Nitro #139 - December, Week #4

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Nitro #139 - December, Week #4

Post  John Greatrix on Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:06 pm

The show starts with Charles Offord in the ring. Offord: “Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight is a special night for all the young people in the crowd as I have been told that Santa is here tonight with his elves and will be giving out some very special gifts. Tonight, everyone will see Shinsuke Nakamura take on The Miztourage and if Shinsuke wins, he has earned a shot at the United States Title at Clash of the Champions. I know that Stephanie has more in store for Lana and let me make this perfectly clear. This will be the last time Lana is put in a squash match. Stephanie, I brought you in as it was best for business and what you have been putting Lana through week after week isn’t. So, I’ll let you have this last one then it’s over. Mass Genocide has waged war against the CWA threatening to pick apart every single person until they face John Greatrix and me. As I’ve said before, be careful what you wish for as this will happen, just on our time and not yours.” Offord looks into the camera and points to his watch then says “on our time.”

Lana vs. Charlotte Flair
Charlotte is taking Lana to town as she has kept Lana grounded and has been working over her knee. Charlotte has Lana in a knee bar and is wrenching it pretty roughly with the ref checking on Lana who looks like she is going to tap when Charlotte releases the hold. Lana is slow to her feet where Charlotte hits a chop block that has Lana reeling in pain on the mat. Charlotte doesn’t hesitate and instantly locks in The Figure Eight which has Lana instantly tapping out.
Winner: Charlotte Flair

Jojo is in the back with Stephanie McMahon when Lana appears. Lana: “Stephanie, you win. I’ve learned my lesson now please stop this like Mr. Offord said.” Stephanie: “Okay Lana, I’ll stop your punishment as agreed. Just know one last thing……you’re fired.” Stephanie walks off camera leaving Lana staring blankly down the hallway.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The Miztourage (Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel)
Nakamura starts against Axel and immediately has him in the corner landing knee strike after knee strike until Axel collapses in the corner. Nakamura moves to the center of the ring then charges Axel, hitting him with a running knee strike. Nakamura waits in his corner allowing Axel to slowly make his way to his corner and tag in Dallas. Dallas is tagged in and jumps the ropes then charges Nakamura who waits briefly then hits The Kinshasa leaving Dallas face down on the mat. Nakamura rolls Dallas over and the ref starts the count with the fans counting along, 1…2…3.
Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Renee Young is in the back with The Miz. Renee: “Miz, you now know who your opponent will be for Clash of the Champions. Do you have a response to this?” Miz: “I’m not losing my title….period.” The Miz storms off leaving Renee alone.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Ottawaaaaaaa. Don’t you dare be sour. Clllap for your former US champs and feel the powa. It’s a new day, yes it is. The New Day appears on the stage to a thunderous roar with Big E dressed like Santa and Kofi and Woods dressed as his elves. They slowly make their way to the ring all the while tossing merchandise into the crowd. The New Day slides into the ring with mics. Big E: “Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas everyone. I, Big Santa, have come with a very special gift and do you know who it’s for?” Everyone: “Who? Who? Who?” Kingston: “It’s for everyone here who has supported the CWA and more importantly Friday Nitro.” Woods: “But that’s not all we have. We have flown a long way to deliver some special gifts and do you know why?” Big E: “BECAUSE…New Day rock...New Day rocks…New Day rocks.” The New Day opens up a giant red Santa bag and begin tossing clothes, figurines and toys into the crowd. Suddenly the lights go out and Mass Genocide appears on the stage.

Mass Genocide both slide into the ring with Sadistic kicking the Santa bag which enrages Big E who charges and takes Sadistic into the corner. Big E starts landing some vicious blows. Woods and Kingston charge Psychotic and eat a double clothesline. Sadistic starts to overpower Big E and has him backing up when he takes a jumping knee to the head from behind. Mass Genocide leaves The New Day in the ring as they head up the ramp and backstage.

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