Raw #174 - March, Week #2

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Raw #174 - March, Week #2

Post  John Greatrix on Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:55 am

We start the show with Oyster in the ring. Oyster: “Black Skirt Mafia vs. The Snake Brothers. It’s a match for the ages, but that doesn’t happen until April 1st. So I got thinking. It’s time we have a little fun. You see, it felt good at Lockdown. I may have gotten my ass kicked but it lit a fire under me. So tonight, I’m going to claim what's mine. Tonight, I come back for my Hardcore Championship. Hacker, you’re a nice guy and all but tonight is going to be a bloodbath. Only one of us is going to walk out of this. But Wrestlemania, the biggest stage of them all, you can guarantee this is going to be one hell of a fight because let's be honest, that's what this is going to be. It’s not going to be a wrestling match, but a fight. So fellas, I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield. You just better hope you have an army to back you up because you’re going to need it.”

Kevin Blackwood vs. Stu Grayson
As soon as the bell rings, Grayson connects with a spin kick to the gut followed by a dropkick to the side of the face. Grayson picks Blackwood up and connects with a stiff DDT dropping Blackwood on the mat. Grayson goes over to the corner and is urging Blackwood to his feet. As soon as Blackwood gets to his feet, Grayson connects with a running knee, nearly taking off Blackwood’s head. Grayson forces Blackwood to his feet and whips him into the corner. Grayson runs in for a clothesline but Blackwood manages to get his feet up catching Grayson in the face. Grayson stumbles back and Blackwood connects with a second rope dropkick. Black goes for the quick cover but Grayson kicks out at a 2 count. Blackwood picks Grayson up by the head and Grayson connects with a thumb to the eye. Grayson connects with the Torture Rack Backbreaker and goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Stu Grayson

After the match, Evil Uno rushes down to the ring. Uno picks up Blackwood and The SSB connect with The Fatality! (Gory Bomb/Blockbuster Combo). Grayson calls for the mic. Grayson: “Kill/Screen has been deleted. Halal Beefcake, you will be the next to fall. We are bringing in a new era of tag teams. The Super Smash Brothers are going to take no prisoners. Next week, we come for you Halal Beefcake, so you better get ready. Kombat has started.” Uno picks Blackwood up and sets up for a Piledriver, Grayson climbs up top and they connect with Pac-Man Fever (Spike Piledriver). SSB leaves the ring with Blackwood lying motionless in the ring.

Jay Lethal comes down to the ring. Lethal: “You know something, it’s funny. I’ve had people like Paul Heyman putting me down my whole career but I’ve had it. No matter what, I am giving it my all at Wrestlemania and I’m coming back to RAW with the World Title. I know Braun Strowman is a tall order. Hell, he’s a bona fide monster but I quit being scared of monsters a long time ago. So, at Wrestlemania, I will show the world what I can do and I’m sorry Paul but your client is going to know what it’s like to be destroyed. And once I’ve taken your client out, I’m coming after you Paul. So, maybe the time in now that you start watching your back. I’ll see you on Friday.”

Oyster vs. Scotty O’Shea (c) (Hardcore Title Match)
As Hacker slides into the ring, Oyster attacks Hacker with a Kendo stick. Oyster doesn’t let up and just keeps swinging. Hacker manages to roll out of the ring away from Oyster’s attack. Oyster follows Hacker out and forces him up by his head. Oyster whips Hacker into the stairs. He rolls Hacker onto the stairs and hits an elbow drop from the apron. Oyster drags Hacker to the ring and rolls him in. Oyster forces Hacker up and rests him in the corner. Oyster charges across the ring and hits a huge splash. Hacker stumbles out of the corner and Oyster connects with an Oyster Cutter (RKO) but he doesn’t go for the cover. He slides out of the ring and digs around underneath it. Oyster pulls out two chairs. Oyster rolls back in the ring and sets a chair under Hackers head and brings the other chair down on top of his head. As soon as Oyster lifts the chair back up it’s a bloody mess. Hacker is bleeding heavily from the head. Oyster forces Hacker backup and connects with a second Oyster Cutter dropping Hacker face first onto the chairs. Oyster goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner and NEW Hardcore Champion: Oyster

Before Oyster can celebrate, The Snake Brothers hit the ring and start stomping him. Greatrix forces Oyster up and they hit The Screamer (Powerbomb/Springboard Sitting Senton). Greatrix and Offord stand over Oyster when Mark comes down the ramp. Both men start laughing but Anti-Hope attacks them from behind. Wadforth hits a clothesline taking Charles over the top rope to the outside. Charles gets back up but Mark connects with a huge boot. Langley and Wadforth double team Greatrix in the ring. Wadforth lifts Greatrix up and Justin goes for the Spear but Greatrix rolls out of the way and Justin takes Darren out. Justin can’t believe what just happened. As he turns around, Greatrix connects with The Johnnie Kick. Greatrix turns around and starts yelling at Mark on the outside. What Greatrix doesn’t know is Oyster is back to his feet with the Hardcore belt in hand. Mark points behind Greatrix and as he turns around, Oyster connects with the Hardcore title, splitting Greatrix open. Oyster calls for the mic. Oyster: “Greatrix, if you can hear this, I just want you to know I’m back and looking for blood.” Oyster holds the Hardcore Championship over his head while stepping on Greatrix as we go off the air.

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