis, Abaddon & Belial)
Anti-Hope’s music hits and they come to the ring.  Offord and Oyster make their way out to the stage then signal to the back.  Rey Mysterio Jr’s music hits and the crowd goes nuts.  When Rey comes out, the three men rush to the ring and a brawl breaks out.  The ref rings the bell and we are under way.  Oyster and Offord take out Abaddon and Belial with a pair of clothesline to the floor.  Rey attacks the legs of Omeganis.  Omeganis shoves Rey off as Oyster and Offord attack Omeganis with a flurry of elbows.  Omeganis falls down and rolls to the floor.  Rey, Offord and Oyster stand tall as we take a break.  When we come back from commercial, Abaddon has Oyster grounded after hitting a running knee lift.  Abaddon has a straightjacket stretch on Oyster.  Oyster fights to get to his feet.  Oyster goes for the tag but Abaddon grabs his hair and drags him back to the ground.  
After 15 more minutes, Belial is in and goes for The GTS on Oyster but Oyster slips out the back and hits a Back Stabber.  Oyster crawls and finally makes a tag to Mysterio.  Mysterio rushes in and dropkicks Omeganis off the ring.  Mysterio hits a Hurricanrana on Abaddon.  Belial runs at Mysterio but he counters with a drop toe hold then connects with The 619.  Rey goes for the Springboard Splash but Abaddon catches him in mid air with a Spear.  Omeganis knocks Offord and Oyster off the apron.  Omeganis picks up Mysterio and hits a Powerbomb.  Omeganis picks up Rey and hits the Omeganis Death Drop (World’s Strongest Slam) and goes for the pin, 1...2...3.
Winners: Anti-Hope

After the match, Anti-Hope continues to stomp Mysterio until Offord and Oyster make the save.  Anti-Hope smiles and yells at Offord and Oyster as they make their way up the ramp.  We go backstage to see John Greatrix watching everything on the monitor.  The show ends with Greatrix shaking his head at what he just saw.

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