Raw #176 - March, Week #4

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Raw #176 - March, Week #4

Post  John Greatrix on Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:55 pm

We start the show with The Super Smash Brothers in the ring. Stu Grayson: “There are only two weeks until Wrestlemania. Two weeks until The Super Smash Brothers destroy the entire tag team division on RAW. But tonight, we decided to have some fun.” Evil Uno: “You see, we talked to Edge backstage and he has granted us a match tonight. Any tag team that thinks they have what it takes can step up. But, let's be honest. No matter who you are, you don’t stand a chance. So, see you later tonight. But whomever it may be, you better come prepared because we’re going to show no mercy.”

We go backstage to Renee Young. Renee: “I’m here with Tyson Dux. Tyson, why have you asked for this time?” Dux: “It’s simple, Renee. FTM, I’ve had enough of your cheap shots and blind attacks. At Wrestlemania, I dare you to face me one-on-one in this ring. For weeks now, you show up, jump me from behind and leave me lying in the middle of that ring. So let's take this to the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania, where I will put you through so much pain that the CWA will never hear from you again. So what's the answer Frankie, yes or no? I can’t wait to hear from you.

Cody vs. Jack Evans
As soon as the bell rings, Cody comes flying out of his corner and connects with a flying knee before Evans even knows what hits him. Cody forces Evans to his feet and connects with The Cross Rhodes. Cody drags Evans out to the middle of the ring and locks in The American Nightmare. Evans tries his best to fight it, but he is forced to tap out.
Winner: Cody

After the match, the lights go black and when they come back on, Demon Balor is standing in the middle of the ring face-to-face with Cody. Balor points at the Wrestlemania sign and connects with The 1916. Balor picks up The Cruiserweight Championship and holds it high above his head. Balor drops the belt then leaves the ring.

We go backstage to The Well Oiled Machines in their locker room. Braxton Sutter: “Now, what we got to prepare for is…” All of a sudden, Halal Beefcake walks in. Joe Coleman: “I know we don’t always see eye-to-eye, but at Wrestlemania, it’s every team for itself out there. We were just hoping we could come to an arrangement and work together out there and take out The SSB. Who knows, maybe it could be the four of us left to duke it out.” Sutter: “I appreciate the offer boys, but this is a two man show and at Wrestlemania, it’s every team for themselves, so thanks, but no thanks. We got this.”

The BSM (Oyster & Mark Snider) vs. The Super Smash Brothers (Stu Grayson & Evil Uno)
The SSB waits in the ring for their opponents. The BSM’s music hits and Oyster and Mark Snider come out on the stage and rush down to the ring. Mark slides in the ring first and nearly takes Grayson’s head off with a clothesline. Evil Uno jumps in the ring but Oyster comes out of nowhere and hits The Oyster Cutter, dropping Evil Uno in his tracks. Oyster rolls Uno out of the ring and forces Grayson to his feet and whips him into the corner. Oyster grabs Mark and whips him into the same corner hitting a huge splash. Oyster gets on the apron and yells at the ref to start the match. As soon as the bell rings, Mark picks Grayson up and hits The Omeganis Death Drop. Before he goes for the cover, John Greatrix and Charles Offord appear on the Titan Tron.

Greatrix: “Adam, Mark, hey guys. We thought we would stop by and have some fun.” Greatrix looks over his shoulder to Offord hitting The Chuck Bottom on Wadforth, driving him through a table. The camera pans back to Greatrix standing on Langley’s neck. Offord: “We’ve had all our fun back here, so get ready.” Offord drops the mic and they head off camera.

Grayson uses the distraction to tag in Uno. Uno spins Mark around and hits a right hand. Mark stumbles back off the ropes and connects with a Big Boot. Mass Genocide’s music hits and they come out on the stage. Oyster and Mark just stare at the two men screaming at them to come down to the ring. Greatrix and Offord slide in the ring behind Oyster and Mark. The SSB just roll out of the ring. Greatrix and Offord both hit Back Stabbers on Oyster and Mark.
Winners by Disqualification: The BSM

As Mark gets to his feet, The Snake Brothers connect with a double Superkick, dropping Mark on to the mat. Oyster uses the ropes to get to his feet. He turns around and Greatrix hits The RKO, laying Oyster out. Greatrix calls for the mic. Greatrix gets on the mat right next to Oyster’s head. Greatrix: “Adam, I told you. You better watch your back. This is only a small fraction of the pain that awaits you my friend.” Greatrix hits Oyster in the back of the head with the mic, picks him up and connects with a Johnny Kick. We go off the air with Greatrix and Offord standing over Oyster and Mark.

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