Nitro #134 - November, Week #3

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Nitro #134 - November, Week #3

Post  John Greatrix on Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:36 pm

Braun Strowman and Paul Heyman appear on the stage to a thunderous applause as they slowly head to the ring. Heyman: “Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Paul Heyman and for those who may not know me; I am the advocate to the reigning, defending, undisputed CWA World champion Brrrraun Strowman! A challenge has been issued by all Commissioners to each other for brand supremacy at Survivor Series and no one has to ask who will be the first pick for Charles Offord. Anyone who is in their right mind would choose Braun Strowman to represent their brand. Here on Nitro, we have some solid talent. People like AJ Styles who scored a pin fall victory over Mr. Offord last week I might add. People like John Cena, Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins, Shinsuke Nakamura and yes even Roman Reigns. None however, stand up to my client. If Mr. Offord wants to secure a Survivor Series win then the only logical pick is my client.” Charles Offord’s music hits and he appears on the stage. Offord: “Braun Strowman is an impressive champion and would almost be a certain number one pick. However, as you have so kindly reminded me, AJ Styles did beat me last week. So, ladies and gentlemen, the first pick for team Nitro will be AJ Styles. Stay tuned for more.” Strowman looks enraged in the ring as Heyman tries to calm him down.

Nia Jax & Kelly Khaos (c) vs. Ashley Lane & Summer Rae (Women’s Tag Team Title Match)
It’s been a bit of a squash match folks as Kelly has been in the ring the whole time laying a vicious beating on Lane and Summer. Kelly has been allowing them to make tags only to crush the fresh women each and every time she enters the ring. Kelly whips Summer into the ropes. Summer is grabbed on the rebound by Jax who hits a Samoan drop then charges Lane, taking her off the apron. Kelly ascends the turnbuckle and lands The Red Arrow then goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winners and STILL Women’s Tag Team Champions: Nia Jax & Kelly Khaos

Jojo is backstage with Stephanie McMahon. Jojo: “Stephanie, we have seen Raw and Smackdown introduce some of their women competitors for Survivor Series. What are your plans?” Stephanie: “I’ll follow suit Jojo. I feel, and Mr. Offord agrees with me, that we throw our very best at Raw and Smackdown. The first two women of Nitro are the Women’s Tag Team champions, Nia Jax and Kelly Khaos. I still need a captain and it definitely won’t be Lana since she failed so miserably at War Games. But, that will be decided at a later date.”

The Miz and The Miztourage are in the ring when we return from commercial. Miz: ‘Welcome to the most must see CWA talk show in history…Miz TV. Survivor Series is quickly coming and I wonder if the CWA United States Champion will be added to team Nitro? I am one of the longest running champions in this company and am constantly overlooked at every point. AJ Styles scores one pinfall and is instantly added to the team. It looks to me like someone is playing favorites as per usual. The three of us standing in this ring are the dominate force in the CWA. All three of us should be named to team Nitro and if anyone has an issue with that, then you can take it up with my attorney because that’s the route I will go if I’m not named. Charles Offord, consider your options as you will be on Miz TV next week and I hope you have some good news for me.”

Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe
Both men have been slugging it out from the moment the bell rang with Joe gaining momentum after countering a Superman Punch and tossing Reigns outside. Joe follows him out and whips Reigns into the steel stairs then into the ring post. Joe grabs a chair and the moment Reigns is to his feet, Joe dents the chair with Reign’s head. The ref immediately calls for the bell but that doesn’t slow down Joe who lands two more chair shots to the motionless Reigns. Several refs run to his side with Joe standing over him taunting Reigns the entire time. Security runs down and manages to escort Joe up the ramp.
Winner by Disqualification: Roman Reigns

Charles Offord comes to the ring. Offord: “At this time, I would like AJ Styles to come out to the ring please.” A few seconds pass then Styles’ music hits with him appearing and heading to the ring. Offord: “AJ, I can’t think of anyone better to be my first choice to join me on team Nitro. But it’s time to name the third member to team Nitro.” Strowman’s music hits with him quickly making his way to the ring. Strowman: “I demand that you pick me and if you don’t I’m going to rip you limb from limb.” Heyman: “What my client is humbly asking Mr. Offord is that you consider him for part of team Nitro.” Offord: “I have put much thought into it and yes you would help us considerably. You are part of the team Braun, but if you ever threaten me again…” Mass Genocide’s music hits and it isn’t midgets this time as the real thing appears on the stage with Ted Dibiase. Dibiase: “Mr. Offord, I would suggest you surround yourself with the best you have because if Mass Genocide has any say, you and Mr. Greatrix will be in no shape for Survivor Series. Enjoy tonight, but grow eyes everywhere as you know Mass Genocide can be anywhere waiting for the right moment.” The camera fades with Styles and Strowman looking at Offord who stares up the stage to Mass Genocide.

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