PPV #35, War Games #3 2017

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PPV #35, War Games #3 2017

Post  John Greatrix on Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:11 pm

Becky Lynch vs. Nikki Cross vs. Anarchy (c) (Women’s Title Match)
Before the bell even rings, Cross charges across the ring and tackles Anarchy and starts punching her. Lynch pulls Cross off Anarchy. Lynch hits Cross with The Bex-plex and goes for the quick cover, 1…2… Anarchy grabs Lynch’s foot and drags her off then drops her knee in the middle of Lynch’s back. Cross gets to her feet and Anarchy hits the toe kick and hits a body slam, dropping Cross across Lynch’s back. Anarchy drops her knee on Cross’s forehead. Anarchy picks Cross up and whips her into the ropes. Cross ducks under the clothesline and comes off the other ropes and connects with a spear. Anarchy hits the ground and rolls out of the ring. Lynch spins Cross around and throws a huge right hand. Cross blocks it and connects with an elbow. She whips Lynch into the corner and follows it up with a jumping clothesline. Lynch stumbles out of the corner and Cross connects with the Swinging Fisherman Suplex. Anarchy slides into the ring and tosses Cross over the top rope to the floor and locks in The Scorpion Deathlock on Lynch. Lynch tries to fight it but it’s no use as Lynch taps out.
Winner and STILL Women’s Champion: Anarchy

Abbey Laith vs. Sasha Banks (Submission Match)
Both ladies start this match off strong and trade holds. Both women look to be throwing punches as hard as they can. After 10 minutes, Abbey hits a Powerbomb and locks in The Alligator Clutch for the pin but only submissions can end the match. Abbey gets up and argues with the ref. Abbey turns back around to deal with Sasha but takes a few boots to the gut. Sasha throws Abbey into the corner and runs in for a shoulder tackle. At the last moment, Abbey moves and slips behind Sasha. Abbey looks to hit a German Suplex but Sasha flips out and hits a Back Stabber and rolls into The Bank Statement. Abbey reaches for the bottom rope but Sasha pushes off the rope and rolls back to the middle of the ring. Abbey struggles a little longer but finally taps out.
Winner by Submission: Sasha Banks

After the match, both women are to their feet and shake hands. Abbey leaves Sasha to celebrate the win as we go to a break.

Mass Genocide w/Ted Dibiase (Sadistic & Psychotic) (c) vs. The Hype Bros (Zach Ryder & Mojo Rawley) (Tag Team Title Match)
With The Miz refusing to defend the title tonight, an alternative match has been scheduled and The Hype Bros don’t appear to be hyped about it as the Tag Team Champions make their way to the ring. The champs don’t waste any time and immediately attack once the match has started. Sadistic hits a running big boot on Mojo that sends him into the corner. Psychotic gets Ryder into the opposite corner and begins to stomp a mud hole in him. Ryder collapses to the match at which point Sadistic charges and hits him with a running knee. No one seems to know who the legal man is as the ref has lost control of the match but that doesn’t seem to faze Mass Genocide as they hit The Final Solution on both men and both are covered, 1…2…3.
Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions: Mass Genocide

CWA Women’s World War 3 Match.
All 60 competitors have made it to the 3 rings and after a few minutes, eliminations start.

1 – Naomi
2 – Rhea Ripley
3 – Veda Scott
4 – Mercedes Martinez
5 – Kelly Klein
6 – Alicia Fox
7 – KC Spinelli
8 – Asuka
9 – Ember Moon
10 – Summer Rae
11 – Nia Jax
12 – Brandi Rhodes
13 – Toni Storm
14 – Tamina
15 – Kay Lee Ray
16 – Bayley
17 – Rosemary
18 – Piper Niven
19 – Diamante
20 – Mandy Leon
21 – Emma
22 – Gail Kim
23 – Rachel Ellering
24 – Mickie James
25 – Delmi Exo
26 – LuFisto
27 – Vanessa Kraven
28 – Mia Yim
29 – Candice LeRae
30 – Ayako Hamada
31 – Mandy Rose
32 – Kairi Sane
33 – Deonna Purrazzo
34 – Taeler Hendrix
35 – Sarah Logan
36 – Leva Bates
37 – ODB
38 – Taya Valkyrie
39 – Ruby Riot
40 – Carmella

With 40 people eliminated, the final 20 competitors move to one ring and battle it out until more eliminations happen.

