PPV #34, Summerslam #3 2017

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PPV #34, Summerslam #3 2017

Post  John Greatrix on Sun Aug 27, 2017 10:22 pm

The Miz (c) w/Maryse vs. John Cena (United States Title Match)
John Cena has been laying a beating on The Miz all match. Cena appears to be looking to make a statement at The Miz’s expense as The Miztourage isn’t at ringside. Cena has Miz in the corner and starts landing knife edge chop after knife edge chop until The Miz’s chest is beet red. Miz stumbles out of the corner and is picked up then planted on the mat. Cena signals to the crowd then hits the ropes and lands The Five Knuckle Shuffle then waits for The Miz to get to his feet. Once to his feet, Cena moves in and picks Miz up for The AA. At that moment, The Miztourage appears on the stage and makes their way to the ring. Axel and Dallas get on opposite sides of the ring apron, giving Miz enough time to struggle out of The AA and hit The Skull-Crushing Finale. Miz collapses on Cena, rolls him over and covers him, 1…2…3.
Winner and STILL US Champion: The Miz

Anarchy (c) vs. Sarah Logan (Women’s Title Match)
The bell rings and Anarchy goes on the attack. Logan tries to defend off her advance but it doesn’t seem like much help. Anarchy throws Logan into the corner and follows up with a shoulder to the mid section. Logan drops to the ground holding her ribs. Anarchy picks Logan up by her hair and drivers her knee into the mid section of Logan. Again Logan drops to the mat holding her ribs and screaming in pain. Anarchy drags Logan to the middle of the ring and locks in The Scorpion Deathlock. Logan tries to fight out of it but it’s no use as Logan taps out in the middle of the ring.
Winner and STILL Women’s Champion: Anarchy

After the match, Anarchy is celebrating in the ring. All of a sudden, Nikki Cross slides in behind her and catches Anarchy with an Inverted DDT. With Anarchy lying on the mat, Cross picks up the Women’s title and holds it in the air. Anarchy starts moving and uses the ropes to get to her feet. Cross charges at her and using the Women’s title, sends Anarchy over the top rope to the outside. Cross stands victorious in the ring holding the belt high above her head.

Abbey Laith vs. Sasha Banks
These ladies have gone at it hard from the beginning of the match. After 20 minutes, Abbey has the advantage as she has locked in The Chikara Special. Somehow, Banks has made it to the ropes and the hold is broken. Abbey seems frustrated. Abbey pulls Sasha up and looks for a Northern Light Suplex but Sasha reverses into a DDT. The ref starts his 10 count and gets to 8 as both women are up. Both women start trading punches. After a few are exchanged, Sasha ducks under, hits the ropes and comes off with a dropkick and Abbey rolls out of the ring. Sasha hits the ropes again and this time hits Abbey with a Suicide Dive. Sasha rolls Abbey into the ring then throws her into a corner. Sasha sets Abbey up and hits a double knee to the gut of the rope hung Abbey. Sasha picks up Abbey but she pushes Sasha into the ropes. Sasha rebounds and goes for a clothesline but Abbey ducks and slips behind her. Abbey goes for a German Suplex but Sasha flips behind her and looks to hit The Bank Statement. Abbey hits a low blow that the ref doesn’t see. Abbey hits a Powerbomb then locks in The Alligator Clutch, 1...2...3.
Winner: Abbey Laith

Mass Genocide (Sadistic & Psychotic) (c) w/ Ted Dibiase vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder) (Tag Team Title Match)
The Revival has answered the cross show open challenge as they wait in the ring for Mass Genocide. The lights dim and Mass Genocide appears on the stage and make their way to the ring. Once the ref calls for the bell, all four men meet in the centre of the ring and start slugging it out. Psychotic clotheslines Dawson out of the ring and goes with him, leaving Sadistic and Wilder in the ring. Sadistic has left Wilder face down on the mat with a huge big boot and stands above him. Psychotic and Dawson are still on the outside slugging it out with neither man giving an inch. Psychotic disposes of Dawson over the security barrier and slides into the ring where Sadistic has Wilder up for a Powerbomb. Mass Genocide hits The Final Solution and Sadistic goes for a cover, 1…2…3.
Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions: Mass Genocide

The ref raises the arms of Mass Genocide who for the first time didn’t have their complete way with their opponent.

