Nitro #110 - June, Week #1

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Nitro #110 - June, Week #1

Post  John Greatrix on Sat Jun 03, 2017 1:53 am

Charles Offord’s music hits and he and Lana appear on the stage to a surprising amount of cheers then make their way to the ring. Offord: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are less than a week from Slamboree and as John Greatrix put it this past Smackdown, it was good but it was lacking something. So, with him looking to return to the title spotlight, I think it’s about time I did the same. We have gained some amazing talent the last few months but when it comes to best for business, there is only one guy that should have the World Title. A.J. Styles is that guy of course. I’m nowhere ready for intense wrestling and will need some warm up matches. So tonight…” “AWESOME.” The Miz and Maryse appear on the stage to a thunderous amount of boos. Miz: “You think you can just walk out there and declare yourself eligible for a World Title shot? Did we just hear that correctly? No one here is as popular, talented or deserving of a title shot then ME! I demand that you stand down and give me what I was brought over here for.” Lana: “Miz, no one likes you around here so please go to the back before something bad happens to you.” The Miz looks around then walks backstage. Offord: “As I was saying, tonight in the main event, our newest member to the Nitro roster, Shinsuke Nakamura will be in action and later tonight the Women’s Tag Team Titles will be on the line.” Offord and Lana toss the mics, leave the ring and head up the ramp.

Brian Cage vs. Health Slater
We are being told that Health Slater has requested this match to show everyone that he is worthy of a title shot. We are just 10 minutes into the match and Slater is face down in the ring. Cage has completely dominated him and stands in the ring looking like he is ready to end it. Slater is slow to his feet and once there, Cage grabs in a Powerbomb position. Slater takes the first two Powerbombs well but isn’t able to counter the finale and is planted firmly in the middle of the ring. Cage goes for the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Brian Cage

Jojo is in the back trying to catch up to the Miz and Maryse who appear to be leaving the arena. Jojo: “Miz, with everything that happened at the beginning of the show, what are your plans?” Miz: “I am an “A” list celebrity and this is how I am treated? If Nitro doesn’t want to respect my talents then I will go someplace that will.” The two get into a limo which leaves the arena.

Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair & Alexa Bliss (Women’s Tag Team Title Match)
Banks and Lynch have been a force to be reckoned with tonight as they have been taking it to the challengers. Lynch has Bliss in the corner and is landing repeated knife edge chops and knees to the midsection. Bliss stumbles out of the corner and is clotheslined to the mat. Banks is tagged in and starts to work on Bliss. Banks has Bliss horizontal in the corner, climbs the ropes and lands her double knee drop to the gut. Banks goes for a cover, 1…2… but Charlotte dives in to break up the count. Lynch tries to enter the ring but the ref stops her, allowing Charlotte to hit a big boot on Banks then drag Bliss to her corner. Charlotte yells at the ref then tags herself in. Charlotte begins to work on Banks’ knee leaving her on the mat crying in agony. Charlotte grabs Banks’ legs, “Woos” to the crowd and locks in The Figure Eight. Lynch and Bliss enter the ring and double clothesline each other then roll out of the ring. Banks is yelling in pain and is almost to the ropes when Charlotte drags her back to the middle of the ring causing Banks to tap. Charlotte and Bliss stand triumphant in the ring as they hold their new titles.
Winners and NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions: Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss

Renee Young is shown standing at Shinsuke Nakamura’s dressing room when the door opens and he appears. Nakamura looks at Renee, smiles and then makes his way to the ring. Renee scratches her head and then sends it back to the announce table.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Charles Offord w/Lana
Nakamura is in the ring with the crowd singing his entrance music as Offord’s music hits. He appears on the stage in wrestling attire with Lana and then makes his way to the ring. The two stand in the ring face-to-face when the ref starts the match. 20 minutes into the match and both men are still going strong. Offord has control and lands his double backbreaker into a sidewalk slam then goes for the cover, 1…2… but Nakamura gets a shoulder up. Offord hauls him to his feet, tosses him into the ropes and misses a clothesline. Nakamura ducks and rolls Offord into a Cross Armbreaker. Offord has nowhere to go and is holding on for dear life. Offord manages to get to his feet and with some impressive strength picks Nakamura up and slams him to the mat. Both men are down and the ref starts the 10 count. Nakamura is up at 7, Offord is up at 8 and catches a body kick from Nakamura who then lands an enzuigiri that floors Offord. Nakamura goes for a cover, 1…2…but Offord kicks out at the last moment. 10 minutes later, Nakamura is in the corner and looks ready to land The Kinshasa with Offord slow to get up. Nakamura goes for it with Offord moving out of the way, grabs Nakamura and lands a Fisherman Buster then covers, 1…2…thre, Nakamura gets a shoulder up at the very last moment. Offord slides off Nakamura and puts one hand on his head. Both men are clearly exhausted at this point. Offord brings Nakamura to his feet and sets up The Chuck Bottom. Nakamura starts landing elbows, causing Offord to release the hold. Nakamura lands two stiff leg kicks that drop Offord to one knee then hits the ropes. On the rebound, Nakamura lands a devastating Kinshasa (much like Randy Orton) out of nowhere. Nakamura goes for a cover, 1…2…3.
Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

The ref raises Nakamura hand when the Miz appears in street clothes from the crowd and blindsides Nakamura out of the ring. Miz stalks Offord as he slowly gets to his feet. Miz locks in and hits The Skull-Crushing Finale, planting Offord face first on the mat. The Miz stands in the ring with a huge smile on his face as the cameras fade.

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