Raw #175 - March, Week #3

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Raw #175 - March, Week #3

Post  John Greatrix on Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:48 pm

We start the show with Oyster and Mark Snider in the ring. Oyster: “Welcome Toronto to RAW. I have some serious business to address. Congrats Greatrix and Offord, you beat up Justin Langley. Do you want a hero cookie or something? I find it funny that week after week you two do your best to get under our skin. I’ll give it to you, you surprised us at Lockdown but come Wrestlemania, we’ve got your number. Tonight, Mark and I will step into this ring. We are sending an open challenge to anyone on the roster. Hell, we’ll even go one step further. If you somehow manage to beat us, you will win the championship of the person you pin. So; you will either get the Hardcore Championship or the Million Dollar Championship. We look forward to seeing who shows up.”

Halal Beefcake (Joe Coleman & Idris Abraham) vs. The Well Oiled Machines (Braxton Sutter & Mike Rollins)
As soon as the bell rings, Rollins and Sutter attack Halal Beefcake sending them both over the top rope to the outside. The Well Oiled Machines and Halal Beefcake continue to fight. The ref tries to take control of the match but neither team is listening and just keeps up the fight on the outside. Both teams are fighting up the ramp. All of a sudden, The Super Smash Brothers come rushing out from the back and plant The Well Oiled Machines in the back with chairs. As they go down, The SSB connects with two more chair shots on Halal Beefcake.
Winners: No Contest

With both teams laid out on the stage, The SSB makes their way down to the ring. Stu Grayson calls for the mic. Stu: “Let this be a lesson to the rest of the tag teams in the back. You do not stand in our way. At Wrestlemania, we will be entering Mortal Kombat. The gauntlet has been set and we will take on the supposed best of the best. At Wrestlemania, the Raw Tag Teams will be taking part in a Super Smash Brothers’ Tag Team Battle Royal. The last team left standing will have the right to call themselves the best. See everyone there.”

Tyson Dux vs. Buddy Murphy
The bell rings and both men come flying out of their corners. Dux ducks under a clothesline and connects with a basement dropkick then quickly hooks in a leg lock on Murphy. Murphy struggles but finally gets to the ropes to break the hold. Dux drags Murphy to his feet and throws him into the ropes. As soon as Murphy hits the ropes, he launches himself up and hits a springboard back elbow. Murphy picks Dux up and whips him into the corner. Murphy sets Dux up on the top rope and connects with a Superplex, dropping him in the middle of the ring. Murphy stalks Dux as he makes it to his feet. As soon as Dux is up, Murphy goes in for Murphy’s Law (Pumphandle Death Valley Driver) but Dux slips out and connects with a stiff elbow to the back then pulls Murphy’s legs out from under him and locks in the Boston Crab. Murphy struggles to get to the ropes but before he can reach them, Dux pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Murphy has no choice but to tap out.
Winner: Tyson Dux

After the match, FTM slides into the ring and connects with a big boot on Dux nearly taking his head off. Murphy rolls to the ropes and uses them to get to his feet. Just as he lets go of the ropes, FTM pulls him in and hits The Credibility Statement (Choke Bomb) sending him over the top rope to the outside. FTM turns his attention to Dux. He forces Dux to his feet but Dux catches FTM with a thumb in the eye. FTM lets Dux go and grabs his eye. Dux rolls out of the ring and takes off through the crowd. FTM stands in the middle of the ring, laughing at Dux.

Oyster and Mark Snider come down to the ring. Oyster has a mic. Oyster: “Well, here we are. So who in the back has the balls to take on The Black Skirt Mafia?” Oyster and Mark wait a few minutes. Finally, The Young Bucks’ music hits and the crowd goes absolutely nuts. Oyster & Mark look at each other and smirk. The Bucks hit the ring and the fight starts.

The Black Skirt Mafia (Oyster & Mark Snider) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)
Nick and Mark tumble to the outside leaving Oyster & Matt in the ring. Oyster forces Matt into the corner and starts landing punches. Oyster gets down and Matt stumbles out of the corner. Oyster connects with The Oyster Cutter (RKO) and tags in Mark. Mark forces Matt to his feet by his neck and connects with The Omeganis Death Drop (World’s Strongest Slam). Nick rushes into the ring and is caught by a big boot from Mark. Mark tags Oyster in and he holds Matt up. Oyster nods to Mark and they hit The Final Solution on Matt and they make the cover, 1…2…3.
Winners: The BSM

While Oyster and Mark are celebrating in the ring, The Snake Brothers’ music hits. Greatrix and Offord come out on the stage. Greatrix: “You think it’s pretty cute hitting The Final Solution don’t you? We’ve had enough of the two of you running your mouths and we’ve decided to do something about it.” Greatrix and Offord make their way to the ring. Just before they reach the ring, Oyster launches himself over the ropes and takes both men out with a suicide dive. Oyster gets back up to his feet as Mark walks over both men on the ground. Oyster picks up the mic. Oyster: “Bet you didn’t see that coming. You see, unlike the both of you, I’m willing to put everything on the line to come out on top. And if that means having to take myself out just to destroy you two goons, then so be it. After Wrestlemania, you will both know what it’s like to walk through hell because one way or another, this Picton Street Fight will be the last thing either of you do.” Oyster throws the mic down onto Offord and Mark and Oyster head to the back leaving Offord and Greatrix lying on the ground as we go off air.

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