41 – Lana
42 – Lisa Marie Varon
43 – Ivelisse
44 – Liv Morgan
45 – Ashley Vox
46 – Charlotte Flair
47 – Sienna
48 – Aliyah
49 – Dana Brooke
50 – Alexa Bliss

We are down to the final 10.

51 – Billie Kay
52 – Dakota Kai
53 – Shayna Baszler
54 – Sonya Deville
55 – Christina Von Eerie
56 – Ashley Lane
57 – Marti Belle
58 – Jessicka Havok

We only have 2 competitors left in the ring, Solo Darling from Smackdown and Natalya from Nitro. These ladies are exhausted and try to slug it out as best they can. Natalya hits a huge forearm and goes into the ropes. On the rebound, Darling reverses and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex that sends Natalya over the top rope and to the floor.
Winner: Solo Darling

Cody vs. Finn Balor (c) (Cruiserweight Title Match)
As Cody comes out on the stage, Balor rushes out from the back and attacks him from behind. Balor picks Cody up and hits a suplex onto the steel grating of the stage. Balor drags Cody to the edge of the stage and tires for another suplex but Cody blocks it and hits a suplex of his own. Balor manages to get back to his feet and the two men start brawling to the back. Cody throws Balor into a stack of folding chairs. Cody starts piling the chairs on top of Balor. Cody sets up a ladder and climbs to the top and connects with a leg drop on the pile of chairs. Cody drags Balor out and goes for the cover 1…2… Balor just manages to get his arm up at a very close almost three count. Cody picks Balor up by the head and Balor drives his thumb into Cody’s eye. Cody stumbles backwards and Balor connects with an elbow to the face. Balor drags Cody back out on the stage and connects with a devastating DDT. Balor goes for the cover but Cody rolls out of the way and off the stage. Cody is lying on the concrete floor and Balor stands on the edge of the stage. Balor leaps off and connects with The Coup de Grace. Balor picks Cody up and hits The 1916 for good measure onto the bare floor. Balor goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Finn Balor

After the bell rings, The Bullet Club comes out on the stage and stares down at Balor. Balor grabs his belt and takes off through the crowd.

Mark Snider vs. Bray Wyatt (Clockwork Orange House of Fun)
For anyone that doesn’t know, this match is essentially a hardcore/falls count anywhere match with a wall of weapons hung along one side of the ring. As soon as the bell rings, both men rush to grab something off the weapon wall. Snider grabs a frying pan as Wyatt grabs a trash can lid. Both men start hitting each other with their chosen weapon. These two men battle for a solid 20 minutes with both men tired and bleeding. Snider hits a running shoulder block then a jumping elbow. Snider stands over Wyatt and looks to end the match. Suddenly, the lights go out. When the lights come back on, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are standing behind Mark Snider. Bray points at the Titan Tron as the image changes to Justin Langley and Darren Wadforth both laid out in their locker room. Snider turns around and get hit with a Discus Lariat from Harper. Rowan picks up Snider and pushes him into Wyatt who then hits Sister Abigail. Wyatt pins Snider, 1…2…3.
Winner: Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt drops to his knees beside the fallen Snider as Harper and Rowan stand behind him and we go to a video package to hype the next match.

