Nitro #130 - October, Week #3

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Nitro #130 - October, Week #3

Post  John Greatrix on Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:30 pm

Braun Strowman and Paul Heyman appear on the stage to a thunderous roar from the fans then make their way to the ring. Heyman: “Ladies and Gentlemen, would you all please give due respect to the man standing in the ring with me; your reigning, defending, undisputed Million Dollar and World Champion…Brrrraun Strowman! Now that the introductions are completed, we need to address Tommaso Ciampa. Mr. Ciampa has cashed in his War Games opportunity and has decided that challenging my client for the World Title was best for his career. Mr. Ciampa, after Halloween Havoc, you will no longer have a career in the CWA. My client is going to end your existence in the CWA and if you’re lucky, you will be able to leave the hospital on your own accord. My client is the real deal and no one in this league can compete with the speed and strength of Braun Strowman. Mr. Ciampa, at Halloween Havoc, you get to experience this first hand. Good luck to you, sir.”

Keith Lee vs. ???
Lee is waiting in the ring for his opponent when the lights go out. The lights come back on shortly with The Miz and The Miztourage in the ring surrounding Lee. Lee looks around and then attacks Miz but Dallas and Axel are quick to grab Lee allowing Miz to get in a few cheap shots. Lee is brought to his knees when Miz starts landing kick after kick to Lee’s chest with the crowd chanting along. Lee is then hauled to his feet where The Miz locks in and lands The Skull-Crushing Finale leaving Lee face down on the mat.
Winner: No Contest

Miz grabs a mic. Miz: “So you want a shot at my title do you? At Halloween Havoc, you can have a shot at my title but only if you can beat The Miztourage next week.”

Jojo is backstage with Stephanie McMahon. Jojo: “Stephanie, last week Kelly Khaos appeared on Nitro for a second time. What can we expect tonight?” Stephanie: “Kelly Khaos is a dominate female athlete and after much discussion between Mr. Offord and myself, we reached out to Mr. Greatrix and worked out a deal. Kelly Khaos is officially part of Nitro and will team with Nia Jax to challenge the Women’s Tag Team champions at Halloween Havoc.”

Mass Genocide (Sadistic & Psychotic) w/Ted Dibiase vs. The Hype Bros (Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley)
The Hype Bros have been completely destroyed in about 10 minutes of this match. There appears to be no team in the CWA that can compete with Mass Genocide as they roll over each and every team that is thrown against them week after week. Psychotic has Zack Ryder in the corner landing knife edge chop after knife edge chop until Ryder’s chest is beet red. Ryder is whipped out of the corner into a vicious Yakuza Kick from Sadistic who then spears Mojo off the ring apron. Psychotic stalks Ryder who is slow to his feet and then hits The Judgment Slam. Sadistic slides into the ring and The Final Solution is hit with Psychotic going for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winners: Mass Genocide

After the match, Ted Dibiase grabs a mic. Dibiase: “Once again, Mass Genocide destroyed their opponents. Is it safe to say that this is the greatest tag team to ever grace this ring? Their actions alone support that, not to mention, Mass Genocide is still undefeated and have been wrestling for just over 6 months now with zero challenge. Should there be a team in this company that is bold enough to face these two monsters, then step up and try your luck out with the best team in the CWA.”

Renee Young is in the back with Charles Offord. Renee: “Mr. Offord, last week you shook the hand of Braun Strowman. Everyone is wondering why?” Offord: “Renee, it’s no secret that I do not like Roman Reigns on a personal level. The man makes us money though and that is the sole reason I put up with him on Nitro. Braun Strowman did me a favour last week in shutting Roman up by leaving him motionless on the mat. There is a new big dog in the CWA and last week he claimed his yard. Now, I’m a fair man and I’ll give Roman a second chance to get his yard back, it just won’t be a title match.”

Braun Strowman w/Paul Heyman vs. Roman Reigns
It’s pretty much been a mirror match from last week. Strowman is just too strong and will not go down. Reigns has been trying everything in his arsenal to take the big man off his feet but nothing seems to work. Reigns hits the ropes looking to land a Superman Punch but is caught and Chokeslammed to the mat. Strowman removes his shoulder straps in pure rage and goes on an onslaught. Reigns is crushed in the corner, given several more Chokeslams and finished off with a Running Powerslam. Strowman goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Braun Strowman

The crowd is cheering loudly with Strowman standing above Reigns. Strowman looks to the crowd as they chant “one more time” then grabs Reigns and hits another Running Powerslam.

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