Raw #145 - August, Week #3

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Raw #145 - August, Week #3

Post  John Greatrix on Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:51 pm

The show opens with cameras out in the parking lot where John Greed and Abyss are fighting. Abyss throws Greed into the side of a parked moving truck then follows it up with a splash. Abyss picks Greed up off the ground and slams his head against the truck. Greed manages to get his foot up and stops the attack. Greed connects with a kick to the gut and throws Abyss into the truck head first. Abyss stumbles out and Greed connects with backdrop to the cement. Greed climbs on top of Abyss and starts punching Abyss in the face. Greed lifts Abyss up and throws him over the hood of a car. Greed climbs up on the car with Abyss and hits a Samoan Drop putting Abyss through the windshield. Greed walks off as EMTs and security check on Abyss.

Edge is in the ring watching all this on the Titan Tron. Edge: “Well, that was something. But, it gave me a great idea. At Summerslam, John Greed will defend his hardcore title against the monster Abyss in a hardcore match. But, that’s not why I’m out here tonight. It seems like we’ve got a little pest problem with The Bullet Club as of late. We need to have a number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship. So tonight, it’s going to be simple. Jack Gallagher and Neville will go one-on-one tonight to crown the number one contender. If any member of The Bullet Club either signed or not interferes with the match, The Bullet Club will be fired from the CWA.”

Kevin Owens vs. Tarik
As soon as the bell rings, Tarik charges at Owens taking him off guard. Tarik lands several chops in the corner. The ref breaks them apart but Tarik lands a cheap punch before they are separated. Tarik goes for a dropkick but Owens side steps it and Tarik only connects with air. Owens drops a knee to the back of Tarik’s head before picking him up and hitting a Powerbomb back to the mat. Owens picks Tarik up and tosses him into the corner and connects with a running clothesline dropping Tarik. Owens follows up with The Cannonball. He drags Tarik to his feet and connects with the Package Piledriver and goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Kevin Owens

After the match, as Kevin Owens is making his way up the ramp, The Kingdom attacks him from behind. Owens doesn’t stand a chance as the numbers are just too much for him. The Kingdom beats down Owens as Mike Bennett drags Owens to the edge of the stage. Bennett picks up a limp Owens and hits The Power of Love (Samoan Driver) from the stage to the bare floor. The rest of The Kingdom helps Bennett up to his feet. All 4 members pose for the camera as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial to Renee Young standing in the back with Becky Lynch. Renee: “Becky, what brings you here tonight?” Becky: “Well Renee, it’s simple. I’ve busted my ass off for this company and keep getting overlooked. Last week, I beat the number 1 contender and where does that get me? Nowhere. All these women just seem like they can come in and demand title shots. Well Anarchy, if you’re not too scared, why don’t you and I step in the ring next week and I’ll prove to everyone in the back why I deserve that title shot?” Sarah Logan walks on camera. Logan: “You know Becky, I couldn’t help but notice your whining. They know who deserves a shot at that title and you’ve done nothing but lose match after match. So what makes you so sure you deserve another shot at the women’s title again?” Logan hits a stiff right hand knocking Lynch on her ass before walking off laughing to herself.

Neville vs. Jack Gallagher
The bell rings and both men go all out. After an amazing 20 minutes of wrestling action, Neville finally gets the upper hand after catching Gallagher with a springboard dropkick from the outside. Neville picks Gallagher up and sets him up on the top rope and hits a Superplex. Neville gets to his feet and locks in The Rings of Saturn. Gallagher is fighting it and trying to reach for the ropes. Gallagher manages to get a foot on the rope, pushes off and reveres The Rings of Saturn into a pin, 1…2… but Neville kicks out at a two count. Neville and Gallagher both get to their feet at the same time and stare at each other. Neville goes in for a running clothesline but Gallagher ducks under it and Neville collides with the turnbuckle. Gallagher doesn’t waste any time and goes in for The Gentleman’s Dropkick but Neville moves out of the way and Gallagher bags himself on the ring post. Neville drags Gallagher out to the middle of the ring and locks in The Rings of Saturn. Gallagher taps out.
Winner and NEW Number One Contender: Neville

After the match, The Bullet Club makes their way out on the stage and start slowly walking towards the ring. All of a sudden, the lights go out and when they come back on, Finn Balor is standing on the ramp holding a chair. Kenny Omega runs at Balor but Balor plants him in the head with the chair, dropping him like a ton of bricks. Oyster’s music hits and he comes out on the stage. Oyster: “Welcome back Finn. Tonight, I suggest that The Bullet Club just makes their way to the back before they get hurt. But fear not. Mr. Balor has requested a match for next week and I think I’ll grant it. Next week, Finn Balor will go one-on-one with Cody Rhodes and again, if any of The Bullet Club gets involved, the entire group will be fired. Have a nice day boys.” As Oyster turns and leaves, security rushes out and stands in between The Bullet Vlub and Finn Balor as we go off air.

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