Nitro #118 - July, Week #5

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Nitro #118 - July, Week #5

Post  John Greatrix on Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:11 pm

Charles Offord’s music hits with him and Lana appearing on the stage and then making their way to the ring. Offord: “Ladies and Gentlemen, what we saw last week on Nitro was not best for business. Mass Genocide beating Brock Lesnar to the point he needed to be stretchered away was not good for business. But good business comes at a cost and Brock Lesnar’s insubordination and constant lack of respect for authority could not be overlooked anymore. As a result, a precedent was set. So, to all the superstars in the back, I implore you to watch that segment again and then again just to let it sink in. We are here to run this show and if everyone back there does their job and listens to us, the show runs smoothly and with zero issues. If you don’t, well like I said, just watch this past Nitro. That is in the past and we are just a few days away from the Great American Bash so let’s get on with the show.”

Carmella w/James Ellsworth vs. Jessicka Havok
Carmella is in the ring looking none too happy as she waits for her opponent. Havok appears on the stage and makes her way to the ring. Ellsworth appears from backstage with a steel chair in hand and plants it on the back of Havok’s head leaving her face down on the ramp. Carmella starts screaming at the ref to start the match and after a bit of hesitation, he does. Immediately, the ref is required to start the 10 count. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8… Havok begins to move causing Ellsworth to sprint into the ring, 9…10.
Winner by Count Out: Carmella

Jessicka Havok has been counted out with Carmella and Ellsworth jumping for joy in the ring.
Lana appears on the Titan Tron. Lana: “Congratulations Carmella. At Great American Bash, you two will have a rematch. For your sake, I hope Havok has a short term memory.”

Jojo is backstage with Carmella and James Ellsworth. Jojo: “Guys, Lana has forced you into a rematch with the person you just cheated out of a win. What are your thoughts?” Carmella: “Cheated? We outsmarted her and as a result, got a victory. So now I have to have a rematch against this joke of a wrestler and show the whole world once again who the best is.”

John Cena vs. Curtis Axel
John Cena has offered an open challenge match and Curtis Axel has apparently accepted. Axel has been thrown around the ring from the very start and from our count has yet to land any offensive moves. Axel is out on his feet as Cena lines him up and hits The AA in the middle of the ring then goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: John Cena

Bo Dallas appears from the crowd but misses Cena as he slides out of the ring. Cena starts showing he wants the title as Dallas looks after the downed Axel.

Renee Young is in the back with Samoa Joe. Young: “Joe, tonight you face Shinsuke Nakamura for the chance to face AJ Styles at Great American Bash. What is your game plan?” Joe: “It’s real simple Renee, I’m going to go to the ring as usual, do what I do best and put Shinsuke to sleep. Then, I’m going to Great American Bash and I’m going to beat up AJ Styles and take the CWA World Title.”

Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
We are 20 minutes in and what a match this has been. Nakamura was laying a beating on Joe but during the commercial break, Joe took the low route with the ref’s back turned and hasn’t looked back since. Joe has Nakamura in the corner and starts landing some knife edge chops that has Nakamura’s chest pretty red by the end of it. Joe runs to the opposite corner and charges Nakamura where he misses and crashes hard into the turnbuckle. Nakamura goes on the offensive with some vicious leg and body kicks taking Joe to the mat with a stiff thigh kick. Nakamura pounces on the downed Joe and begins landing knee shots that have the crowd wincing with each one. Nakamura stands back and waits for Joe to get to his feet. Once there, he goes in for The Kinshasa but misses. Joe grabs Nakamura and hits The Muscle Buster then goes for the cover, 1…2… but Nakamura gets a shoulder up at the very last second. Joe stands with a very pissed off look on his face, wipes the sweat away and locks on The Coquina Clutch. Nakamura refuses to tap out and makes several attempts at the ropes but never making it to one. Nakamura fades and goes limp with the ref checking on him. His shoulder is raised 3 times and falls to the mat all three times causing the ref to call for the bell.
Winner: Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe stands in the ring triumphant with AJ Styles appearing on the stage. Styles raises the title in the air and points to Joe as the two exchange words with the camera fading out on Joe in the ring.

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