Smackdown #177 – March, Week #4

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Smackdown #177 – March, Week #4

Post  John Greatrix on Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:15 pm

The Snake Brothers’ music hits and they make their way to the ring. Greatrix: “Two nights ago on Raw, Oyster and the three members of Anti-Hope got exactly what was coming to them. For weeks, they have been attacking us and leaving us lying. We were done taking their shit.” Offord: “You four are lucky we let you keep breathing. We could’ve ended you four at any time.” Greatrix: “With that being said, we have been guaranteed that those four men are not here and we have extra security to keep them out of this arena tonight. Offord and I have decided to take the rest of the night off since we should have nothing to worry about. Later tonight, we will see Kimber Lee in action. We will see Eddie Kingston defend his Television Title against Joey Ryan. Lastly, in the main event, we will see Kassius Ohno defend the European Title against Drew Gulak again in a re-match from last week.” Offord: “We hope everyone enjoys the show. We will see you next week.” The Snake Brothers leave the ring as we go to commercial.

Kimber Lee vs. Jody Threat
When the bell rings, both women meet in the middle of the ring and start trading stiff elbow shots. Threat gets the upper hand and hits a standing dropkick. Threat grabs a headlock and wears down Lee. Kimber Lee fights back, slips behind Threat and hits a German Suplex. The two women go back-and-forth for 15 minutes. Threat pushes Lee off and goes for a Standing Hurricanrana. Kimber Lee reverses it and hits a huge Powerbomb then locks in The Alligator Clutch, 1...2...3.
Winner: Kimber Lee

After the match, Kimber Lee grabs a mic. Kimber: “Week after week I come out here and win. It doesn’t matter who it is. I walk through men and women and there isn’t a person out there that can beat me. Next week, I want a shot at your title.” Before Kimber Lee can continue, Dana Brooke comes out to the stage. Dana: “Hi Kimber Lee. Do you recognise me? Let me remind you who I am. I am Dana Brooke and I am this year’s Royal Rumble winner. That means that the title shot at Wrestlemania is mine so you’ll have to wait your turn.” William Regal appears on the Titan Tron. Regal: “Ladies, I definitely understand both sides of this argument but I am the deciding factor. Next week, in the spirit of competition, Kimber Lee will take on Dana Brooke and if Kimber Lee wins, she will be added to the Women’s Title match at Wrestlemania.” Dana Brooke starts freaking out as Kimber Lee celebrates in the ring.

Eddie Kingston (c) vs. Joey Ryan (Television Title Match)
When the bell rings, Joey Ryan tries to put his sucker in Eddie Kingston’s mouth but Eddie knocks it into the audience. These competitors go back-and-forth for close to 15 minutes. Ryan looks to set up for The YouPorn Plex but Eddie reverses and goes for The Royal Flush (Spinning DDT). Ryan pushes him off and goes for That 70’s Kick (Superkick) but Eddie catches the foot and hits The Shotgun Lariat. Kingston picks up Ryan and hits a Saito Suplex then hits The Sliding D. Kingston covers Ryan, 1...2...3.
Winner and STILL Television Champion: Eddie Kingston

After the match, as Kingston is celebrating in the ring, Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega come out to the ring. Vega: “You are a disgrace of a champion and human being. Look at you. You are disgusting. Look at my man here. This is what a wrestler and champion should look like. He is handsome and well built. You are fat and ugly.” Almas tries to attack Kingston but Eddie sees it coming. Eddie blocks the punch and counters with The Backfist to the Future. Vega checks on Almas on the floor as Kingston yells at them from the ring,

Kassius Ohno (c) vs. Drew Gulak (European Title Match)
Once again, these men put on a grappling clinic. Ohno and Gulak trade holds and moves for 20 minutes. Gulak suplexes Ohno into the corner and looks to lock in The Gu-Lock (Dragon Sleeper). Ohno drops out of it and kicks Gulak in the face. Ohno is up hits the Cravate Suplex. Ohno hits a Piledriver that leaves Gulak stunned. Ohno sets up Gulak for the Discus Big Boot but for the second week in a row, these two men are interrupted. Oyster and Anti-Hope have hit the ring and start attacking both men. The ref calls for the bell.
Winner: No Contest

Anti-Hope continues to beat down Ohno and Gulak as Oyster grabs a mic. Oyster: “Snake Brothers, thank you for the wakeup call on Monday. We now realise exactly what we are up against. Also, thank you for being dumb enough to leave your show. How could you think that a few security guards would keep us out? We blew through them like they weren’t even there. Next week, we are coming for you.” Justin Langley and Darren Wadforth hit All Hope is Gone (Electric Chair/Elevated Cutter Combo) on Gulak. Snider hits Ohno with a Ripcord Headbutt and Ohno staggers into The Oyster Cutter. Oyster and Anti-Hope stand tall to end the show.

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