Raw #158 - November, Week #3

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Raw #158 - November, Week #3

Post  John Greatrix on Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:28 pm

We start the show with Hacker Scotty O’Shea standing in the ring surrounded with dozens of different weapons. Hacker: “Abyss, as you look around this ring you can see the weapons of your destruction. Tonight, I will leave you lying in the middle of this ring in a pool of your own blood and I will stand above you as the new Hardcore Champion. No matter what…“ Hacker is cut off by Abyss’s music. Abyss rushes down to the ring. Abyss hits the ring and Hacker starts stomping and kicking Abyss. Abyss manages to fight him off and gets to his feet. A ref runs down from the back and starts the match.

Scotty O’Shea vs. Abyss (c) (Hardcore Title Match)
Abyss goes in for a clothesline but Hacker ducks under it and catches Abyss with a right hand followed up with a dropkick, taking Abyss off his feet. Hacker picks up a chair and starts beating Abyss with it. Abyss rolls out of the ring, getting away from the attack. Hacker comes off the ropes and goes for a suicide dive but Abyss catches Hacker with a punch, stopping him dead in his tracks. Abyss reaches under the ring and pulls out a black bag. Abyss slides in the ring and empties it out and drops millions of thumbtacks in the ring. Abyss grabs Hacker and sets him up for a powerbomb onto the thumbtacks. Hacker catches Abyss with a thumb to the eye and Abyss drops Hacker. Hacker kicks Abyss square in the crotch. With Abyss bent over, Hacker hits a suplex, dropping Abyss onto the thumbtacks. Abyss rolls around in pain. As Abyss gets to his feet, Hacker comes off the ropes and hits Handspring Cutter, planting Abyss face first onto the thumbtacks. Hacker goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner and NEW Hardcore Champion: Hacker Scotty O’Shea

After the match, Rosemary comes running down to the ring and gets in Hacker’s face. Rosemary shoves Hacker and he shoves her back. Rosemary spits a red mist in Hacker’s face and she hits The Red Wedding (The F5) dropping Hacker into the thumbtacks. Rosemary picks up the Hardcore Title and drapes it over Hacker’s body as she helps Abyss up and they head to the back.

Oyster comes down to the ring. Oyster: “So, if everyone watched Nitro last week I can assume you all know what's going on. But, for those of you that only watch the top brand, I’ll catch you up. Last week, Charles, John and I had a little conference call and we agreed to a Survivor Series match, 5 vs. 5 vs. 5. Well, we all know that RAW is going to come out on top. But, right now I have some business to deal with. We all know that Smackdown and Nitro are going to hold matches to see who gets the spots on their teams. Well, I think I’m going to do thing a little different. I want the locker room to prove to me why they should be on the Raw Team. I will be keeping an eye on everyone. So be at your best and show me what you all have.”

David Finlay vs. Hangman Page
Before the bell even rings, Finlay rushes over and turns Page inside out with a huge clothesline. Finlay picks Page up and throws him into the corner and follows it up with a shoulder block in the corner. Finlay continues to throw punches with Page in the corner. The ref tries to pull Finlay off but Finlay shoves the ref out of the way and continues to attack. Finlay drags Page out of the corner and hits The Celtic Cross (White Noise) but instead of going for the cover, Finlay picks Page up and hits it again and again and again. Finlay calls for a mic. Finlay: “Bullet Club, we have had enough of this, you caused this to happen to Page.” Finlay picks Page up and hits another Celtic Cross. Finlay: “Now, listen closely. At Survivor Series, we are putting an end to this. It will be The Bullet Club vs. The Commonwealth, 5-on-5. Prepare to be destroyed.”

The Bullet Club comes out on the stage and Cody has the mic. Cody: “If you want this, you got it. The Bullet Club reaches all the corners of the world. Look at this crowd. It’s just a sea of Bullet Club merchandise. You may be able to beat down a member or two but you will never take out The Bullet Club. At Survivor Series, you have no idea about the force you’re stepping in that ring with. Tonight, you may have gotten lucky but I assure you The Bullet Club will take no prisoners and we will use every trick we have up our sleeves.” The Bullet Club stares down Finlay as we go off air.

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