PPV #39, Royal Rumble #4 2018

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PPV #39, Royal Rumble #4 2018

Post  John Greatrix on Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:38 pm

The BDK (Jakob Hammermeier, Tim Donst, Pinkie Sanchez & Lince Dorado) vs. Cesaro, Aleister Black, Kassius Ohno & Mike Quackenbush (Elimination Match)
It only takes a few minutes before Team Cesaro gets the upper hand. Ohno hits Donst with The Discus Big Boot and covers him, 1...2...3. Donst has been eliminated. Quackenbush hits The Black Tornado Slam (Spinning Inverted Samoan Drop) on Lince Dorado then locks in The Chikara Special. Dorado taps out and he is eliminated. Black hits Pinkie out of nowhere with The Black Mass (Roundhouse Kick) and pins him, 1...2...3. Pinkie is eliminated. We are down to Jakob Hammermeier against all of his opponents. Quackenbush hits Jakob with The Quackendriver III (Spinning Fisherman Driver). Ohno picks up Jakob. Ohno hits The KO (Discus Elbow) and Black hits The Black Mass (Roundhouse Kick) at the same time. Cesaro looks to finish Jakob off. Cesaro picks up Jakob and hits The Neutralizer and goes for the pin, 1...2...3.
Winners: Cesaro, Aleister Black, Kassius Ohno & Mike Quackenbush

Matt Cross vs. Dean Ambrose (c) (Intercontinental Title Match)
Before the bell rings, Ambrose rushes at Cross forcing him into the corner. Ambrose starts punching Cross. The ref comes over and starts his count, 1…2…3…4… Ambrose pulls away at the four count. Ambrose goes back in to attack but Cross hits the drop toe hold and Ambrose goes face first into the middle turnbuckle. Cross backs up and connects with a dropkick to the seated Ambrose. Cross forces Ambrose to his feet and hits a suplex to the middle of the ring. Cross goes to pick Ambrose up again but Ambrose catches him with the small package 1…2… but Cross kicks out. Ambrose and Cross stand face-to-face in the ring and Cross catches him with a hard forearm. Ambrose stumbles back, comes off the middle rope and connects with The Rebound Clothesline. Ambrose picks Cross up and sets up for The Dirty Deeds, but Cross slips out and rolls to the outside. Ambrose follows him out. As Ambrose spins Cross around Cross plants Ambrose in the head with a chair shot. The ref instantly calls for the bell.
Winner by Disqualification and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Dean Ambrose

After the match, Cross picks up the Intercontinental Championship and holds it above his head before dropping it on Ambrose and heading to the back.

The Miz (c) vs. Brian Cage (United States Title Match)
The Miz is with Bo Dallas in the ring when Cage makes his appearance and walks to the ring. Miz told us in the back that he is extremely upset with having to defend his US Title and will be wrestling under protest tonight. Cage attacks Miz the moment the bell rings. Cage is relentless for 20 minutes, scoring numerous 2 counts but never being able to secure the win. Cage looks ready to finish it when Dallas appears on the apron and receives a forearm to the jaw. Miz sneaks up from behind, locks in The Skull-Crushing Finale and plants Cage face first on the mat then goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner and STILL United States Champion: The Miz

We go backstage to Charly Caruso who is with Mark Snider, Darren Wadforth and Justin Langley. Charly: “Mark, we all know you aren’t able to be in the Royal Rumble match because you are already a champion but what about your colleagues here? Why aren’t they in the match?” Snider: “Charly, that’s a great question. I really wish I had an answer for you. Ever since I took this title, I have been disrespected and this is a prince example. My partners are being punished because I’m a winner. But fear not, Charly. I have a strong feeling you’ll be seeing us again before the night is over.”

Sanity (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe & Killian Dain) (c) vs. The Kevin Bennett Experience (Kevin Bennett, Big Tank & The Muscle) (Trios Title Match)
As soon as the bell rings, all hell breaks loose in the ring. All six men are fighting in the ring. The ref finally gets control and we start off with Dain and Muscle in the ring. Dain completely overpowers Muscle. Dain whips Muscle into the corner and tags in Wolfe. Wolfe and Dain hit a double suplex on Muscle. Muscle slowly crawls across the ring and just manages to tag in Big Tank. Tank hits the ring and drops Wolfe with a hard shoulder block then lands two right hands on Young and Dain taking them off the apron. Tank picks Wolfe up and whips him into the ropes and nearly takes his head off with a stiff clothesline. Tank picks Wolfe up and whips him into his corner and tags in Muscle. Muscle climbs up and starts punching Wolfe. He gets to an 8 count and tags out to Big Tank who continues on for another 10 punches. Bennett distracts the ref as Muscle and Big Tank both stomp and kick Wolfe. Bennett tags in and goes for a crossbody block but Wolfe catches him and reverses it into a Powerslam. Wolfe stumbles over to his corner and Young makes the tag. Bennett gets to his feet but Young quickly takes him down with a dropkick to the face. Young drags Bennett to the middle of the ring and locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock. Muscle slides in to break up the hold but Wolfe catches him with a stiff knee. Bennett taps out.
Winners and STILL Trios Champions: Sanity