Oyster comes out to the ring with a mic in hand. Oyster: “Mike Bennett, the last few weeks you and your stooges have attacked my friends from behind. Well, I’ve had enough of you. Get your ass out here and we’ll settle our business.” Bennett’s music hits and he comes out on the stage with the rest of The Kingdom. Bennett: “You know, Oyster, we’ve just about had our fun with you and your little posse. I’m sorry to say I’m just not that interested in beating you up again. So, I’ll have to pass on this match tonight.” The Kingdom turns around and starts to leave. Oyster slides out of the ring and charges at them. Oyster manages to take Matt Taven out from behind with a huge clothesline. But before anything else can happen, The Kingdom jumps Oyster pretty quick. They all take turns kicking and punching Oyster. Bennett tells everyone to get back and he pulls Oyster up by the head and connects with The Miracle in Progress (Samoan Driver) to the steel stage. Oyster manages to get to one knee but TK O’Ryan connects with a running knee to the face. O’Ryan picks Oyster up and plants him back on the stage with The Michinoku Driver. The Kingdom stands tall over the fallen Oyster before kicking him off the stage and walking to the back.

Anti-Hope (Mark Snider, Justin Langley & Darren Wadforth) (c) vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) (Trios Title Match)
The bell rings and let the slug fest begin. All six men start throwing punches and trading moves. The Wyatt Family has the clear size and strength advantage. Snider clotheslines Wyatt over the top rope then follows him out. Harper hits Langley with a huge boot as Rowan hits Wadforth with a spinning high kick. The Wyatt Family controls the match for 15 minutes. Langley is in a rough spot. Rowan tosses Langley in the corner and tags Harper. Harper whips Rowan towards Langley but Langley ducks out of the way and Rowan hits the turnbuckle. Harper runs at Langley but Langley ducks and Harper hits Rowan with a big boot. While Harper is in disbelief, Langley hits a jumping neckbreaker. Langley slowly crawls to his corner and tags in Snider. Snider runs over and flips Wyatt over the top rope into the ring. Rowan tries to attack Snider but Mark moves and Rowan hits Wyatt and sends him out of the ring. Snider squashes Rowan in the corner with a splash. Rowan drops to his butt in the corner and Snider hits a running hip attack that seems to lay Rowan out. Langley and Wadforth hit a double Superkick that sends Harper out of the ring. Snider calls for the end. Snider climbs to the top rope and waits. Harper attempts to get in the ring but Wyatt holds him back. Wadforth picks up Rowan in an electric chair as he and Langley hit All Hope Is Gone (Electric chair/Elevated RKO combo). Snider comes off the top rope with a Frog Splash and goes for the cover, 1...2...3.
Winners and STILL Trios Champions: Anti-Hope

Bray Wyatt stands on the ramp and laughs as Anti-Hope holds their belts high and we go to a break.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Charles Offord vs. Roman Reigns (World Title Match)
All four men are in the ring and the trash talking starts right away. Offord and Reigns immediately go towards one another leaving Styles standing chest-to-face with Strowman. The bell rings and all hell breaks loose. Offord and Reigns start slugging it out. Styles starts throwing kicks and punches but is grabbed and thrown into the corner where Strowman charges and hits his running splash. Offord and Reigns are on the other side of the ring with Offord backing Reigns into the corner. Strowman sees this and charges them. Offord side steps Strowman causing him to squash Reigns. Offord and Strowman then stand in the middle of the ring with Strowman towering over Offord. Offord starts throwing punches with none of them affecting Strowman who in return grabs Offord and tosses him across the ring. Offord gets to his feet and eats a big boot that sends him out of the ring. Reigns charges from the corner and hits a Superman Punch that staggers Strowman and turns him around where Styles springboards and hits The Phenomenal Forearm. Strowman turns around from the impact right into a spear from Reigns. Reigns takes little time to go after Styles who meets him with a jumping forearm followed by some stiff leg kicks and back fists. Styles hits the ropes but is met with a Superman Punch that leaves Reigns the lone man standing in the ring. Strowman and Offord slide into the ring to meet Reigns who goes after Offord. Strowman charges again but misses the two men and hits the ref. Offord and Reigns look at the ref then Strowman and double clothesline Strowman out of the ring. Offord and Reigns then go at it again with Offord moving at the last moment as Styles comes flying in with another forearm knocking Reigns out. Offord and Styles stand in the ring face-to-face. Offord lands a knee to the mid-section then a short arm clothesline. Offord checks on the ref who is motionless and eats a big boot from Strowman when he gets to his feet. Strowman picks up Styles and hits a Running Powerslam then walks to Offord. Offord is hauled to his feet where he is lifted onto Strowman’s shoulders. Suddenly, John Greatrix appears on the stage in a referee uniform and races to the ring. Strowman turns around with Offord on his shoulder and stares at Greatrix as he slides into the ring. Greatrix doesn’t waste a moment and Johnnie Kicks Strowman who drops to the mat with Offord on top. Greatrix makes a quick count, 1,2,3.
Winner and NEW World Champion: Charles Offord

Charles Offord is handed the title and announced the winner as John Greatrix raises his arm.

