Nitro #153 - March, Week #5

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Nitro #153 - March, Week #5

Post  John Greatrix on Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:23 pm

John Greatrix and Charles Offord start the show off in the ring. Greatrix: “Wrestlemania is two days away and the two of us are ready to lay a beating on Oyster and Mark Snider in our home town. That is in two days and lets be real right now. We know, just like everyone in the crowd knows, that Oyster and his boys are somewhere in the arena waiting to strike.” Offord: “That is why tonight, at the end of the show, we are going to be standing in this ring and if you four want to meet us then, by all means come and meet us. No more sneak attacks. No more surprises from the back. Just a good old fashion fight, just like we are going to have in two days at Wrestlemania.” Greatrix: “Don’t be afraid, boys. We won’t hurt you too much.”

Jessicka Havok vs. Kairi Sane
The bell rings and Havok charges Sane and almost takes her head off with a big boot. Havok pins Sane with one foot on her chest, 1…2…3.
Winner: Jessicka Havok

After the match, Jojo is in the ring with Havok. Havok grabs the mic from Jojo. Havok: “What everyone just saw here is what will happen at Wrestlemania in two days. It doesn’t matter if I’m up against one woman or four. The outcome will be the same and the Women’s Title is coming back to Nitro.”

Jojo is in the back with Paul Ellering and The Authors of Pain. Jojo: “Tonight is the final night for the tag team gauntlet with the winner going on to Wrestlemania to compete for the Tag Team Titles. The New Day has come a long ways. What are your plans to defeat The New Day tonight?” Ellering: “My guys will go into tonight’s match like they do every night. They will go in with the mind set of inflicting as much pain as possible and when the dust settles, The Authors of Pain will be going to Wrestlemania.”

The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) vs. The Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar)
Big E started the match and through quick tags, he still looks fresh 20 minutes into the match. Big E has Rezar in the corner landing several knife edge chops and then body slams him in the centre of the ring. Big E stands above Rezar and while looking at Akam, he starts to shake like no man should. Akam enters the ring and eats a top rope missile dropkick from Kingston for his troubles. Big E stalks Rezar and once to his feet, he lifts him onto his shoulder and hits The Big Ending then goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winners: The New Day

Renee Young meets up with The New Day after their win. Renee: “Congratulations to The New Day. You are now heading to Wrestlemania to compete for the Tag Team Titles. Have you guys come up with a game plan for your match?” Woods: “Renee, The New Day does not need to come up with game plans. We wrestle on the seat of our pants and make up everything as we go.” Kingston: “This is how we have always gone about our matches and it very rarely lets us down. When we go to Wrestlemania, every team in this match is going to come out a loser and we The New Day will reclaim what is rightfully ours.” Big E: “Our opponents will try their best. They will give us their all and just like every team that was in this gauntlet, they will fall to The New Day, BECAUSE…New Day rocks…New Day rocks…New Day rocks.”

The Snake Brothers are in the ring calling out Oyster when he appears from backstage with Anti-Hope just behind him. The four men slowly make their way to the ring, surround it and climb onto the apron. Greatrix and Offord stand back-to-back when Oyster and Anti-Hope enter the ring and attack. Snider and Wadforth take Offord to one corner with Oyster and Langley taking Greatrix to the other. Offord kicks Snider off of him and puts Wadforth on the turnbuckle. Greatrix does the same with Langley and kicks Oyster away. Both Greatrix and Offord look to hit a superplex when Snider puts Offord on his shoulders and falls back. Oyster does the same to Greatrix and both Offord and Greatrix drag the other man with them hitting a superplex causing the ring to collapse in the process. Greatrix and Oyster fall out of the ring upon collapse. The camera pans back to show the destruction. All six men are down with the ring being completely destroyed. EMTs and referees come running down the ramp to help the six men as the camera fades to the complete carnage we just witnessed.

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