Raw #178 - April, Week #1

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Raw #178 - April, Week #1

Post  John Greatrix on Tue Apr 03, 2018 1:22 am

We start the show with The Super Smash Brothers in the ring. Stu Grayson: “Last night, we showed everyone on not only the RAW roster, but the entire CWA roster that we are the best tag team in the world. But, our commissioner failed to get the tag team championships so we’ll have to improvise a little. The Trios Championship will have to do.” Evil Uno: “That’s right, Sanity. We’re laying down the challenge. The greatest tag team is coming for your titles and there is nothing you can do to stop us. Consider yourselves warned. The Super Smash Brothers will be champions one way or another.” Sanity’s music hits and all four members come out on the stage. Eric Young: “Smash Brothers, you want to come out here and run your mouth? We would gladly kick your asses but this is the Trios Championship and unless you have 3 members, we’re going to have to decline the title shot. Sorry, but good luck.” Sanity leaves The SSB in the ring yelling at them.

Dean Ambrose vs. Rob Van Dam
Ambrose does a great job at keeping RVD grounded. Ambrose whips RVD into the ropes and RVD jumps onto the ropes and connects with a springboard elbow to Ambrose. RVD forces Ambrose to his feet and connects with a spin kick. RVD climbs up top. Ambrose gets to his feet and falls into the ropes causing RVD to fall from the ropes and onto the mat. Ambrose goes for the cover but RVD kicks out at a 1 count. Ambrose forces RVD to his feet and RVD connects with a dropkick. Ambrose hits the middle rope and connects with The Lunatic Lariat, catching RVD by surprise. Ambrose quickly hits The Dirty Deeds and goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

After the match, Ambrose is celebrating in the ring. Dolph Ziggler comes out on the stage and motions to the belt around Dean’s waist and stares at Ambrose. Ambrose just nods his head and stares right back.

Oyster makes his way down to the ring. Oyster: “Last night, things didn’t go quite as planned. I lost the match, got the crap beat out of me and lost some good friends. Last night was truly a fight. But there is no sense dwelling in the past. Justin Langley, tonight my friend, you are truly lucky that I’m in no condition to fight or I would drag your ass all over this arena. But, I do have the perfect match for you tonight. You see, Rhyno was just saying how he would like a match tonight and it got me thinking. So tonight, Justin Langley will take on Rhyno in a Hardcore match. And as I expect Mark Snider and Darren Wadforth to be here tonight, if they even show their faces for a second around here, they will be fired. Justin, I hope you’re ready because tonight I will hell.” Oyster goes to step through the ropes then stops and picks the mic back up. Oyster: “Offord and Greatrix, thanks for saving my ass, but we still need to have words.”

We go backstage to Renee Young. Renee: “I’m here with Cody. Cody, what are your thoughts on the threat from Finn Balor last night?” Cody: “My thoughts? He’s a nobody. A little magic trick and everyone goes running. Well, not me and not The Bullet Club. If he wants to resort to cheap attacks then so be it. We’ll be ready and when he shows his face, he wants to warn us, we’ll consider this warning. Balor, if you dare show your face around The Bullet Club, we are going to take your head off.” Within seconds of the Cody walking off camera, Balor appears, smiling and walks off.

Justin Langley vs. Rhino (Hardcore Match)
As Langley is making his way down to the ring, Rhyno comes from out of nowhere and connects with a Kendo stick to his back. Rhyno drags Langley to the ring and throws him in. Rhyno searches under the ring and pulls out a table and slides it in the ring. Rhyno leans the table up in the corner and sets Langley up against it. Rhyno goes to the opposite corner and charges in for The Gore. Langley somehow manages to move out of the way. Rhyno crashes through the table. Langley drags Rhyno to the middle of the ring and makes the cover, 1…2… Rhyno digs down deep and kicks out at 2. As Rhyno slowly gets to his feet, Langley is calling for The RKO. As Rhyno gets to his feet, Langley goes for The RKO but Rhyno pushes him off into the ropes. As Langley comes off the ropes, Rhyno damn near cuts him in half with a Gore and goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Rhyno

After the match, the rest of Anti-Hope makes their way down to the ring but security rushes down and stands in between them and the ring. Rhyno is yelling at security to let them through as Langley slowly gets to his feet. He spins Rhyno around and connects with The RKO. As Langley turns around, Oyster is suddenly in the ring and he connects with The Oyster Cutter and throws Langley out of the ring. Oyster rolls out of the ring and heads out though the crowd just as Anti-Hope breaks free from security and rushes the ring. We go off the air with Oyster laughing at Langley.

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