Raw #140 - July, Week #3

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Raw #140 - July, Week #3

Post  John Greatrix on Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:29 pm

We start the show with Finn Balor in the ring. Finn: “Last week, Kenny Omega won a chance for him and Cody to have a shot at my Cruiserweight Title at Great American Bash. All I have to say to that is good luck. At Great American Bash, The Demon is coming to play and there is not a damn thing you are going to be able to do about it. You see, you two are not the only ones who can get matches scheduled. I had a nice long talk with Oyster last week and tonight, I will be taking on Kenny Omega. Omega, you better believe that this is going to be the fight of your life.”

Mike Bennett vs. Colt Cabana
This is a great 20 minute match with a lot of back-and-forth wrestling. Cabana gets the upper hand after Bennett goes for a splash in the corner and Cabana moves out of the way. Bennett connects with the ring post and stumbles back into a Release German Suplex from Cabana. Cabana is quick to lock in The Billy Goat’s Curse (Reverse Boston Crab). Bennett is struggling to make it to the ropes. Just before Bennett taps out, Matt Taven rushes the ring and pulls Cabana off of Bennett. The ref instantly calls for the bell.
Winner by disqualification: Colt Cabana

After the match, Taven and Bennett continue to beat down Cabana. Taven picks Cabana up and connects with The Climax (Arm Trap Headlock Driver). Oyster walks out on the stage. “You know something Bennett? Your Kingdom has caused a lot of problems for me these last few weeks. You beat me up and took me off TV. Well everything is going to change for you.” Oyster slowly makes his way down to the ring. Taven and Bennett stand at the ropes waiting for Oyster to get close enough. Taven and Bennett are attacked from behind by Kevin Owens and Hallowicked. From the back, TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia come rushing down to the ring. Oyster turns around and connects with a double clothesline dropping both men to the ground. Hallowicked connects with The Rydeen Bomb and Owens drops Bennett with The Package Piledriver. Oyster rolls in the ring and checks on Cabana. We go to commercial break with Oyster, Hallowicked, Kevin Owens and Colt Cabana standing strong in the ring.

Anarchy vs. Mickie James
Anarchy explodes out of the corner nearly taking James’ head off with a clothesline. James uses the ropes to get to her feet but Anarchy connects with an elbow to the back of James’ head. Anarchy hits The Crucifix Driver then locks in The Scorpion Deathlock. Mickie James tries to make it to the ropes but Anarchy pulls her back and locks it in deeper. James has no chance but to tap out.
Winner: Anarchy

After the match, Anarchy calls for the mic. “Becky Lynch, do you see this? This is what happens to anyone who crosses me. You may have won the number one contendership for the Women's Title but I promise you this…You will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands if you want to take it.” Anarchy drops the mic and begins to head out of the ring when Becky Lynch’s music hits. Lynch comes out on the stage then runs down to the ring to meet Anarchy on the outside. The two women start punching each other. Lynch ends up with the upper hand and throws Anarchy into the steel steps. Anarchy crumbles to the floor. Lynch locks in The Dis-arm-her. Anarchy is screaming and tapping the ground like crazy. Lynch lets go of the hold, picks up the Women’s Title and holds it above her head.

As Omega comes down to the ring, Balor comes running down from behind and hits a clothesline to the back of Omega’s head. Omega rolls down the ramp with Balor kicking him all the way down. Balor picks Omega up and forces him back first into the ring apron. Balor rolls Omega into the ring. Omega uses the ropes to get to his feet. The ref checks on him and he pushes the ref away and the bell rings.

Kenny Omega vs. Finn Balor
Balor flies across the ring and connects with a shotgun dropkick sending Omega crashing into the corner. Balor grabs him by the legs, lifts him up and plants him to the mat with a sitout powerbomb and holds for the cover, 1…2… but Omega manages to get his hands on the bottom rope. Balor pulls Omega out of the corner, sits him up and connects with a running dropkick to his face. Balor climbs up top and hits The Coup de Grace and goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Finn Balor

After the match, Cody Rhodes comes running down to the ring. As he gets to the ring, Jack Gallagher seems to jump from the audience and brings his umbrella down across Rhodes’ head dropping him to the mat. Gallagher slides in the ring with Balor. Balor throws Omega over the top rope to the outside. We go off the air with Balor and Gallagher standing victorious in the ring.

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