Raw #173 - February, Week #5

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Raw #173 - February, Week #5

Post  John Greatrix on Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:36 am

Mass Genocide’s music hits to start the show as Sadistic, Psychotic & Ted Dibiase head to the ring. Michael Cole: “Last night at Lockdown, Mass Genocide unmasked to reveal themselves as John Greatrix and Charles Offord before picking up the victory over Oyster and Mark Snider. Let’s see what these guys have to say.” Before they talk, both men unmask to reveal Greatrix and Offord once again. Greatrix: “On February 26, 2017, exactly 1 year ago today, Charles Offord and I were defeated by Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman at, coincidentally, Lockdown. But it wasn’t just any other loss. This loss seemed to affect us more than any other. You see, our heads weren’t fully in the game and maybe we underestimated The Paul Heyman Guys. The day after that loss, after we woke up in our hotel room, we realized we needed a change. We have been doing this a long time and we needed to adjust our approach. So, we took some time off. We left our families and went to the middle of nowhere in a cabin in Saskatchewan and reviewed everything. We worked on or techniques, our workout routines and every other part of our game. After about a week of discussion, we had an epiphany. We realized that over the course of wrestling history, numerous superstars had left and came back with masks to hide their identities and get a fresh start and that’s what we were going to do. We then knew that if we talked then everyone would know it was us. So, we made a few phone calls and who better to talk for us than this man, Ted Dibiase. You people must be wondering: ‘how does a mask make you so much more dangerous?’ Under these masks, we could do anything we wanted, and we did. It gave us another way to show what we were capable of. It was a way to show our mean streak.” Just then, Charles Offord kicks Ted Dibiase in the gut. Offord pushes Dibiase towards Greatrix. Greatrix and Offord hits Dibiase with The Final Solution. Offord: “Did everybody see that? That is the power and fury we have channelled. Oyster, Mark Snider, you two better pay attention. Let’s set it up now. In 5 weeks, Wrestlemania returns to where the CWA got started. Wrestlemania heads to our hometown of Picton, Ontario. Let’s finish this once and for all. How about you two versus us in a Picton Street Fight?” Offord and Greatrix leave the ring as we go to commercial.

We go backstage to Renee Young. Renee: “I’m here with The Super Smash Brothers. Stu, why have you asked for this time?” Stu Grayson: “We did it. Last night, we proved to the entire roster that The Super Smash Brothers are the best tag team in the world. But we’re not done here. This is only the beginning of our reign of terror. Halal Beefcake, Addiction & Well Oiled Machines, we are not done with you. Last night was only the beginning. Kombat has been declared and we will not stop until we are the last ones standing. So, at this point, every tag team is being put on notice. The Super Smash Brothers are going to put all of you to rest one Fatality at a time.”

FTM vs. Jimmy Havoc
Havoc doesn’t stand much of a chance against the size of FTM. Havoc comes off the ropes but FTM catches him out of the air and connects with a hard Powerslam. FTM forces Havoc to his feet and throws Havoc into the corner. He follows up with a huge splash in the corner. FTM pulls Havoc out of the corner and sets up for The Credibility Statement (Choke Bomb) but before he hits it, Dux’s music hits and he comes rushing down from the back. Dux hits the ring and tackles FTM to the ground and starts punching him. The ref calls for the bell.
Winner by Disqualification: FTM

FTM manages to push Dux off of him and gets to his feet. Dux goes back in but FTM blocks the tackle this time and hits a huge knee to his mid section. FTM picks DUX up and hits The Steiner Screwdriver. FTM turns his attention to Havoc. FTM hits The Credibility Statement leaving both men out cold in the ring. FTM laughs as he leaves the ring.

Kill/Screen (Hacker Scotty O’Shea & Kevin Blackwood) Vs. 3.0 (Scott Parker & Shane Matthews)
The match starts off hard hitting and fast paced. Kill/Screen manages to get an early advantage and keep it. Parker tries his best to fend off the onslaught but Kill/Screen continues to make quick tags and keep a fresh man in whenever they can. Blackwood manages to beat down Parker. Blackwood sets him up and hits The Blackout Lariat (Springboard Lariat) and goes for the pin, 1…2… but Parker somehow manages to kick out at a two count. Blackwood tags in Hacker who continues the attack. Parker manages to roll out of the ring allowing Matthews to rush Hacker who quickly hits a drop toe hold sending Matthews face first into the turnbuckle. Hacker hits The System Crash (Running Gory Bomb) and goes for the cover, 1…2... As the ref is counting 3, Parker slides into the ring but before he can break the count, Blackwood hits a knee to the face, taking Parker out and the ref counts 3.
Winners: Kill/Screen

After the match, The SSB’s music hits. Hacker and Blackwood get ready but SSB attacks them from behind. Uno throws Parker over the top rope and they hit Matthews with The Fatality! (Gory Bomb/Diving Flipping Cutter Combo). Uno calls for the mic. Uno: “Listen here. This is just a taste of what’s going to happen to all the tag teams in the CWA.” Uno throws down the mic and they force Hacker to his feet and hit The Fatality! on him as well. The SSB leaves the ring with bodies lying all over the ring.

Oyster and Mark Snider come down to the ring all bandaged up. Oyster: “John Greatrix and Charles Offord, you may have beaten us but in no way did you keep us down. It was an epic battle last night and I forgot how much I love the taste of blood. But let's get down to business. A Picton Street Fight seems damn fun to me. This is what I live for. This is where I started. Hardcore matches, street fights, table matches, barbed wire matches, you name it, and I’ve done it. So, bring it. If you want to hide behind the masks, fine. But this time we’re not going to underestimate you. This time we’ll be ready. At Wrestlemania, we will see you. But you never know, we may see you before then.” Oyster and Mark start laughing when The Snake Brothers’ music hits and they come out on the stage. As the four men stare each other down, we go off air.

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