Nitro #145 - February, Week #1

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Nitro #145 - February, Week #1

Post  John Greatrix on Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:51 am

Charles Offord’s music hits with him appearing to a mixed reaction and heading to the ring. Offord: “The Royal Rumble has come and gone and Nitro is the lone show to not win either of the rumbles. Now, normally I would be very displeased by this. Our women performed poorly but our men put on a clinic. AJ Styles was in the final three and gave it his all. For that I cannot say anything negatively. As for Oyster, that’s a whole other matter. Clearly John Greatrix and I were the favourites as Oyster had to get others to do a job he was not capable of. One thing that Oyster did not anticipate though was Mass Genocide; an undefeated devastating team that has destroyed each and every team that has come in contact with them. The question is Oyster, who needs to grow eyes in the back of their head? Now, with Jay Lethal the winner of the men’s rumble and declaring he will challenge Braun Strowman for the CWA World Title at Wrestlemania, I have to ask, what has Oyster been telling his roster? Does anyone on RAW think they can compete with Braun Strowman?” Strowman’s music hits with him appearing on the stage with Paul Heyman and making his way to the ring. Offord hands Heyman his mic and proceeds to exit the ring. Heyman: “Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and I am the advocate to the reigning, defending, undisputed CWA World Champion, Brrrraun Strowman! Mr. Offord is half right. There isn’t a soul on Raw that can compete with my client. The truth of the matter is, there isn’t a soul in the CWA that can complete with my client and that is undisputed. My client is a monster among men and if Jay Lethal wants to waste his Royal Rumble victory by challenging my client, then all the power to him. Mr. Lethal, I would ask that you take the weekend to rethink your challenge to my client. There are a half dozen other titles you could complete for and stand half a chance. But against my client, you sir have no chance in hell.”

Nikki Bella vs. Liv Morgan
The crowd erupts as Nikki Bella appears on the stage and makes her return to Nitro. Morgan, in the ring, doesn’t appear very pleased to see Nikki back and attacks her the minute she enters the ring. 15 minutes of back-and-forth action go by with Nikki coming off the better as she has Morgan on her shoulders and hits The Rack Attack 2.0 then goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Nikki Bella

After the match, Jojo meets Nikki in the ring. Jojo: “Nikki, welcome back and congratulations on your victory. What are your plans now that you are back?” Nikki: “That’s a good question, Jojo. I return to Nitro and find out that the Women’s Title is no longer here. I guess what I will have to do is climb to the top of the ladder and take the title back.”

We return from a commercial break to see Jojo and Stephanie McMahon in the back. Jojo: “Stephanie, what is your response for the Royal Rumble?” Stephanie: “I have no words to show how truly disappointed I am at the women of Nitro. That is why I brought Nikki Bella back. I’m hoping to light a fire under some people on this show and Nikki Bella should help start that.”

James Ellsworth is in the ring. Ellsworth: “What you people saw at the Royal Rumble was a disgrace to the wrestling world. I should have won the rumble as I was the clear favourite.” Samoa Joe appears on the stage and makes his way to the ring. Joe slides in and locks in The Coquina Clutch which quickly puts Ellsworth to sleep. Joe: “My name is Samoa Joe and I will be the one facing Jay Lethal at Wrestlemania when I beat Braun Strowman and take the World Title from him.”

Renee Young is in the back with Roman Reigns. Renee: “Roman, tonight you face Shinsuke Nakamura as Mr. Offord looks to build a number one contender for the World Title before Wrestlemania. How are you going to prepare for someone like Shinsuke Nakamura?” Reigns: “I’m going to prepare like I do for every fight I go in to. I’m going to walk down the ramp, step into the ring and punch my opponent right in the face then return backstage. Believe that!”

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Roman Reigns
For the most part, this match has been in favour of Reigns as he continues to beat down Nakamura. Reigns moves to a corner and waits for Nakamura to get to his feet. Once Nakamura is to his feet,
Reigns charges and lands a devastating Spear but doesn’t go for the cover. Instead, Roman wags one finger and heads to another corner and waits. Nakamura is slow to his feet and Reigns charges again but eats a Kinshasa for his troubles. Both men are on the mat when Jay Lethal’s music hits and he appears on the stage. Lethal slowly makes his way to the ring but is tackled from behind by security with Offord not far behind. The ref has his back to the ring with his attention on the outside excitement when Oyster slides into the ring and hits an Oyster Cutter on Nakamura and places Reigns’ arm over Nakamura. The ref turns around to see the cover and slides into position, 1…2…3.
Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, we see Oyster laughing in the crowd with Offord holding his head in disbelief. Lethal is being taken backstage by security when Braun Strowman appears on the stage and stands right in front of Lethal. Strowman holds the title high and lets out a roar as security takes Lethal backstage. The camera fades with Oyster waving at Offord and disappearing into the crowd.

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