Nitro #114 - June, Week #5

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Nitro #114 - June, Week #5

Post  John Greatrix on Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:17 pm

AJ Styles’ music hits and the crowd erupts as he appears on the stage and makes his way to the ring. Styles stands in the ring as the crowd is chanting “AJ Styles…AJ Styles…AJ Styles.” Styles: “Did everyone enjoy Money in the Bank? I did too, as it’s never easy when Shinsuke Nakamura is your opponent. But, we are currently in need of a new number one contender for my title so how about old Shinsuke and I go at it one more time until the powers that be find someone else?” The crowd roars as Shinsuke Nakamura’s music hits. Nakamura slowly makes his way to the ring, slides into the ring and stands face-to-face with Styles. Nakamura smiles and nods then leaves the ring. Styles stands in the ring smiling and watching Nakamura walk up the ramp.

The Miz is in the ring with Maryse, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. The Miz tries to speak and is booed almost out of the building every time he raises the mic. Miz: “When my hand goes up, your mouths stay shut! Don’t be angry because we outsmarted The New Day for the US Title. What you see here is the new future of the CWA. These two men have been severely underused but now they will be famous. Now these two men will adjust to the A list of Hollywood and together we will take the CWA by storm.” Lana appears on the stage. Lana: “Miz, you had to cheat to win that title so it’s only fair that Kofi Kingston gets a rematch tonight and that match is next.”

The Miz (c) w/Maryse, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas vs. Kofi Kingston w/Big E & Xavier Woods (United States Title Match)
Miz has been on the defensive the entire match as we hit the 15 minute mark. Kingston has Miz in the corner and landing some knife edge chops. Kingston runs into the opposite corner and then charges at The Miz and hits a flying splash. Miz drops to one knee and Kingston moves back looking like he is ready to end it. Kingston goes in for Trouble in Paradise but misses as Miz is pulled out of the ring by Axel and the entourage heads up the ramp. The ref starts his 10 count then calls for the bell when he reaches 10. The Miz is smiling on the ramp as The New Day stands in the ring yelling at The Miz.
Winner by count out: Kofi Kingston

Jojo meets up with The Entourage and Miz as they are walking through the back. Jojo: “Miz, do you not think that Kofi Kingston deserves better than this?” Miz: “No. No one deserves anything when it comes to this title. It’s mine and I will do whatever I can to keep it and no one is going to tell me otherwise.” The Entourage pushes Jojo aside clearing the way for Miz and Maryse as they leave camera.

Renee Young is in the back with AJ Styles. Renee: “AJ, you two have a history of putting on some of the greatest matches in wrestling history and tonight you go at each other once again.” Styles: “That’s right, Renee. One thing wrestling has been missing for some time now is a fighting champion and AJ Styles is their saviour. AJ Styles is on top of the CWA and I’m going to take this company to new heights.”

AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (World Title Match)
It has been impossible to say who the fan favourite is tonight as the crowd has been extremely vocal for both wrestlers. Styles is in control at the moment after landing a spinning forearm that landed on Nakamura’s chin, sending him crashing to the mat. 10 minutes go by when Nakamura hits a flurry of kicks and fits that floors Styles. Nakamura collapses shortly after and the ref starts the 10 count. Both men are barely up at 9 and start landing forearm shots that seem to have zero effect on the other man. Styles starts landing more and more shots that have Nakamura on the defensive and is then floored by a spin heel kick. Styles goes to the apron and waits for Nakamura to get to his feet. Once there, Styles pounces with The Phenomenal Forearm. Nakamura hits The Kinshasa on Styles just as he hits the ground. The crowd is going crazy as Nakamura puts one arm on Styles, 1…2… but Styles just barely kicks out. The crowd can’t believe it as both men slowly make their way to their feet. Once to their feet, they freeze as Braun Strowman appears from under the ring then attacks, landing a double clothesline causing the ref to call for the bell.
Winner: No contest

Braun Strowman picks up both men, one in each hand and hits a double chokeslam. Strowman stands over both men, holds both arms up and yells to the crowd as the camera fades.

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