Smackdown #173 – February, Week #4

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Smackdown #173 – February, Week #4

Post  John Greatrix on Wed Feb 21, 2018 8:32 pm

The Snake Brothers’ music hits and they make their way to the ring. John Greatrix grabs a mic. Greatrix: “Once again, Adam Ostrander runs his mouth like a retard and says a bunch of things that are clearly wrong. First of all, if you look at our credentials, Charles and I are guaranteed first ballot Hall of Famers. Second, teams like The Inner City Machine Guns are very credible teams. They have won championships all around the world. The only thing you were right about is the fact you haven’t wrestled in a long time. We were all pretty sure you had given up. We thought you finally realized you were the shits and couldn’t cut it anymore.” Offord: “Do what you need to. Bring Mark, Justin, Darren, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Thor or anybody else you need to because there is no way you are walking out of that ring under your own power.” We go to commercial as Greatrix and Offord head up the ramp.

We come back from commercial and see medical staff rushing through the backstage area. The cameras follow them to find Jimmy and Jey Uso laid out on the floor and The Bludgeon Brothers walking away from them. The EMTs check on The Usos as we go to the ring.

Samantha Heights vs. Diamante
When the bell rings, Heights comes out like a house on fire and hits a couple running clotheslines then a standing dropkick. Heights hits a Standing Hurricanrana and gets a 2 count. After 10 minutes, Diamante has the upper hand and hits a backbreaker. Diamante picks up Heights. Diamante whips Heights into the corner. Diamante rushes in but Heights avoids the attack and hits a European Uppercut that stuns Diamante. Heights grabs Diamante and hits The Diamond Dust and goes for the pin, 1...2...3.
Winner: Samantha Heights

After the match, as Samantha Heights is celebrating her debut match win, she is attacked from behind by Zelina Vega. Vega hits a Jumping Cutter then grabs a mic. Vega: “Solo Darling, the difference between someone like Samantha Heights versus someone like me is that I will take what I want instead of waiting for my turn. In 4 days at Lockdown, I’m coming for that title so you better be ready.”

We go backstage to Charly Caruso who is with Austin Aries. Charly: “Austin Aries, why have you requested this time?” Aries: “Charly, after seeing what just happened in the ring, I had an epiphany. Zelina Vega was right. You can’t get the opportunities you want without going for them. So, Eddie Kingston, I’m calling you out. At Lockdown, I want a shot at that Television Title. See you in 4 days.”

The Snake Brothers (John Greatrix & Charles Offord) vs. Anti-Hope (Justin Langley & Darren Wadforth)
Offord starts the match against Wadforth. Wadforth is sticking to a hit-and-run technique as he’s trying to avoid Offord’s strength. Wadforth hits a dropkick then a deep arm drag and locks in an armbar. Wadforth and Langley have worn down Offord for about 10 minutes. Anti-Hope attempt a double suplex but Offord reverses and connects with a suplex on both men. Offord crawls to his corner and tags Greatrix. Greatrix hits Langley with a big boot then lands a Running Senton. Greatrix picks up Wadforth and hits a Michinoku Driver and gets a 2 count. Wadforth rolls to the outside and Offord hits a Suicide Dive onto him. Greatrix looks to hit a dive as well but Langley cuts him off with a spear. Langley hits a Lionsault and gets a 2 count. Langley goes out to the apron and waits for Greatrix to get up. As Greatrix gets to his feet, Langley pulls off his elbow pad and goes for a Springboard Forearm. Greatrix counters with The Johnnie Kick and lays Langley out. Greatrix falls on Langley for the cover, 1...2...3.
Winners: The Snake Brothers

After the match, Greatrix and Offord are celebrating in opposite corners when Oyster and Mark Snider hit the ring and attack The Snake Brothers. Oyster and Snider stomp Offord and Greatrix and leave them lying in the ring. Oyster and Anti-Hope head up the ramp as Greatrix and Offord make it to their feet. Greatrix calls for a mic. Greatrix: “ the iconic words of Key and Peele, ‘you done messed up’. After all these underhanded tactics, I’ve had enough. Charles and I are not giving you the privilege of facing us at Lockdown. You will now get into that cell against the most dominant tag team in The CWA. You will face our current tag team champions...MASS GENOCIDE.” Oyster and Mark Snider start freaking out as the show ends.

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