Braun Strowman (c) vs. The Big Show (World Title Match)
Strowman is in the ring with a mic. Strowman: “The competitors of the Royal Rumble are lucky that I’m not in it. It would be a very one sided rumble. But I’m here and I need something to do, so someone better come to this ring and face me right now.” Several seconds pass and then Big Show appears on the stage and slowly makes his way to the ring. Show stands in the ring chest-to-chest with Strowman truly showing his size. Strowman slowly backs away with the ref calling for the bell.
Strowman charges Show looking to hit a clothesline and bounces off him only knocking him back a few feet. Strowman charges Show again and eats a big boot for his trouble, sending him into the corner. Show runs at Strowman looking to land a running shoulder tackle and hits the turnbuckle. Strowman goes to the ropes and lands a clothesline that staggers Show. Strowman repeats this and gets Show off his feet. Strowman removes his shoulder straps and with insane strength, he lifts Show onto his shoulder and lands a Running Powerslam then goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner and STILL World Champion: Braun Strowman

Women’s Royal Rumble Match
1 – LuFisto
2 – Aliyah
3 – Ember Moon
4 – Sasha Banks
5 – Naomi
LuFisto has been eliminated.
6 – Sarah Logan
7 – Candice LeRae
Aliyah has been eliminated.
Sarah Logan has been eliminated.
8 – Allie
9 – Bayley
Allie has been eliminated.
10 – Ruby Riott
11 – Carmella
12 – Sonya DeVille
13 – Abbey Laith
14 – Toni Storm
Toni Storm has been eliminated.
Naomi has been eliminated.
15 – Nikki Cross
Abbey Laith has been eliminated.
16 – Rhea Ripley
17 – Kairi Sane
Ember Moon has been eliminated.
18 – Dana Brooke
19 – Liv Morgan
20 – Veda Scott
21 – Anarchy
22 – Marti Belle
Carmella has been eliminated.
Sasha Banks has been eliminated.
23 – Charlotte
24 – Becky Lynch
Liv Morgan has been eliminated.
Nikki Cross has been eliminated.
25 – Rosemary
26 – Asuka
27 – Jessicka Havok
Jessicka Havok has been eliminated.
28 – Emma
29 – Jordynne Grace
30 – Alexa Bliss
Rosemary has been eliminated.
Charlotte has been eliminated.
Jordynne Grace has been eliminated.
Asuka has been eliminated.
Emma has been eliminated.
Candice LeRae has been eliminated.
Anarchy has been eliminated.
Alexa Bliss has been eliminated.
Kairi Sane has been eliminated.
Ruby Riott has been eliminated.
Veda Scott has been eliminated.
Becky Lynch has been eliminated.
Sonya DeVille has been eliminated.

The final four competitors are: Bayley, Rhea Ripley, Dana Brooke & Marti Belle

Marti Belle has been eliminated.
Bayley has been eliminated.
Rhea Ripley has been eliminated.

Dana Brooke wins.

Men’s Royal Rumble Match
1 – Abyss
2 – John Greatrix
3 – Randy Orton
4 – Jeff Cobb
5 – Oyster
6 – Big Cass
Abyss has been eliminated.
7 – John Greed
Randy Orton has been eliminated.
8 – AJ Styles
9 – Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar has been eliminated.
10 – Charles Offord
11 – Chuck Taylor
12 – Tye Dillinger
13 – Bobby Roode
14 – Curtis Axel
15 – Kenny Omega
16 – Finn Balor
17 – Rhyno
Offord and Greatrix double team Oyster. Greatrix hits The Muscle Buster then Offord hits The Olympic Slam. The Snake Brothers pick up Oyster and toss him over the top. Oyster has been eliminated.
18 – Hangman Page
19 – Jay Lethal
Finn Balor has been eliminated.
20 – Stu Grayson
Greatrix is trying to toss Stu Grayson over the top when Oyster slides back in the ring and hits The Oyster Cutter on Greatrix. Stu Grayson picks up Greatrix and tosses him over the top rope. John Greatrix has been eliminated.
21 – James Ellsworth
22 – Sebastian Suave
Wadforth and Langley of Anti-Hope rush to the ring and grab Offord’s leg. Offord tries to grab Langley but Mark Snider slides in the ring and hits a Full Nelson Slam on Offord. Stu Grayson picks up Offord and tosses him to the floor. Charles Offord has been eliminated.
23 – Sheamus
24 – Samoa Joe
Rhyno has been eliminated.
Sebastian Suave has been eliminated.
25 – Shinsuke Nakamura
26 – Hallowicked
Stu Grayson has been eliminated.
27 – Cesaro
28 – James Storm
29 – Rusev
30 – Big E
Kenny Omega has been eliminated.
Curtis Axel has been eliminated.
Shinsuke Nakamura has been eliminated.
Jeff Cobb has been eliminated.
Big E has been eliminated.
John Greed has been eliminated.
Big Cass has been eliminated.
Tye Dillinger has been eliminated.
Samoa Joe has been eliminated.
Sheamus has been eliminated.
Booby Roode has been eliminated.
Cesaro has been eliminated.
James Ellsworth has been eliminated.
Rusev has been eliminated.
Hallowicked has been eliminated.
Chuck Taylor has been eliminated.

The final four competitors are: AJ Styles, Hangman Page, Jay Lethal & James Storm.

James Storm has been eliminated.
AJ Styles has been eliminated.
Hangman Page has been eliminated.

Jay Lethal wins.

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