Raw #134 - May, Week #5

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Raw #134 - May, Week #5

Post  John Greatrix on Wed May 31, 2017 1:27 am

We start the show with Oyster in the ring. Oyster: “Last night at Slamboree, Mike Bennett attacked me unprovoked. Let's show the clip.” The clip plays from last night showing Bennett throwing the chair at Oyster then hitting two Piledrivers onto it. Oyster: “I received 12 stitches to close the wound in my head. I am not cleared to wrestle tonight but the good news is Mike Bennett is. So tonight, Mike Bennett is going to step into the ring with Samoa Joe. And next week Mike Bennett, when I’m cleared to wrestle, you better be ready for a fight because we’re going to have a good old fashioned street fight.”

We go backstage to Renee Young. Renee: “I’m here with Jack Gallagher. Jack, what are your thoughts on the attack from Cody Rhodes and the stealing of your belt?” Jack: “Well Renee, it’s bloody disgusting. He was supposed to be suspended. I just want to thank security for their lack of competence and he better watch his back. He took my property and that doesn’t sit well with me. I will take back what's mine. But…” Finn Balor walks on screen and stands beside Gallagher. Balor: “You know Jack, we’ve had our differences but I think tonight we should give Rhodes some justice. What do you say about you and me teaming up and if Cody boy can find someone to team with, we meet him in the ring next week?” Jack: “You know what Finn? That is a great idea.” Balor and Gallagher shake hands as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial break and Johnny Mundo is in the ring. Mundo: “John Greed, why don’t you get your ass down here and put that hardcore championship on the line.” Greed’s music hits and he rushes the ring.

John Greed (c) vs. Johnny Mundo (Hardcore Title Match)
As Greed gets to the ring, Mundo launches himself over the ropes but Greed catches him and bodyslams Mundo across the stairs. Greed picks Mundo up and rolls him into the ring. Greed whips Mundo into the corner and follows up with a giant splash. Mundo collapses to the mat. Greed takes a few steps out and hits a running knee to Mundo. Greed climbs to the top rope and hits the Frog Splash and makes the cover, 1…2…3.
Winner and STILL Hardcore Champion: John Greed

After the match, Greed is making his way up the ramp and turns at the top of the stage and poses for the crowd. Kevin Owens comes running out from the back and connects with a chair shot to the back of Greed. Greed drops to his knees and Owens delivers another shot directly to the top of Greed’s head. Owens grabs the Hardcore Title and lifts it above his head. Owens drops it and walks to the back while the medical staff tends to Greed.

We come back from commercial and Anarchy is standing in the ring with the Women’s Championship. Anarchy: “Last night at Slamboree, I beat Rosemary and took my title. Tonight, I’m out here to issue a challenge. Next week on Raw, we will have an over the top rope challenge for all the women on the roster. If, and that's a big if, you can beat me and everyone else in the ring, you will get the number 1 contender spot. But I know not one woman on RAW can beat me so good luck to everyone. You will need it.”

Mike Bennett vs. Samoa Joe
As soon as the bell rings, Joe charges across the ring hitting a jumping knee to the chest of Bennett. This takes Bennett completely by surprise. Joe wastes no time and whips Bennett into the ropes nearly taking his head off with a stiff clothesline. Bennett finally mounts an offence after hitting an elbow to the face, slowing Joe down. Bennett whips Joe into the corner and follows with a running clothesline. Joe goes to the ground and Bennett goes up top and delivers a diving elbow drop. Bennett picks Joe up and sets up for the Piledriver just as Oyster’s music hits and he comes out on the stage. Bennett pushes Joe aside and faces Oyster and starts yelling at him calling him to the ring. Oyster slowly makes is way to the ring. With Bennett distracted, Joe locks in The Coquina Clutch. Bennett has no choice but to tap out.
Winner: Samoa Joe

We go off air with Oyster laughing into the camera.

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