Raw #160 - November, Week #5

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Raw #160 - November, Week #5

Post  John Greatrix on Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:28 pm

We start the show with John Greed in the middle of the ring.  Greed: “Last night, I went to the limit and I was the sole survivor.  I won Survivor Series for Team Raw.  I have also decided that I want that Hardcore Title back so I’m putting my name in the running.  Hacker, I know you’re having issues with Abyss but I’m just coming out here and letting you know that I’m coming for you.”  Abyss’ music hits and he comes out on the stage.  Abyss: “Greed, it will be a cold day in hell before I let you get a title shot before me.”  Greed: “Well, let’s…”  Oyster’s music hits and he walks out from the back.  Oyster: “Alright, let's settle this tonight.  Tonight, it will be Abyss versus John Greed in a Hardcore Match.  The winner will face Scotty O’Shea at the next PPV for the Hardcore Championship.”

The Well Oiled Machines, Braxton Sutter and Mike Rollins, come out to the ring.  Sutter: “We have a bone to pick with The Super Smash Bros.  Last night, we were attacked unprovoked.  Well, we’re not going to stand for that.  So, Super Smash Bros, get your asses out here.”  The Super Smash Bros’ music hits and they appear on the Titan Tron.  Grayson: “Well Oiled Machines, we are sorry but we’re not there this week.  We have some important work overseas, but don’t worry, I know you want a fight and we’ve got someone lined up for you.”  Halal Beefcake’s music hits and they rush down to the ring.

Halal Beefcake (Joe Coleman & Idris Abraham) vs. The Well Oiled Machines (Braxton Sutter & Mike Rollins)
When the bell rings, all four men start trading punches.  Halal Beefcake finally gets the upper hand and clears the ring.  Coleman and Sutter start off.  The match goes on for a good 20 minutes before Sutter catches Abraham with a dropkick, sending him flying into Coleman.  Sutter uses the distraction to roll Abraham up and goes for the pin, 1…2…3.
Winners: The Well Oiled Machines

After the match, Sutter calls for the mic.  Sutter: “Nice try Smash Bros but next week, we’re coming for you and nothing is going to get in our way of teaching you a lesson.”

Nikki Cross vs. Alicia Fox
Nikki Cross dominates the entire match.  Cross whips Fox into the corner and follows it up with a hard clothesline.  Cross forces Fox out of the corner and as Fox stands up, Cross hits a diving crossbody and makes the pin, 1…2… but Fox somehow manages to kick out at a close 3 count.  Cross grabs Fox by the hair and forces her to her feet.  Cross locks in the Double Underhook Crossface.  Fox tries her best but she can’t seem to break the hold.  As Fox is just about to tap out, Anarchy lands a diving dropkick to the back of Cross’ head from the top rope. The ref calls for the bell.
Winner by Disqualification: Nikki Cross

Anarchy drags Cross to her feet and connects with The Crucifix Driver and pushes Cross out of the ring.  Fox finally gets to her feet and gets in Anarchy’s face.  Anarchy drops her with a stiff punch to the face then continues to punch her until security comes out and drags her to the back.

Cody & Kenny Omega come out to the ring.  Cody: “Last night, The Bullet Club proved just how dominant we are.  In fact, we are so intimidating that Finn Balor turned his back on his team mates and gave us the victory.  All night, we’ve been racking our brains trying to figure out what all this means and we came to the only conclusion and that is that the Super Friends are not so super after all.  But now we move on to bigger and better things.  It seems that The Kevin Bennett Experience isn’t doing much with the Trios Titles so we’ve decided to take it for ourselves to challenge The Kevin Bennett Experience.  If you have any balls, you’ll put the title up next week.”

All of a sudden, the lights go off, red lights start flashing in the arena and Finn Balor’s music hits.  Omega and Cody get ready in the ring.  Demon Balor slides into the ring behind them and plants a chair shot on the back of Omega’s back.  Cody spins around and Balor drives the chair into Cody’s gut.  While Cody is bent over, Balor brings the chair down on his back.  Omega starts to get to his feet.  Balor grabs Omega and hits The 1916 on top of the chair.  Balor picks the chair up and lays it on Cody’s chest, climbs up top and hits The Coup De Grace.  The lights go out and when they come back on, Balor is gone and The Bullet Club is left lying in the middle of the ring.

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