Braun Strowman w/Paul Heyman vs. John Greatrix (c) & Charles Offord (c) (Million Dollar and World Title Match)
Greatrix and Offord have been double teaming Strowman the entire match. Each one is taking a turn clubbing him with whatever weapon they can find. Strowman however, continues to put up a fight no matter how many shots he receives. Greatrix has Strowman on his knees, holding him for Offord who runs across and hits a jumping knee, busting Strowman open. Strowman’s nose may have been broken but that doesn’t stop Greatrix from mounting and landing several rights to the face. Offord tells Greatrix to haul him up and charges once again with a baseball bat in hand. Strowman ducks and Offord clips Greatrix. Offord turns around to eat a running big boot that sends him out of the ring. Greatrix recovers to notice that he is alone in the ring with Strowman. Greatrix slowly turns around to find that Strowman is standing right behind him. Strowman acts by tossing Greatrix over his shoulder and hits a running powerslam then goes for the cover, 1…2… but Offord dives in to break up the cover. Offord starts clubbing Strowman on the back but it has zero effect as Strowman makes it to his feet. Offord takes a swing at Strowman who catches the bat and rips it from Offord’s hands. Strowman tackles Offord and the two go through the ropes to the outside. Offord is to his feet first but us grabbed by the throat and with ease is Chokeslammed through the announce table. Greatrix dives through the ropes but is caught. Strowman tosses him onto his shoulder and hits a running powerslam onto Offord and goes for the pin, 1…2…3.
Winner and NEW World and Million Dollar Champion: Braun Strowman

Paul Heyman is on the outside in disbelief then grabs a mic. Heyman: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match and NEW Million Dollar and World Champion, Brrrraun Strowman!” Strowman stands in the ring holding both titles up all the while looking down at the former champions who are attended to by medical staff.

CWA Men’s World War 3 Match.
All 60 competitors have made it to the 3 rings and after a few minutes, eliminations start.

1 – Jay Lethal
2 – John Cena
3 – Ethan Carter III
4 – James Storm
5 – Christopher Daniels
6 – Roman Reigns
7 – Drew McIntyre
8 – Curtis Axel
9 – Eric Young
10 – Hallowicked
11 – Eddie Kingston
12 – Big Show
13 – Bray Wyatt
14 – Luke Harper
15 – Samoa Joe
16 – Johnny Gargano
17 – Keiji Muto
18 – Brian Cage
19 – Colt Cabana
20 – Chuck Taylor
21 – James Ellsworth
22 – Bobby Roode
23 – Shinsuke Nakamura
24 – Tye Dillinger
25 – Moose
26 – AJ Styles
27 – Evil Uno
28 – Kevin Bennett
29 – Mustafa Ali
30 – Taka Michinoku
31 – Seth Rollins
32 – Randy Orton
33 – Cesaro
34 – Kevin Owens
35 – The Swamp Monster
36 – Heath Slater
37 – Petey Williams
38 – Estonian Thunderfrog
39 – Darren Young
40 – Dean Ambrose

With 40 people eliminated, the final 20 competitors move to one ring and battle it out until more eliminations happen.

41 – Rhino
42 – Bo Dallas
43 – Rusev
44 – Matt Cross
45 – Cody Deaner
46 – R-Truth
47 – Marty Scurll
48 – Sebastian Suave
49 – Sheamus
50 – Keith Lee

We are down to the final 10.

51 – Rey Mysterio Jr.
52 – Adam Cole
53 – Matt Riddle
54 – Big E
55 – The Miz
56 – The Brian Kendrick
57 – Sami Zayn
58 – Chris Jericho

We only have 2 competitors left in the ring, Tommaso Ciampa and Roderick Strong, both of which are from Smackdown. After a few minutes of back-and-forth, Roddy goes for The Sick Kick (Running High Kick) but Ciampa reverse and grabs him in a Powerbomb position. Ciampa looks to hit The Project Ciampa (Powerbomb into a Backstabber) but he thinks twice and tosses Roddy over the top rope to the floor instead.
Winner: Tommaso Ciampa

Tommaso Ciampa drops to his knees and celebrates in the ring as the show ends.

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