Neville vs. Finn Balor (c) (Cruiserweight Title Match)
As Balor and Neville stand in the ring waiting for the bell to ring, Edge comes out on the ramp. Edge: “Tonight, we want, no, we deserve a proper winner. So, I’m making this very clear to everyone on the ALL the rosters. If anyone happens to look at this match wrong, they will be expelled from the CWA and will never wrestle again.” Edge heads to the back and the bell rings. Balor flies across the ring lighting fast and goes for The Shotgun Dropkick but Neville is ready for it and he side steps Balor. As soon as Balor hits the mat, Neville connects with an elbow to the back of the head. Balor is quick to his feet and shoots in again, this time Neville connects with a hip toss but holds on to Balor’s arm and when he hits the mat, Neville goes for The Rings of Saturn. Balor is caught by surprise but it only takes him a few minutes for him to reach the ropes. Neville doesn’t let go until the 5 count. Neville picks Balor up and goes for an overhead belly-to-belly suplex but Balor manages to land on his feet and when Neville turns around, Balor connects with a step up enzuigiri but it only stumbles Neville back. Balor comes off the ropes and hits The Sling Blade. Balor climbs up to the top rope for The Coup de Grace but Neville meets him on the top rope and hits a Frankensteiner from the top. Neville goes for The Red Arrow but Balor gets his knees up just in time. Neville uses the ropes to get to his feet and as soon as he stands, Balor connects with The Shotgun Dropkick and follows it up with The Coup de Grace and goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Finn Balor

As soon as Balor is declared the winner, Edge comes out on the stage. Edge: “Congrats to both of you. You both put on an amazing match but I’m out here to remind the locker room that nothing happens to either member tonight, or you will be fired.”

John Greatrix (c) vs. Randy Orton (Million Dollar Title Match) (Steel Cage Match)
This is an old school cage that has an enclosed top so these two men can’t get out. The only way to win is by pinfall or submission. As soon as the bell rings, Randy goes after Greatrix. Greatrix hits the rope but is met with a snap Powerslam. Randy picks up Greatrix and throws him into the cage and instantly busts him open. Randy sets up Greatrix on the ropes and hits a Rope Hung DDT. Orton goes for the pin but Greatrix kicks out at 2. After 30 minutes of back-and-forth fighting, both men are bleeding and exhausted. Both men go into the ropes and hit a double clothesline and both men are down. After a few minutes, both men manage to get to their feet. Both men are up and Greatrix blows a green mist but Randy avoids it and Greatrix hits the ref and Charles Robinson is down. Randy grabs Greatrix and hits The RKO. Randy goes for a pin but there is no ref. Randy tries to help Robinson but it’s no use so he calls for another ref to get to the ring. Just then, Charles Offord runs to the ring with a referee shirt on. I’m feeling déjà vu. Offord has a key to the cage and gets in the ring. Randy gets in Offord’s face and starts shouting. Offord pushes Randy back, right into a Tiger Suplex from Greatrix. Offord picks up Charles Robinson and hits The Chuck Bottom. Offord picks up his limp body again, throws him out of the cage, closes the door and throws the key into the audience. Offord picks up Randy and The Snake Brothers hit their Johnnie Kick/Chuck Bottom combo. Greatrix says they aren’t finished. Greatrix sets up Randy in a Powerbomb and Offord comes off the top rope with a Sitting Senton. Greatrix covers Orton and Offord counts, 1......2......3.
Winner and STILL Million Dollar Champion: John Greatrix

After the match, as Greatrix and Offord are celebrating and taunting the crowd in the ring, Braun Strowman’s music hits and he slowly makes his way to the ring. Greatrix and Offord are laughing and pointing out the fact that the cage is still surrounding them and Strowman can’t get in. After a few seconds, the cage starts to lift and the expression on The Snake Brothers’ faces changes very quickly. Once the cage is up, Strowman starts laughing. As Strowman tries to get in the ring, Offord tries to clothesline Strowman off the ring but is met with a big back elbow. Strowman is in the ring and Greatrix rushes at him. Strowman hits a big boot and Greatrix is down. Strowman picks up Offord and Greatrix on his shoulder at the same time and hits a Running Powerslam to both men. Strowman picks up both the World and Million Dollar titles and holds them above his head as he stands over the fallen Snake Brothers and the show ends.

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