Raw #161 - December, Week #2

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Raw #161 - December, Week #2

Post  John Greatrix on Tue Dec 05, 2017 12:33 am

We start off with The Well Oiled Machines in the ring. Braxton Sutter: “Super Smash Brothers, we know you’re here this week so you better get your asses out here and get ready to have the shit kicked out of you. Tonight we are going to solidify who the most dominate tag team on this roster is. Tonight, The Well Oiled Machines will lay waste to The Super Smash Brothers.” Mike Rollins: “You know, I’ve been thinking long and hard about this and yes, The Super Smash Brothers are just as good as us but there is one big difference between us.” Rollins pulls a bottle of oil out of his vest and pours it on his chest. Rollins: “We’re Oiled Up.” The crowd starts chanting ‘Oil Up’ over and over. The Super Smash Brothers’ music hits and they come up on the Titan Tron. Stu Grayson: “Well Oiled Machines, tonight we will accept your challenge but we just wanted to let you know, that after tonight, you will be just another footnote in Raw history.” The Well Oiled Machines stand in the middle of the ring yelling at the Titan Tron as we go to commercial break.

John Greed vs. Abyss (Hardcore Match)
As Greed is walking down to the ring, Abyss jumps him from behind. Greed stumbles to the ground. Abyss waits for Greed to get to his feet and plants a chair shot right between Greed’s eyes. Blood starts pouring down Greed’s face. Abyss grabs Greed by the hair and drags him to the ring. Abyss rolls him into the ring and follows him in. Abyss dumps out his bag of thumbtacks and sets Greed up on the top rope. Abyss climbs up and hits a Superplex, dropping Greed down on the thumbtacks. Abyss goes for the cover, 1…2… just mere inches from a three count. Greed somehow reaches down deep and gets his shoulder up. Abyss is furious. He grabs Greed by the hair and forces him to his feet. Greed catches Abyss with a thumb to the eye that stumbles him back and gives Greed a chance to get to his feet. Abyss runs in for a clothesline but Greed reverses it and hits a backdrop onto the thumbtacks. With Abyss lying in the thumbtacks, Greed rolls out of the ring and reaches under and pulls out a chair with thumbtacks glued to the seat. Abyss gets to his feet and Greed brings the thumbtacked chair down on his head multiple times. Greed picks Abyss up and whips him into the ropes and follows up with a Pop-up Samoan Drop directly into the middle of the thumbtacks. Greed goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: John Greed

After the match, Greed calls for the mic. Greed: “One down, one to go. Hacker, I’m coming for you and just like I did to Abyss tonight, I’m taking you out and I’m walking away with the Hardcore Championship. If you stand in my way, I WILL END YOUR CAREER.” Greed drops the mic and stomps on Abyss and heads to the back.

The cameras rush backstage to find Nikki Cross attacking Anarchy. When the cameras get to the back, Cross has a steel pipe and is repeatedly hitting Anarchy in the shoulder with it. Anarchy tries to push Cross off as she gets to her knees but Cross runs back in and catches Anarchy with a running knee to the face. Cross forces Anarchy to her feet and throws her into the wall and follows it up with a shot from the pipe to the shoulder. Anarchy drops to the ground holding her shoulder. Cross is quick to lock in the Double Underhook Crossface. Anarchy is screaming in pain. Security rushes in and after a struggle pulls Cross off Anarchy. Cross keeps trying to get to her but security is keeping her at bay. Finally, the EMTs make it in and load Anarchy on a gurney and wheel her out of the room.

The Well Oiled Machines (Braxton Sutter & Mike Rollins) vs. Super Smash Brothers (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)
As soon as the bell rings, it’s pure mayhem. All four men stay in the ring to fight it out. The Well Oiled Machines get the upper hand after sending the Super Smash Brothers out of the ring. The ref forces Rollins into his corner. Grayson and Sutter start the match off. Grayson manages to cut the ring in half keeping Sutter in the ring. Grayson tags Uno. Uno continues the beat down of Sutter. Uno whips Sutter into the ropes and goes for a spinning elbow. Sutter ducks under the elbow and comes off the ropes with a hard clothesline. Sutter slowly makes his way over to his corner and makes the tag. Rollins comes running in. He takes Uno out with a clothesline and catches Grayson with a shoulder block, knocking him off of the apron. Rollins tags Sutter and Sutter locks in the Boston Crab as Rollins goes up top. He’s just about to jump off when The Young Bucks’ (Matt & Nick Jackson) music hits. They come rushing down to the ring with The Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga & Tanga Roa). The Bucks slide in the ring and take Sutter out with a Double Superkick. Rollins jumps down off the turnbuckle and meets a Double Superkick as well. The Guerrillas of Destiny are quick to take out the Super Smash Brothers. The four members of The Bullet Club stand in the ring as we go to commercial.
Winners: No Contest

When we come back from commercial, the entire Bullet Club is in the ring. Kenny Omega: “You know it’s funny. Last week, Finn Balor attacked us in the dark and left us lying out in the ring. Well Balor, as you can see, we’re still here and now we’re pissed off. Tonight we went looking for you and you seemed to not even be in the arena. So, we took care of some other business while we were looking for you.” The Titan Tron comes on and shows the rest of The Commonwealth laid out in the locker room. Omega: “You see, we took care of your little friends and you’re next. Demon or not, nothing is going to stop us from destroying you. Just look around at this ring. Tonight, both tag teams were taken out by only 4 of us. Just imagine what the whole damn club can do. Balor, next week, you will pay for your sins.” We go off the air with The Bullet Club standing strong in the ring.

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