Smackdown #141 - July, Week #3

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Smackdown #141 - July, Week #3

Post  John Greatrix on Wed Jul 12, 2017 8:07 pm

John Greatrix’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. The fans do not like him as they shower him with boos and profanities. Greatrix grabs a mic. Greatrix: “Randy Orton, last week, I taught you a lesson about running your mouth. You came out here and talked about how you were going to challenge me and walk out of Great American Bash the winner and take the Million Dollar Title with you. Well guess what. That title is mine and there is nothing you can do to keep that title. You never beat me for it. You won a tournament against a bunch of losers that aren’t one tenth of the level I am. At Great American Bash, I’m going to prove just that. But before that, tonight, I have been challenged by Elias Samson. Elias, you’ve made a huge mistake.” Greatrix throws the mic down and heads to the back as we go to commercial.

Anti-Hope (Mark Snider, Darren Wadforth & Justin Langley) vs. Real Fuerza Aerea (Aero Star, Argenis & Laredo Kid)
Real Fuerza Aerea has been on a tear lately as they’ve won numerous house show matches lately. They requested a match against the Trios Champions to try and prove themselves and hopefully get a future title shot if they can pull off the victory tonight. Unfortunately, things have not gone in their favour. Things were pretty even until Mark Snider got in the ring after about 10 minutes. Snider’s size and strength has been too much for his opponents. Snider hits a Lariat on Argenis as Wadforth and Langley hits stereo RKOs on Laredo Kid and Aero Star. Anti-Hope looks to end the match as Wadforth picks up Argenis in an Electric Chair position. Wadforth and Langley hit Argenis with All Hope Is Gone (Electric Chair/Super RKO combo). Snider follows up with a running big splash and goes for the pin, 1...2...3.
Winners: Anti-Hope

The lights go out and The Wyatt Family appears on the Titan Tron. Bray: “Sometimes I wish that I could feel pain. But I am different. We should all embrace our differences, right kids? For instance, if I lost to you, Kassius, then why can't I stop smiling? And why do I feel so good? Because I saw it in your eyes, Kassius. For the first time I realized that you are not hollow in there. It's right here, it's inside of you, Kassius. And it's something that I know all too well because when I look inside myself, I see the good, I see the bad, I see everything. I see dreams you haven't dreamed, and worlds you haven't discovered. I see miracles. My mind is endless, and I am free. It must have been so frightening for you, Kassius. Because you were this close, you were right there. All you needed was one last little push. And now I realize that I have to go to new extremes if I want to bring out the monster that I know exists in you. So strap it on, Kassius, because this party is far from over.”

Dillon Andrews vs. Aiden English
Both men start the match hot and fast. English hits a running clothesline then a running forearm. English kicks Andrews in the gut then hits a swinging neckbreaker. English looks to hit The Director’s Cut (Cobra Clutch Sitout Side Slam) but Andrews slips out and ducks behind him. Andrews pushes English into the ref and knocks him down. As the ref is getting up, Andrews hits English with a low blow. Andrews hits The Emerald Flowsion then locks in The Texas Cloverleaf. The ref is up and checks on English who taps out.
Winner: Dillon Andrews

We go backstage to Abbey Laith with Charly Caruso. Charly: “Abbey, last week you made a surprise debut on Smackdown and attacked Sasha Banks after her match. Why?” Abbey: “Charly, when I got the call from John Greatrix telling me that I had been traded to Smackdown, I was excited. Well, I was excited until I actually got here. As I’m walking around and introducing myself to everyone who might not know me, I hear everyone talking about Sasha Banks and how great she is. Last time I checked, she wasn’t the first ever female World Heavyweight Champion. When I beat Hallowicked in the middle of the Chikara ring on May 7, 2016, I began the REAL women’s revolution. I have been fighting again men twice my size my entire career and I was beating them all and I got nothing. Then, you get someone like Sasha Banks who has done nothing credible and gets all the title shots and big matches. So Sasha, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m gunning for you. Next week, I’ll see you in the ring.” Abbey Laith walks away as we go to commercial.

John Greatrix vs. Elias Samson
Greatrix starts the match like a man possessed. Greatrix hits a huge Lariat and Samson is down early. Greatrix jumps on Samson and locks in The Anaconda Choke. Samson manages to get a foot on the ropes and Greatrix breaks the hold. Greatrix continues to beat down Samson for a solid 15 minutes but doesn’t go for a pin. Greatrix hits a Springboard Stunner and looks to have had enough. Greatrix hits a running big boot. Greatrix picks up Samson and hits a Michinoku Driver. Greatrix drags Samson to the middle of the ring and locks in The Picton Cloverleaf. Samson tries to struggle but inevitably taps out.
Winner: John Greatrix

After the match, as soon as Greatrix stands up after the pin, Randy Orton comes out of nowhere and hits The RKO. Orton holds the Million Dollar Title over his head as he stands over John Greatrix as the show ends.

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