Smackdown #179 – April, Week #1

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Smackdown #179 – April, Week #1

Post  John Greatrix on Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:47 pm

Anti-Hope’s music hits as Mark Snider, Darren Wadforth and Justin Langley come out to the stage and head to the ring. Snider: “As everyone saw at Wrestlemania, the only weak link of this team was Oyster. The three of us standing in this ring were not the ones defeated 3 days ago. We have moved past the alliance with Oyster and now embark on a new fight. But fist, we must all be evolved. I will no longer go by my birth name of Mark Snider. Going forward, I will be known as Omeganis. With this name comes more power. I have also christened these two men as well and gave them names to suit their new identities. Darren Wadforth will now be known as Abaddon while Justin Langley will now be known as Belial. With our newly gained power we will destroy everyone in our way starting with The Snake Brothers and Oyster.” The lights go out and when they come back on, all three men are gone.

We go backstage to Charly Caruso who is with Dana Brooke. Charly: “Dana, at Wrestlemania your title shot got changed from a singles match to a Fatal 4-way and ultimately, you lost. What are your feelings on this?” Dana: “Charly, nobody likes to lose. It’s even worse when you get ready to fight one person but then to have to retrain for two more people in less than a week. Unfortunately, the Women’s Title is now on Nitro so I’m going to have to rethink how to get it. But until then, I will keep fighting. Up next, I take on the former champion Solo Darling. I’m going to show everyone why I should be the champion.”

Dana Brooke vs. Solo Darling
Solo has seemed a little off her game tonight and doesn’t look like her former championship self. It’s like losing the title has really affected her mentally. After 10 minutes, Dana tosses Solo into the corner and hits a handspring elbow. Dana pulls Solo out of the corner and hits the Samoan Driver and goes for the pin, 1...2...3.
Winner: Dana Brooke

Charles Offord and Oyster are talking in the locker room when John Greatrix walks in. Greatrix: “What the hell is he doing here?” Offord: “Look, he wants to talk to us about everything that has happened. He is clearly having issues with Anti-Hope like we are. Can’t you just bury the hatchet?” Greatrix: “It’s not happening. After all the shit that has been done and said between us, I don’t wanna be anywhere near this guy.” Offord: “I booked us a match again Anti-Hope next week but we need you on our side.” Greatrix: “If he’s on the team, I’m not. Find someone else to be your partner.” Greatrix leaves the room and Offord turns to Oyster and shrugs his shoulders as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial to Eddie Kingston approaching David Starr. Kingston: “What the hell were you doing at Wrestlemania? I didn’t need your help.” Starr: “Well, from what I saw, if I didn’t take out Zelina, you would definitely not be the champion right now. So, a thank you should be in order.” Kingston: “I’m not thanking you for anything. Stay the hell away from me.” As Kingston storms away, Starr yells “You’re welcome”.

Matt Riddle vs. Jay White
Riddle and White spend the first 10 minutes of the match trading different suplexes. White reverses a German Suplex into a Saito Suplex. White locks in a Crossface and tries to submit Riddle. Riddle slips out and locks in a grounded Cobra Clutch. White struggles and finally gets to the bottom rope. Both men are up and trade chops. Riddle ducks a Lariat attempt and connects with a Bicycle Knee Strike. Riddle goes for The Bro To Sleep but White wiggles out and hits a Death Valley Driver. White goes for The Kiwi Krusher (Fisherman Driver) but Riddle slips out the back and hits The Fisherman Buster. White crawls to the corner and pulls himself up. Riddle looks to hit a Bicycle Knee Strike but White pulls the ref in the way. Riddle stops before hitting the ref. From behind the ref, White pokes Riddle in the eye. White grabs the blinded Riddle and hits The Blade Runner (Sister Abigail). White covers Riddle, 1...2...3.
Winner: Matt Riddle

The show ends with Jay White celebrating on the ramp as Riddle recovers in the ring.

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