Nitro #123 - September, Week #1

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Nitro #123 - September, Week #1

Post  John Greatrix on Fri Sep 01, 2017 11:53 pm

Charles Offord’s music hits. Both he and Lana are showered with boos as they appear on the stage and make their way to the ring. Lana (Without Russian accent): “Everyone here needs to shut up, sit down and listen to what your new CWA World Champion has to say.” Offord: “I bet you all didn’t think I would be standing here tonight a 5 time CWA World Champion. Fact of the matter is I had some doubts too when Braun Strowman had me on his shoulder looking to powerslam me. But like John Greatrix said last week, both he and I have that edge where we can outsmart anyone in this company. When it comes to Braun Strowman, a five-year-old could outsmart him but AJ Styles I thought was smarter. AJ Styles was the man I chose to lead Nitro forward as the World Champion and he was good. But in the end, just like all of those before him, he couldn’t cut it. Now…” Strowman’s music hits and he storms to the ring. Strowman is pacing inside the ring yet never taking his eyes off of Offord. Strowman: “That title belongs to me and if you don’t give me a match for it, I’m gonna rip you in half and take it.” AJ Styles appears on the stage. Styles: “Braun, you need to wait in line son. Mr. Offord there owes me a rematch as per my contract. So, if you want that title, you need to wait until I take it back.” Offord and Lana quickly slide out of the ring. Offord: “I have an idea. Tonight, you two square off in this very ring with the winner becoming the number one contender for my title.” Both men appear pleased as they smile until they lock eyes with one another. Strowman starts yelling at Styles as the camera fades out.

Carmella w/James Ellsworth vs. Gail Kim
Ellsworth has constantly been distracting Kim whenever he sees the chance, giving Carmella an unfair advantage that she hasn’t squandered. Carmella has Kim in the corner stomping her down when Braun Strowman’s music hits causing the competitors to freeze and stare as he appears on the stage and makes his way to the ring. Strowman climbs over the top rope and grabs both women causing the ref to call for the bell.
Winner: No Contest

Ellsworth slides in the ring and clubs Strowman in the back but it doesn’t faze him. Strowman Chokeslams Carmella and Kim then slowly turns towards Ellsworth. Ellsworth tries to flee but is quickly grabbed, tosses over Strowman’s shoulder and powerslammed to the mat. Strowman briefly stares into the camera then leaves the ring.

Jojo is in the back with Lana. Jojo: “Lana we couldn’t help but notice that your accent has vanished.” Lana: “It was a storyline Jojo. It’s not a hard thing to understand but there is a new story now. Mr. Offord is once again our champion and he is going to bring Nitro to new heights. As for that muscled up goon, Braun Strowman, he will get his in due time.”

Heath Slater vs. Mojo Rawley
Both men lock up when the lights go out. Once again, Braun Strowman’s music hits and he marches to the ring. Both men receive a double clothesline and then one-by-one they are powerslammed to the mat. Strowman then demands a mic. Strowman: “This is going to happen night after night, week after week until the World Title is around my waist. Nitro doesn’t move on until I get what is owed to me.”
Winner: No Contest

Charles Offord is in the back with Renee Young. Renee: “Mr. Offord, Braun Strowman has now interfered in two matches potentially injuring 5 superstars. What is your reaction?” Offord: “Braun Strowman is your typical school yard bully in that he pushes people around until he gets his way. Tonight, he faces AJ Styles where myself and the beautiful Lana will be ringside to see who will challenge me for this title. As for Braun interfering in two matches, you know what they say about karma right?”

Braun Strowman vs. AJ Styles (World Title Number One Contender Match)
Strowman is a man possessed tonight and has completely dominated Styles for 15 minutes. Styles is just a heap in the corner after taking not one, but two running splashes. Strowman, after every move, takes the time to walk to the ropes and stare at Offord. Strowman stands Styles up then clotheslines him down almost decapitating him in the process. Another 10 minutes go by of complete domination by Strowman before he lifts Styles onto his shoulder and Powerslams him on the mat. Strowman doesn’t go for the cover though, instead he picks him up again and hits another Powerslam then with a forearm in Styles’ face, goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Braun Strowman

Just after the 3 count, Offord appears from off camera, hitting the downed Strowman in the head with the World Title. Strowman is busted open but not phased as he gets to his feet and turns Offord inside out with a big boot. Offord is hauled to his feet and powerslammed beside Styles. The crowd is going crazy for Strowman who stands above both Offord and Styles. Strowman notices the title, grabs it and raises it high in the air causing the crowd to erupt. Strowman then puts the title over his shoulder and leaves the ring. Lana is yelling at him to give the title back but he brushes past her. Strowman gets to the top of the ramp and again holds the title high as the camera fades on him.

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