Nitro #149 - March, Week #1

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Nitro #149 - March, Week #1

Post  John Greatrix on Sat Mar 03, 2018 11:46 am

The Snake Brothers’ music hits with them appearing on the stage and making their way to the ring. The two men stand in the ring for several minutes as the crowd boos them relentlessly. Greatrix: “Did you people really think anyone had a chance against Mass Genocide? Do you people really think anyone has a chance against The Snake Brothers? The answer to both of those questions is no and the result is standing in the ring.” Offord: “We have been doing this for 20 years and getting better each and every year. It’s now to the point where no one can beat us 2-on-2. If you doubt that, then I should remind you that Mass Genocide retired undefeated after destroying everyone for a year.” Greatrix: “As a result, the Tag Team Titles are now up for grabs. Charles will decide their future on Nitro with the winners wrestling at Wrestlemania.” Offord: “Tonight, two teams will compete with the winners wrestling next week. The winners of each week will move on until Wrestlemania where the titles will be on the line.” The Snake Brothers stand in the ring as the lights go out.

Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella
Bliss and Carmella have put on a good showing tonight with both women slugging it out. Bliss has Carmella on the ground in a head lock yelling at the ref to see if Carmella quits. Carmella refuses to quit and slowly starts making her way to her feet then lands some elbows to the gut. Carmella breaks the hold, hits the ropes and runs right into a DDT. Bliss goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Alexa Bliss

Jojo is in the ring with Alexa Bliss after her match. Jojo: “Alexa, with an impressive win tonight, where does your career go from here?” Bliss: “A fair question Jojo. The Women’s Tag Team Titles are locked down and don’t appear to be going anywhere and now there is talk of another show challenging for the Men’s Tag Team Titles. So I mean, if that’s how it’s going to be, then Solo Darling, I challenge you at Wrestlemania.” The camera pans back to show Jessicka Havok shaking her head no. Bliss slowly backs away leaving Havok alone who then looks into the camera and says “I challenge you.”

Renee Young is in the back with The New Day. Renee: “Guys, the powers that be have announced that the Tag Team Titles will be decided at Wrestlemania. But, that team has to theoretically go through a gauntlet to get there. Any thoughts? Woods: “There are many good teams in the CWA Renee, but no one shines like The New Day.” Kingston: “We are in a class of our own and the only team we had trouble with was Mass Genocide, who we no longer need to fear. Big E: “We, The New Day, will be entering this gauntlet and will emerge victorious BECAUSE…New Day rocks, New Day rocks, New Day rocks.”

The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) w/Xavier Woods vs. Rusev Day (Rusev & Aiden English)
Match number one of this gauntlet has The New Day versus Rusev Day with the powerhouses of each team starting the match off. Rusev and Big E have been demonstrating some serious power as each man tries to one up the over. Big E takes the advantage after landing a belly-to-belly suplex then tags in Kingston who uses his speed to wear Rusev down. Kingston appears ready to end it as he waits for Rusev to get to his feet. Once there Kingston looks to hit Trouble in Paradise but eats a side kick instead. Both men are down as the ref starts the 10 count with Rusev tagging in English who rushes over to Kingston just as he tags in Big E. Big E enters the ring with a death stare, stopping English in his tracks. English starts raining down left and rights with none having any effect on Big E who explodes at English, grabs him and hits a release belly-to-belly suplex. Big E removes his shoulder straps grabs English and hits The Big Ending with a Trouble in Paradise hit in the background on Rusev. Big E goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winners and Advancing: The New Day

Braun Strowman’s music hits. Strowman and Paul Heyman make their way to the ring. Heyman: “Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and I am the advocate for the reigning, defending, undisputed CWA champion, Brrrraun Strowman! Let us get down to business. My client did exactly what he said he would do with Roman Reigns. Roman did what he could with what he had but it just wasn’t enough to take down the monster. Now, my client’s full attention goes to Jay Lethal as Wrestlemania is right around the corner. Mr. Lethal, if I may give you some advice that could extend your wrestling career. When you step into this ring with my client, do not expect to win. Do not put up a fight and do not antagonize the monster among men. If you successfully follow these guidelines then you may leave Wrestlemania on your own accord. If you divert from any one of his useful tips, then the odds of you walking out of Wrestlemania on your own are zero and your profession wrestling career ends. My client isn’t a bad guy. My client is a monster and monsters like to hurt other people. So, Mr. Lethal, don’t take anything I have said personally. It’s all business and you sir are just another obstacle in the way of Braun Strowman.” Strowman looks to the camera and holds the World Title high as the cameras fade out.

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