Smackdown #161 – November, Week #5

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Smackdown #161 – November, Week #5

Post  John Greatrix on Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:05 pm

John Greatrix’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Greatrix: “3 days ago at Survivor Series, Team Smackdown showed that our women are more superior than Raw and Nitro’s women will ever be. Unfortunately, our men could not say the same. The men’s team come up short. And for the record, I would like to point out that Mass Genocide is smarter than they look and didn’t try anything funny during Survivor Series. A few people have shown up lately and decided to get involved with my show. Later tonight, we will hear from Paige. Also, we will see Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in singles action and Zayn’s match is right now.”

Sami Zayn vs. Cedric Alexander
After 10 minutes, Alexander has the upper hand. Alexander hits The Queen’s Crowning (Standing Spanish Fly) and gets a 2 count. Alexander goes to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash but only gets another 2 count. Alexander looks to hit The Lumbar check but Sami grabs the ref. Alexander tries to grab Sami but he gets poked in the eye behind the ref’s back. Sami pulls the ref into the corner with him. As the ref is distracted by Zayn, Kevin Owens hits the ring and gives Alexander a Pop-up Powerbomb. Owens heads up the ramp. Zayn picks up Alexander and whips him into the corner. Zayn hits The Helluva Kick and goes for the pin, 1...2...3.
Winner: Sami Zayn

The lights go out and Bray Wyatt appears on the Titan Tron. Bray: "Why? Why you? Do you remember what it was like to be a child, Mark? To be so full of energy, hope? Running through the grass, skipping stones with no worries about whatever horrors tomorrow may bring. What happens, Mark? What is it that changes a man? Children have such frail little minds and when these frail little minds are struck by the cold hands of life, it makes them different. Why you, Mark? You said that you would always be there for us, Mark. You said you would save us, and we remember everything. I have done a lot of bad things to people, Mark, and I have gone to war with very powerful men. And along my journeys, I have noticed something about them. There's a constant: No matter how tough or how mean they thought they were, no matter what they'd been through in their lives, Mark, they all screamed. And so will you. What's the matter, Mark? Are you afraid of the dark? Look to the sky and follow the buzzards. Run."

Paige’s music hits and she comes out to the ring. Paige: “A lot of people are wondering what my business was at Survivor Series. Well, there was a lot at stake. There was a battle for show supremacy and when John Greatrix called me to join Smackdown, I made the decision to make it count. It looked like the Smackdown Team was going to lose and I made sure that didn’t happen. With that being said, Sasha Banks, you were the sole survivor and it was only because of me. Get your ass out here so I can show you who the most dominant woman is in the CWA.”

Paige vs. Sasha Banks
These two ladies have a pretty good match for 10 minutes before Paige connects with a Superkick. Paige picks up Sasha and hits The RamPaige (Cradle DDT) and goes for the cover, 1...2...3.
Winner: Paige

Cesaro is backstage with Charly Caruso. Charly: “Cesaro, you turned on your teammates and walked out at Survivor Series. What do you have to say for yourself?” Cesaro: “Charly, I did what I had to do. Jakob asked me to join his team and because of our history, I decided to help him out. But part way through the match, he started to get angry about losing so many guys from our team. Then he tried to take it out on me but I’m not going to stands for it. If Jakob thinks he is going to treat me like crap, he’s dead wrong. Jakob, I challenge you to a match next week so I can tune you in.” Cesaro walks away leaving Charly standing alone.

Kevin Owens vs. Alberto El Patron
These men go back-and-forth for a solid 20 minutes. Patron hits a Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker then lands a running Senton. Patron gets a 2 count. Patron looks to hit a Superkick to the grounded Owens but Owens ducks and pushes Patron away. Alberto goes into the ropes but Sami Zayn has come from the back and grabs his ankle. Alberto kicks Zayn off. Owens tries to attacks Alberto from behind but Alberto avoids it. Owens ducks a Superkick, kicks Alberto in the gut and hits a Package Piledriver. Owens goes to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash and goes for the pin, 1...2...3.
Winner: Kevin Owens

Owens and Zayn celebrate in the ring as the show ends.

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