Smackdown #142 - July, Week #4

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Smackdown #142 - July, Week #4

Post  John Greatrix on Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:47 pm

John Greatrix’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. “Last week, Randy Orton decided to jump me from behind after my match. I don’t really blame him. I mean, that’s the only way he’s going to be able to get the upper hand on me. Mark my words Randy. There is no way that you are going to beat me. No matter what you do, it makes no difference. It’s only a matter of time before I take MY title back.” Suddenly, Randy Orton appears behind Greatrix and hits him with The RKO, laying him out in the middle of the ring. Randy smirks and taunts the crowd as his music hits. Randy makes his way up the ramp as the camera pans to John Greatrix holding his head and staring down Randy.

Sasha Banks vs. Abbey Laith
As Sasha is on her way to the ring, Abbey Laith attacks her from behind. Abbey puts the boots to Sasha outside the ring. Abbey picks up Sasha and whips her into the barrier. Abbey taunts the crowd as they boo her. As Sasha pulls herself to her feet, Abbey grabs her and throws her into the stairs. Finally, Abbey throws Sasha into the ring and tells the ref to ring the bell. The ref is reluctant but calls for the bell anyways. Abbey picks up Sasha and hits six German Suplexes and Sasha is left motionless. Abbey pulls Sasha up by the hair and hits The Yoshi Tonic (Leg Trap Sunset Flip Bomb) then rolls through into The Alligator Clutch, 1...2...3.
Winner: Abbey Laith

Charly Caruso is backstage with Kassius Ohno before his match. Caruso: “Kassius, for the last few weeks Bray Wyatt has been taunting you. What do you intend to do about the situation?” Ohno: “Charly, at Great American Bash, I’ll put my title on the line against Bray Wyatt. But until; then, I will continue to go out to that ring and show everyone what I’m the greatest of all time.”

Kassius Ohno vs. Eddie Edwards
Ohno has started this match off like a man possessed. Ohno hits a cravate suplex then locks in a grounded cravate. After 10 minutes of keeping Edwards grounded, Eddie starts making a comeback after he ducks a big boot and gets Ohno hung up on the top rope. Edwards hits a dropkick that sends Ohno out of the ring. Edwards sets up and hits a suicide dive onto Ohno. Edwards is fired up and goes after Ohno. Edwards tosses Ohno back in the ring and follows him in. Edwards tries for a Falcon Arrow but Ohno slips out the back and hits a Rolling Cutter (Cross Rhodes) followed by a running senton. Ohno picks up Edwards and hits The KO (Discus Elbow) and makes the cover, 1...2...3.
Winner: Kassius Ohno

After the match, Bray Wyatt appears on the Titan Tron. Wyatt: “When I was a child, I was a dreamer. I dreamed of glory. I dreamed of a nice house on top of a hill with a white picket fence going all the way around. I dreamed of happiness. Then, I woke up and I realized that I was still stuck in this prison, this rotten world, just like the rest of you until I met her. She told me that I didn't have to be a dreamer anymore. She said that I would achieve everything I ever dreamed of and more. She said that I would change the world. 'They will chant your name and fear your hand. They will bow to you, boy.' What a predicament we find ourselves in now. Around your waist lies my absolution. Around your waist lies my happy ending. Around your waist lies my power. Unfortunately for you Kassius Ohno, you stand in my way of getting that European Title and those who stand in my way, they will burn. Those who walk beside me, they shall be reborn. Look to the sky and follow the buzzards. Run.”

Charly Caruso is in the back once again, this time with Kelly Khaos and Matt Riddle. Charly: “Kelly Khaos, you have been put in a tag team match with your opponent at Great American Bash, Matt Riddle. How are you two going to co-exist?” Kelly: “Charly, we may be opponents at the pay-per-view but tonight we are partners and we need to work together. Chuck Taylor and Drew Gulak, you better be ready because we are.” Riddle: “Bro.” The Gentleman’s Club music hits as we go to the ring.

Kelly Khaos & Matt Riddle vs. The Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor & Drew Gulak)
Kelly Khaos and Chuck Taylor start off the match but Taylor doesn’t want to hit her because she’s a woman. Kelly shrugs her shoulders then slaps Taylor across the face. Taylor falls to his butt then tags in Gulak. Gulak walks up to Kelly and starts saying something to her but she apparently doesn’t like it as she slaps him too. Gulak staggers a few steps back then runs at Kelly. Kelly counters with a drop toe hold then jumps up to a headlock. After a few minutes of chain wrestling, both competitors tag out. Riddle and Taylor take over where Kelly and Gulak left off. This match goes on for 20 minutes. Gulak hits Kelly with The Spine Splitter (Back Suplex Backbreaker) then eats a running elbow from Riddle. Taylor grabs Riddle for The Awful Waffle but Riddle fights him off. While the ref is trying to get Gulak and Kelly out of the ring, Eddie Kingston makes his way to the ring and hits Chuck Taylor with The Backfist to the Future then runs out through the crowd. Riddle grabs the stunned Taylor and hits The Bro to Sleep. Taylor is stunned and backs up into Khaos who hits a Blue Thunder Bomb, 1...2...3.
Winners: Kelly Khaos & Matt Riddle

After the match, Kelly Khaos and Matt Riddle shake hands. They each say some stuff to each other and Kelly rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp. Riddle is left in the ring to celebrate with the Television Title as the show ends.

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