Nitro #115 - July, Week #2

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Nitro #115 - July, Week #2

Post  John Greatrix on Fri Jul 07, 2017 9:41 pm

Roman Reigns’ music hits and he is greeted with a sea of boos as he appears on stage and makes his way to the ring. Reigns: “What ya’ll so angry about? Is everyone mad because I’m THE guy in this company and no one can come to terms with that? People need to understand that when you are in this ring, you are in my yard and you better believe that. I’m here standing in this ring and I’m not leaving until I get what I want.” Charles Offord appears on the stage with Lana. Offord: “Your yard eh? I’ve asked that AJ Styles take the night off to avoid injury so I’m in need of a main event competitor. Tell you what Roman. Tonight, you will be part of the main event but you will need to find a tag team partner. Tonight you face Mass Genocide with or without a partner. So, if I were you, I would leave that ring and start looking for a partner. Tick tock, Roman. Tick tock.”

Nia Jax vs. Summer Rae
Once both women are in the ring, the Women’s Tag Team champions appear on the stage and make their way to the announce table to watch the match. Jax has completely manhandled Summer and we are only five minutes into the match. Charlotte and Alexa Bliss are helping commentate on the match when Jax hits Summer with a Jumping Leg Drop and goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Nia Jax

As soon as the 3 count hits, Charlotte and Alexa slide into the ring and attacked Jax. The two women aren’t able to get Jax off her feet and she hits a double clothesline flooring the champs. Charlotte and Alexa slide out of the ring shocked at what just happened with Jax standing in the ring motioning for them to come back.

The cameras go backstage to see Roman Reigns talking to several people who then quickly walk away when they hear who his opponents are. Reigns then walks into the locker room hoping to find a partner.

Heath Slater vs. Rusev
Slater has been giving it his all but has been unable to take Rusev off his feet. Rusev is using his superior strength and has Slater in the corner and starts landing shoulder check after shoulder check almost folding Slater in two with each one. Slater crumbles out of the corner with Rusev taunting the crowd then walking over to the downed Slater and applying The Accolade. Slater is in the middle of the ring and unable to reach the ropes and is forced him to tap out.
Winner: Rusev

Rusev is in the ring celebrating when a hooded figure jumps the security barrier, slides into the ring and applies a Sleeper Hold on Rusev. Security is quick to remove the man from the ring and when the hood comes off, the crowd is shocked to see the man is Samoa Joe. Rusev is sitting in the ring staring at Joe who is escorted up the ramp smiling all the way.

Roman Reigns is still looking for a partner when he stops dead in his tracks. The camera pans to what he is looking at and it is Seth Rollins. Rollins: “I hear you need a hand in delivering some justice tonight. I’ll be your partner. Let’s go out there and show them whose yard Mass Genocide is standing in.” The two men shake hands and make their way to the ring as their entrance music hits.

Mass Genocide (Sadistic & Psychotic) w/Ted Dibiase vs. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins
Rollins and Reigns were attacked on their way to the ring by Mass Genocide. Rollins was Powerbombed off the stage onto some tables by Sadistic. Reigns was dragged to the ring and tossed inside. The ref is hesitant to call for the bell but after a few seconds, calls for the start of the match. Reigns has been completely isolated in Mass Genocide’s corner since the start of the match. Mass Genocide has made frequent tags keeping a fresh man in the ring at all times. Reigns starts to make a comeback on Psychotic but it is cut short when Sadistic hits him with a running Yakuza Kick that floors him. Psychotic recovers, whips Reigns into their corner and hits a missive running clothesline then tags Sadistic. Charles Offord appears on the Titan Tron, extends a hand and gives Reigns the thumbs down. Mass Genocide then hits The Final Solution. Sadistic goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winners: Mass Genocide

Offord appears on the Titan Tron once more. Offord: “Roman, this may be your yard but here on Nitro this is my world. I hope tonight has taught you a very valuable life lesson of don’t bite the hand that feeds you and if you haven’t learned that lesson, then next week, Mass Genocide will educate you on the matter once again.” The camera goes from the downed Reigns in the ring to the hurt Rollins being attended to by EMTs. The camera zooms in on the motionless Reigns as it fades to black.

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